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(英語版)HALLOWEEN inc 2014 How to put on Halloween Inc's cape & How to change the batteries
2014/ 11/ 03 (Mon) | 編集

I will introduce how to put on Halloween Inc's capehow to change the batteries to you !!!

(I'm very sorry for having kept you waiting so long because of some reason. )

I’m really happy that most of the winners already received their Halloween inc. Seeing lots of the posts, and being grateful that Halloween inc is well received.

One thing I noticed that the capes in fan photos look saggy, I totally forgot to show you guys how to put on the cape in a more stylish way!

※ image of saggy cape


Here are tips on how to put on Halloween Inc's cape.


You need to turn the cape inside out and fasten a tie, as the photo shows. (inside of the cape of GOLD KING is gold/ Platinum King is silver


Put the cape on, from the top of the neck.


Then you can turn over the red side down towards to his body.(Outside of cape of GOLD King is Red/Platinum King is Black


Adjust the cape, make it more fitting to the body line.


When this is done, make sure the neckline of the cape is under the black jig, and make sure the jig is surrounded by the neckline of the cape.


Also, you will notice that the tie is under the cape now, and fits to the body line.


That's why we fastened the tie from the inside in step 1. If done the other way,

DSC_0255_201410311842034be.jpgyour tie will be on the outside of the cape,which is ok but not as aesthetically pleasing.

It's a proper condition of cape look from the other side.


Next, finally equip the head of inc.

Heat the head with hairdryer.(※Be careful of the heat)


Once the head has become really soft, you can squeeze it easily.

DSC_0269_20141031184741aa0.jpgPut the head on, make sure the cape is in between.


When the head is heated, it will temporarily become really soft. You don’t need to worry about damaging it by squeezing it.


If you do it right, the cape should look really fitting on the body line.

And the head should be still movable while the cape is in between., so you can move the head as you like.


【 one more tip 】

If you don’t like the bulge in the cape caused by its tail.


You can turn the tail up side down.


thus it will looks more neat!!!

DSC_0296.jpg DSC_0294.jpg


How to change the batteries.

Take the LED jig out of the body, open the cover of the jig, pull out the battery box, and change the batteries.(you will need 2 AAA batteries)

※ Please don’t spin the cover to open it

it is open by pulling outwards.Spinning it may cause the LED line to get damaged.


Put the battery box back to the jig.The jig is designed to hold the battery box tight with the groove.


Roll up the extra line slightly and put it into the jig, and put the cover on.

*Please don’t cover it too roughly, and also don’t spin the cover to put it back.


Spinning it may cause the LED line to get damaged.

The jig is also made of soft Vinyl,, so you can heat“ the cover " using a hairdryer to make it soft. Thus it will be much easier to put back on. (※Please notice that you can only heat the cover, don't heat the part with batteries inside.)


The LED jig is ready when the cover is put on.


Put the LED jig back to the body, and put the head on as detailed in the "Swank up your Halloween inc with his stylish cape!" tutorial.

Please feel free to ask about any unclear points.

Thank you so much for purchasing Halloween inc!

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