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【12/1releas】My:Dwatch×INSTINCTOY Baby inc Rainbow Set【start to preorder now!!】
2014/ 11/ 22 (Sat) | 編集

Introduction of 『My:Dwatch×INSTINCTOY Baby inc Rainbow Set』
My:Dwatch×INSTINCTOY Baby inc Rainbow Set will be officially released on 12/1, and is available for preorder now !!!

my-d-watch-image-02.jpgWe are very lucky to be invited by My:Dwatch, a professional watch manufacture in Hong Kong, to be a part of this crossover project.

My:Dwatch was established in 2005 and offers a wide selection of watches, ranging from trendy to sophisticated.
Dwatch also offers personalized, customizable services. Dwatch has skyrocketed as a brand and gained much popularity in HK due to various celebrity endorsements.

my-d-watch-image-01.jpg my-d-watch-image-03.jpg


This watch is designed based on the Dwatch Rainbow Series. The Rainbow Series features a modular system,allowing customers to have the flexibility of choosing the colors of most of the parts of their watch!

Because of this special crossover project, I can provide even more customizability on the watch., I can provide even more customizability on the watch. As a result, I can design a watch that I really want, and design it along the theme of “Rainbow”.


This is how My:Dwatch×INSTINCTOY Crossover limited Edition was conceptualized.

When I first started the design work, 1 question that kept crossing my mind was"how could I incorporate the rainbow colors into the watch piece?" I didn't want to end up with an overly colourful watch, since it's more difficult to match with daily wear. After thinking it through several times, I decided to make the band both matt black and gloss black, and use rainbow colors on the time scale to accentuate the entire piece.

The most important criteria of this design for me is how to present the rainbow seamlessly without it being too overwhelming.That said, it still wanted it to have some prominent colourl.

And Dwatch did an amazing job in presenting us with an awesome watch that totally delivers in what I was wishing for !

instinctoy-crossover-maydwatch-topimage-03.jpgIn terms of design and materials,Dwatch was very accommodating, nothing was off limits!So I did a lot of design and research for the watch band, and eventually decided to revisit a color way that I had always want to try.Matt black and gloss blacklike the nail painting shows↓
But it is was difficult to present the texture as well as what can be seen in nail paintings, andI almost give up the idea. And then this project came about, and I figured that the matt and gloss idea might turn out well on the watch band !?We talked about the possibility and they started to make samples!!


To me this crossover project between 2 different industries has been a wonderful experience. Professionals of different areas gathering together working towards one common design. And it also gave me the chance to learn new things about materials and textures that I’ve never used before, such as glasses, metals..etc.
Although this project was unrelated to toys,being able to conceptualise, develop and realise one of my designs and ideas into a reality is certainly very rewarding !

Dwatch also designed the packaging of the watch using the same elements for the packaging of Baby inc.The visual design, sizing and almost all aspects of the package were made to coupled as a set with Baby inc. The blister inside the package is also well designed to protect the watch!


The baby inc for this crossover project, going with the theme “Rainbow”,must be the rainbow gradient painting that is INSTINCTOY's most well known colour ways.
Neon rainbow spray on quality GID vinyl base. The neon spray is very transparent, thus you can see a rainbow in the dark. As an added bonus detail, his tail is flocked white!!

baby-inc-5th-rainbow-01.jpg baby-inc-5th-rainbow-03.jpg my-d-watch-image-08.jpg

When the watch is not worn, you can decorate the watch and baby inc this way^^


【 Purchase information of My:Dwatch×INSTINCTOY Baby inc Rainbow Set 】

my-d-watch-image-09.jpgPurchase options:
1. Set of DwatchxINSTINCTOY Baby inc Rainbow
2. Individual purchase of DwatchxINSTINCTOY or Baby inc Rainbow
If you would like to purchase this product as a set, please send us an email. ( Titled as “ Order of My:Dwatch×INSTINCTOY Baby inc Rainbow Set ”
You can also choose to buy the watch or Baby inc individually. Titled as “ Order of Baby inc Rainbow ” or “ Order of My:Dwatch Rainbow"
Quantity is limited, while supplies last.
***We cannot accept any cancellations. Thank you.

【About the toy】
SET <<13,800 JPY>>
Watch <<8,400 JPY>>
Baby inc <<6,500 JPY>>

【Shipping and shipping fee】
The toy will be sent by EMS.

【 Shipping fee for one SET 】
Asia‧‧‧<<2,100 JPY>>
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East‧‧‧<<2,800 JPY>>
Europe‧‧‧<<3,250 JPY>>
South America, Africa‧‧‧<<4,600 JPY>>

【 Shipping fee for one Watch 】
Asia‧‧‧<<1,100 JPY>>
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East‧‧‧<<1,500 JPY>>
Europe‧‧‧<<1,800 JPY>>
South America, Africa‧‧‧<<2,100 JPY>>

【 Shipping fee for one pc of Baby inc 】
Asia‧‧‧<<1,380 JPY>>
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East‧‧‧<<1,860 JPY>>
Europe‧‧‧<<2,200 JPY>>
South America, Africa‧‧‧<<2,780 JPY>>

Payment is in Japanese yen only, via Paypal.
****(The total price will be {toy price} + {shipping fee} + { 4% paypal extra fee} )
The shipping of the toy will be after the payment is complete.
The shipping will be start on 12/1 in orders.
Thank you.
If overseas customers agree to the conditions and terms above, please submit an order sheet below and send us an e-mail. (
Phone number:
The name of the product:
Address for paypal:

Figure Height : about 15.5 cm
Watch Face Diameter:about 4.5 cm
Band length (including buckle):25.5 cm
Band width:2.1cm

2014staff-introduction.jpgOversea service contact. Fanny will be leaving INSTINCTOY at the end of Dec due to personal reasons.
Our temporary staff, Minami (who helped us at 2014 TTF as an interpreter), will be the contact for overseas customers before the full time staff comes in. For folks not in Japan, please feel free to contact her via her email ( you would like to make an order or if you have any questions regarding our products!!

Please feel free to ask about any unclear points.

Looking forward to your order !

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