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[Breaking News: 2015 New Year’s Best Gift – Hakuryu Happy Bag ]
2014/ 12/ 27 (Sat) | 編集

Breaking News:2015 New Year’s Best Gift – Hakuryu Happy Bag
Only 30 happy bags are available worldwide
2015-happy-bag-image.jpgSince 2008, we have released several original characters, starting from inc, followed by LIQUID, Halloween Inc, Muckey, Baby Inc, and ICE LIQUID. I have always wanted to do a happy bag project with all the different original characters inside. This year, I can finally fulfill my dream and present you the HAKURYU Happy bag.

Inside the happy bag are 4 different items, inspired by New Years’ theme. Included are one Vincent, two Baby Inc, and one ICE LIQUID. They are painted using special pearl white pigments, which make them outstanding. This pearl white limited edition is only available through this Happy Bag!

This Vincent is one of my most amazing designs.
Vincent 3rd color 『HAKURYU』 uses white pearl finishing on the outside, with highlights of gold, giving it a distinctively Japanese style.

The eyes of Vincent are also very unique. They change color under different light sources. It turns from white to purple, to pink, making Vincent look like a fierce dragon!

Furthermore, you can see the body has a gradient of colors that shows white, pink, blue, and gold at different angles. The beauty of the product cannot be described from the photos and is best to experience the product first hand .

2015-happy-bag-hakuryu-image2.jpgLIQUID’s teeth are in pastel rainbow colors.
The soft creamy color teeth, blended in with white pearl body, mixing both western and eastern culture together make Vincent especially unique.


The old, simple jaw of Vincent has also received a new design, with gradient colors to show his vivid tongue !!


For this pair of Baby Inc, they have the same pearl white base but each piece reflects a unique tone of gold or silver , which makes them totally different.

The LIQUID on the back of Baby Inc also continues with the design from Vincent and ICE LIQUID, the tails are also white flocking.

The most outstanding feature of the figures is that they all glow in dark . They all use high quality GID vinyl as their base. You will be surprised when they all glow together!

The figures also glow in a dim environment. Pearl white painting with a touch of glow makes them especially appealing to GID collectors .


Although this project is named happy bag, all items will still be individually packed in their original packaging.

【Important Notice】

2015-happy-bag-all-image-02.jpg There are only 30 sets available worldwide (15 in Japan, 15 Overseas)

The lucky draw of the fortune bags (With Vincent, Baby Inc, and ICE LIQUID) starts from now till 2015/1/7 23:59 Japan Standard Time. Please participate in the lucky draw! Winners will be informed via email on the 10th of Jan Japan Time.

【About the Toy】
HAKURYU Happy Bag 2015 <<29,999 JPY>>
Vincent Length: about 350mm (from nose to tail)
Baby inc Height: about 155mm
ICE LIQUID Height: about 45mm

【Shipping and shipping fee】
The toy will be sent by EMS.
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East‧‧‧<<6,800JPY>>
South America, Africa‧‧‧<<13,000JPY>>

Payment is in Japanese yen only, via PayPal.
****(The total price will be {toy price} + {shipping fee} + {4% PayPal extra fee} )
The toy will only be delivered once the payment has been processed.
The shipping will start on 15th Jan by order.

If overseas customers agree to the terms and conditions above, please submit an order sheet (detailed below) and send us an e-mail with the subject title as "Drawing for Hakuryu Happy Bag -2015 INSTINCTOY”
Phone number:
The name of the product:
Address for PayPal:

If you have any questions regarding our products, please feel free to contact us.

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