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【Lottery Draw: Baby inc 7th "Pastel Rainbow G.I.D" & LOIC 3rd "Pearlescent G.I.D." 】& Ice Liquid Series2 (1/25 Release)
2015/ 01/ 17 (Sat) | 編集

Information of Baby Inc 7th "Pastel Rainbow G.I.D" & Loic 3rd "Pearlescent G.I.D." & Ice LIQUID series 2 release on the 25th of Jan.

Last December, we worked with D:warch on the Baby Inc and we got some very impressive sales number. Collectors simply love the unique rainbow color on the Baby Inc, this is why this time, we are coming out with a very special Pastel Rainbow color collection.

Along with the Baby inc, the new ICE LIQUID series 2 has also in pastel color fits perfectly with the Baby Inc all together .

The baby Inc has an even brighter color than the 17th color Pastel Rainbow Baby f rom 2013 September. This Baby inc has a even better color gradient emphasis , and presents a cuter look for collectors. With the LIQUID teeth, which are cultured in the same color scheme as the body, and tail was flocking made. Also shows how the Baby Inc is must-have for collectors .
pastel-rainbow-baby-inc-05_20150116195551a68.jpg pastel-rainbow-baby-inc-06_20150116195550da2.jpg


The whole body also uses G.I.D coloring, and makes Baby Inc glow in the dark !

pastel-rainbow-baby-inc-07.jpgThe Pastel Rainbow(G.I.D) i different than the 5th rainbow. With only half of what’s left from the 300 units produced from the last sale, we decided to roll out the Baby Inc as a lottery danm sale for the remainder of the products.

Loic 3rd Color is originally designed by a Taiwan designer: BanaNa ViruS, along with INSTINCTOY . 2 variations of the 1st color introduced in summer 2013 and the 2nd color during Halloween, this product has not been updated ever since , This makes this Loic figure a must-have for collectors .

new-loic-the-3rd-02.jpgThis time, we totally redesigned the Loic from the 1st and 2nd. We made changes to the components of the head and body , and we also introduced a better technique to produce these delicate models ,making improvements better than ever.

The nose, mouth, and the tail are all detachable. We especially painted the nose with different color and made the mouth, belly, and tail out of flocking . Although the 1st and 2nd series of Logic is the same product, they are still unique and different, and they also look well together !


The body of the Logic is made out of pearl color paint, making the product more elegant and unique . The beauty of this product could not be shown in picture.

The whole body looks elegant and cute.

Body in G.I.D< we used higher G.I.D material to make sure its gets most brightness in the dark. This Loic is very suggest to G.I.G Collecter.

We named Pearlescent G.I.D.

The Pearlescent G.I.D
INSTINCTOY shop limited sale: only 50 units are avaliable . It also Lottery Draw as wil .

ice-liquid-color-image-top.jpgLastly, this is from out newest season ICE LIQUID的. Series 1 has a total of 8 colors and sold over 1800 units during the STGCC (Singapore), and TTF (Taiwan) exhibition event. The sales in Japan also skyrocketed, with only 10 minutes did the ICE LIQUID were completely sold out.

ice-liquid-series2-all-compimage-01.jpgThis time, the ICE LIQUID comes with a brand new series 2. It has a total of 7 colors. Most colors are painted in milky color scheme. This makes the ICE LIQUID cuter than ever.

ice-liquid-series2-all-compimage-02.jpgFor the eyes , we cut down pearl like material with many different edges to ensure that the eyes could be seen, even from a distance.

ice-liquid-series2-all-compimage-03.jpgSince the manufacturing process requires us to pay more attention to the details, the bottom 4 are priced the same as series 1 (1500 JPY) and the top 3 are priced at 1600 JPY.

ice-liquid-series2-all-compimage-04.jpgThese ICE LIQUID are also painted with G.I.D, making them glow even in dark environment.
Because the color of the ICE LIQUID are different, the G.I.D glowing shows different brightness under the same environment.

ice-liquid-series2-all-compimage-05.jpgThe sales of the ICE LIQUID starts 1/25 22:00 on the IINSTINCTOY website. The ICE LIQUID would only be produced once, so make sure you grab one today!


【Important Notice】

lucky draw of INSTINCTOY baby inc 7th "Pastel Rainbow G.I.D" & LOIC 3rd "from now till 2015/1/17 22:00 Japan Standard Time. Please participate in the lucky draw! Winners will be informed via email on the 25th of Jan Japan Time.

【About the Toy】
Rainbow pastel Baby inc <<6,800JPY>>
Loic Pearlescent G.I.D <<8,400JPY>>

Payment is in Japanese yen only, via PayPal.
****(The total price will be {toy price} + {shipping fee} + {4% PayPal extra fee} )
The toy will only be delivered once the payment has been processed.
The shipping will start on 25th Jan by order.

If overseas customers agree to the terms and conditions above, please submit an order sheet (detailed below) and send us an e-mail with the subject title as "lucky draw of Rainbow pastel Baby inc” or"lucky draw of Loic”
Phone number:
The name of the product:
Address for PayPal:

If you have any questions regarding our products, please feel free to contact us.
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