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WF2015[Winter]Anniversary Artwork☆introduce the Chocolate Scent Series!!
2015/ 01/ 31 (Sat) | 編集

The Chocolate will be available online through lottery draw. The product will smell like chocolate from our special material mixed with artificial flavorings.

Since 2008, we started devote ourselves into making ‘soft’ plastic figures, and we had come up with several many different products. Although all of our products are the character Inc, we finally came out with the final 20th new color after 7 years, combining all the criticisms and advices from different collectors.


To celebrate our 20th color of our Inc, we decided to use the ‘chocolate’ color, and it might seem familiar, but actually it is a brand new product that has never been released before.

Product name: Classic Chocolate

inc-20th-ani-web-image-03.jpgThe most unique aspects of this figure is the ‘smell’ . I have been thinking about creating a doll that has more to just using sight and touch, but also to be able to smell or feel the doll in many other different ways. ,Finally, after years of research and testing, we have successfully created a material that mixes well with the flavorings.


The chocolate ‘smell’ of this product has also been modified many times before we made sure that it does not discomfort our collectors. Move closer to the figure to smell the light, sweet chocolate scent.

The 20th Inc also has a brand new packaging.
The packaging is like one you could find when buying a box of chocolate盒. The packaging ,labels the serial number of the Inc, colour, and important instructions.

Important Note: This product is not edible.
inc20th-pkg-image-02.jpg inc20th-pkg-image-03.jpg inc20th-pkg-image-05.jpg


On another note, the LIQUID also comes with the Classic Chocolate.
The same material and color is being applied to the LIQUID as well.


The 20th anniversary color and LIQUID is a special edition and is for sell at Wonder Festival 2015 2-17-04 at INSTINCTOY stand. Every collector can only purchase one set and the set is 10800 JPY.
Outside the venue, the 20th anniversary Inc and LIQUID will be available online through the lottery draw.


The lottery draw starts at today and is closed on 2/8, 23:59. The winners would be notified on the 11th before 19:00



The other gift that comes with the Inc also has similar design. This is to ensure the product is as a whole, even if all the different items are put together at once.
The material used here is polyvinyl chloride, there is no smell in these accessories.
Lottery draw and more information please contact:


The next is the Vincent vs LIQUID 4th color ‘KING CHOCOLATE’ .
.Since the 2015 Lottery Draw with the pearl Vincent, we decide to come up with a new versing of Vincent!!

The Vincent has the same chocolate smell as with the Inc, and the Vincent looks a lot like melted chocolate like the Inc.

Perhaps the most unique of this Vincent is the belly, it has a different colour ‘chocolate’ making the chocolate more interesting as if it has depth.


The monster chocolate turned out to be better than expected.

This is the most likeable color of the Vincent out of the whole Vincent collection



This Vincent also has a unique case, and has a leather engraved serial number.
The Vincent is only available for a very limited amount, 40 units.

VINCENT vs. LIQUID 4th colour "KING CHOCOLATE” is also available at the Wonder Festival, for more information and online purchases, please refer to the top section.


The price of VINCENT vs. LIQUID 4th colour "KING CHOCOLATE” is 26,800 JPY.

vincent-4th-chocolate-king-10.jpgThe Vincent also has the same color with the LIQUID, and the LIQUID fits perfectly with in Vincent’s hands


The price for the LIQUID is 1,300 JPY.

The LIQUID will be available on 2/11, starting at 22:00 online. The lucky ones can also purchase the LIQUID and can be shipped together with the Vincent!


After 1 and a half year of development, our last LOIC was all sold out, and this time we decide to come out with the same chocolate version of it.

The color was also designed by the designer BanaNa ViruS, and INSTINCTOY are responsible for delivering the best quality and texturize the chocolate♪


This product is named: Chocolate Cube.

The LOIC looks more like a chopped up chocolate being installed in together

LOIC-CHOCOLATE-04.jpgThe simple colors of the chocolate body makes the head and the tail especially unique, just like it has been bitten.


The nose is like the dark chocolate, and the mouth and belly is made of a flock print texture, makes it comfortable to touch and play with.



The Chocolate Cube is also available at the Wonder Festival 2015, for more information please review the top section. The Lottery Draw starts on 2/8 23:59, the winners will be announced on the 11th before 19:00.

The price of Chocolate Cube is 8,400.


Last but not least is the ICE LIQUID series3. This time we have the chocolate series as well.


Of all the different colors in this set, you can find places where the chocolate has been eaten.


The whole collection has the chocolate smell to it, and all of them looks like they are about to start rolling, but these are not real chocolates!


The price for each ICE LIQUID is 1,600, and 7 together is 10,500. That is a discount of 100 for each ICE LIQUID.


*Note: The flavorings and the scent of the figures are completely harmless; however, please be aware of children from eating these dolls.

The scent of each figure might have a slight different (The strength) .

On the Wonder Festival 2015, all collectors are welcomed to touch, smell, and feel our products. Our stand is (2-17-04)


【About the toy】
inc 20th Anniversary color <<10,800 JPY>>
VINCENT vs. LIQUID 4th color "KING CHOCOLATE" <<26,800 JPY>>
LOIC 4th<<8,400 JPY>>

【Shipping and shipping fee】
The toy will be sent by EMS.

【 Shipping fee for one inc 20th Anniversary color 】
Asia‧‧‧<<1,800 JPY>>
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East‧‧‧<<2,400 JPY>>
Europe‧‧‧<<2,800 JPY>>
South America, Africa‧‧‧<<3,800 JPY>>

【 Shipping fee for one VINCENT "KING CHOCOLATE"】
Asia‧‧‧<<3,500 JPY>>
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East‧‧‧<<4,700 JPY>>
Europe‧‧‧<<5,400 JPY>>
South America, Africa‧‧‧<<8,500 JPY>>

【 Shipping fee for one LOIC 4th】
Asia‧‧‧<<1,800 JPY>>
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East‧‧‧<<2,400 JPY>>
Europe‧‧‧<<2,800 JPY>>
South America, Africa‧‧‧<<3,800 JPY>>

Payment is in Japanese yen only, via PayPal.
****(The total price will be {toy price} + {shipping fee} + {4% PayPal extra fee} )
The shipping of the toy will be after the payment is complete.
The shipping will be start on 2/12 in orders.
Thank you.
If overseas customers agree to the conditions and terms above, please submit an order sheet below and send us E-mail ( within
Phone number:
Product name:
PayPal account:
★If you are purchasing more than one item, the shipping fee will be different, please feel free to ask.

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