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[Lottery Draw] Muckey 8th Color: “The Rookie Black”
2015/ 03/ 10 (Tue) | 編集

[Lottery Draw]Muckey 8th color"Rookie Black"(Ends 3/20)

This is the 8th version of the Muckey and is the 2nd year since we introduced this Muckey. We tried many different colors each time, and this time we choose to restore it’s cute and simple characteristics.

We named it ”Rookie Black"

The Rookie Black wears a red scarf, and it fits perfectly on the Muckey. This is one of new idea for this Muckey.


In this version, the teeth of the Rookie are designed to be interchangeable with 3 other different colors , available to change colors at any time.


Although the tooth is only a small portion of the Rookie, different colors changes the feeling of the whole product.

All of the teeth glow in the darkness , except for the gold color, due to manufacturing difficulties.

muckey-8th-black-11.jpg muckey-8th-black-12.jpg

muckey-8th-black-14.jpg muckey-8th-black-15.jpg muckey-8th-black-16.jpg


The orange tooth is the cutest combination of all other colors.


The blue tooth shows a cool feeling.


When the Rookie Black is angry and evil , the golden tooth is a perfect demonstration of his feeling. We could describe it like Muckey doesn't want to wears this scarf and being a bad bear.

muckey-8th-black-05.jpg We spend lots of time making the scarf as well. We tried different sizes and colors. This was the best fit to the Rookie Black. We purchased and customized these scarf with professionals in Japan, bringing the best quality onto the Rookie. The Muckey handwriting on the scarf is especially cute.


The scarf is a special Muckey only product, to be found nowhere else.

Using, the Muckey logo, and some texture of bronze metal, the 8th Muckey strap is very unique. This is why I was so determined to create this scarf, even when the production was very hard and expensive.


From the back said, the black body with the red scarf is especially cute.


The product consists: The Rookie Black + original Scarf Scarf pin)+3 different teeth.

Due to the currency exchange and increase in demand , the price is set for 12,000 JPY.

The product was really popular when we introduced it in Wonder Festival, so this is why we think that the lottery is fair for collectors.


Lucky draw of Muckey 8th color"Rookie Black" from now till 2015/3/22 23:59 Japan Standard Time. Please participate in the lucky draw! Only winners will be informed via email on the 25th March Japan Time.

【About the toy】
Muckey – Rookie Black<<12,000 JPY>>
Height: about 19cm (head down)

【Shipping and shipping fee】
The toy will be sent by EMS.Asia‧‧‧<<1800JPY>>
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East‧‧‧<<2400JPY>>
South America, Africa‧‧‧<<3800JPY>>

Payment is in Japanese yen only, via PayPal.
****(The total price will be {toy price} + {shipping fee} + {4% PayPal extra fee})

The toy will only be delivered once the payment has been processed.
The shipping will start on 26th March by order..

If overseas customers agree to the terms and conditions above, please submit an order sheet (detailed below) and send us an e-mail with the subject title as "Drawing for Muckey – Rookie Black"
Phone number:
The name of the product:
Address for PayPal:

If you have any questions regarding our products,please feel free to contact us.
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