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【Special】Muckey 8th Color “Rookie Black” Surprise!!
2015/ 03/ 20 (Fri) | 編集

Muckey 8th color "Rookie Black" Surprise !!
8th-muckey-teeth-change.jpg The 250 Muckey was completely sold out during this sale .

We really appreciated all of our customers , which is why we prepared this gift for surprise.

special-bornus-parts-nomal-teeth.jpg Out of the 250 “Rookie Black” collectors, only 50 would receive this Normal Teeth !!

When I designed the “Rookie Black,” I had a hard time deciding between Normal and Golden Teeth . (^^;) Finally, I decided to use the Orange , Blue , and Golden Teeth . This special surprise is only for 50 lucky collectors of the “Rookie Black”.

We didn't mention about the special gift when we introduced the “Rookie Black” until now is to avoid any confusion or misrepresent the product.

lottery-gift-muckey-8th.jpgwe will draw again between the lottery winners, there are only 50 lucky peoples could win this gift.


The customers, who received this surprise, would be shipped together with the Muckey and all of the accessories and scarf as well as the INSTINCTOY pink plastic bag with a letter.

. This is the first time we launch a Special Surprise, and we will continue to do more in the future if our customers love them.

The Muckey 8th color “Rookie Black” is only for sale until this weekend!! the 22th of March 23:59.

If you want to join the lottery, please send us an e-mail with the subject title as "Drawing for Muckey – Rookie Black"
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If you have any questions regarding our products,please feel free to contact us.
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人気ブログランキング登録中!! 是非とも一日ワンクリックお願いします☆
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