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[Lottery draw] LOIC 5th"Pastel Logic" & Pandemic 8th "Milk Tea Dwarf"[till 5th July]
2015/ 07/ 01 (Wed) | 編集

[Lottery draw till 5th July] Introduction of LOIC 5th"Pastel Logic" & Pandemic 8th "Milk Tea Dwarf".
At Thailand TTE toy expo, we have sold few pieces of new Loice the 5th color "Pastel Logic", today official Released

Taiwanese artist VanaNa ViruS designed this art wrok. We work together and produced this LOIC. Limited 100 pieces. Artist ViruS has sold 50 pieces, and I took 20 pieces sold at TTE toy expo, and the rest 30 pieces will be the lottery draw for this time.


This color is designed by INSTINCTOY.

There are many angles in this art works. We used pastel color with pearl coating to make the color looks changing in every angles.


We also use light and shadow, to make the design more stereoscopic even it is pastel color. Because it has many angles, to make the fantasizing colors.


The body doesn't glow this time, but the mouth, tail, abdomen have G.I.D flocking and paw will glow in the dark.


The price for the 5th color "Pastel Logic" is 8,400JPY.
For more detail please check with Pandemic in the end of page.

Next, this is Pandemic 8th "Milk Tea Dwarf"!!
We haven’t produced Pandemic for 2 years. This is Artist VanaNa ViruS art design, and I made this into figure. Limited 40pieces, Artist VanaNa ViruS has half amount, we had sold 10piece at TTE toy expo, so the rest only 10pieces available for lottery draw. In this two years, we have lost the prototype of Pandrmic. This 40 pieces are the only and the last amount we could made.


The color way is used Milk Tea color flocking.

The liquid in the hand is the same orange color with the Pandemic hands.

pandemic-2015-GID.jpgIn the orange LIQUID we used G.I.D coating, so it will glow in the dark.

Because the Pandemic hands are translucent, when it in the dark, the glowing LIQUID make the hand looks like being eroding.


Pandemic 8th "Milk Tea Dwarf" Price is 5,400JPY.
It will be easy package, instead box.

Lucky draw of LOIC 5th"Pastel Logic" & Pandemic 8th "Milk Tea Dwarf" are from now till 2015/7/5 23:59 Japan Standard Time. Please participate in the lucky draw! Only winners will be informed via email on the 6th July Japan Time.

【About the toy】
LOIC 5th"Pastel Logic" <<8,400JPY>>
Pandemic 8th "Milk Tea Dwarf" <<5,400JPY>>

【Shipping and Shipping Fee】
The toy will be sent by EMS.

Payment is in Japanese YEN only, via PayPal.
****(The total price will be {toy price} + {shipping fee} + {4.5% PayPal extra fee})

The toy will only be delivered once the payment has been processed.The shipping will start on 7th July by order. (For oversea shipping, it might takes a little bit more time to prepare.) And if you are looking for more Items in one time, the shipping fee will be different, please ask.
If overseas customers agree to the terms and conditions above, please submit an order sheet (detailed below) and send us e-mail with the subject title as “Join the Lottery Draw"
Phone number:
PayPal Account:

If you have any question, Please feel free to ask me. I am here to help you. Thank you very much.
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