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【Pre-order production. until 7/26】LIQUID BOX 1st & Baby inc 8th BLACK【Expected arrival on 8/20】
2015/ 07/ 15 (Wed) | 編集

<< The special products registration, until 7/26!!>> Introduce the new products LIQUID BOX 1st color and Baby inc 8th color.
liquid-box-babyinc-black-02.jpgThis original product was “designed for packing” , not only the figures, even the package itself for the products are well-designed. This product, it can be said is the highest level of packaging.

The box is made of “soft vinyl” and designed to be able to display many other products. The box is hollowed and considered the material characteristics of soft vinyl, if the box size is too large will cause internal and external pressure difference lead to the box swelling or bending. Therefore, we precisely calculated the proportion of the hall structure, the total size is 180mm x 110mm square.


In the concept of "Toy Box", we considered the Baby inc dimensions and design of such products. The LIQUID BOX 1st color "BLACK" and Baby inc 8th color now be introduced at the same time. I specially selected color, it’s the same color as the INSTINCTOY inc which first sale in 2008,.


About the box structure, there is a lid can be opened on the bottom of the product; you can collect some of the small things.

To take the cover off, simply use a hair dryer to blow the recess which the arrow point it in the photo and let it warm, then the cover can be lifted from there.


There are notches inside the lid, help you to make the Baby inc feet fixed, so that Baby inc does not collide with the wall when you put it into the box.
(※Be sure to notice that even with the fixed feet, external shaking or let the box drop, will cause figure fall from the fixed seat.)


The entrance is a little narrow, so you should slowly take the figure out and sometimes make a turn to avoid injury.

The inner capacity of this box is about 2.5 liters, you can put your Baby inc or other small collections in (^^) or maybe you might like to hide some little secret(LOL).

liquid-box-babyinc-black-08.jpgIt can be simply serving as a box, but if you place some figures on it, that’s also very suitable. Not only the Baby inc, the size of this box is also appropriate for BIG ICE LIQUID. You can use your own imagination to make good use of the “LIQUID STAGE”.

liquid-box-babyinc-black-10.jpgThe colors designed of Baby can be illustrating “simple is the best” . The mouth and tail part is composed of white flocking.


liquid-box-babyinc-black-01.jpgLIQUID BOX is a brand new series, in order to estimate the amount of future production, the first color will be pre-order special produced. When this blog disclosure the news, you can starting your pre-order, the registration deadline is July 26th (Sunday) 23:59. We expected the orders will be arrived on August 20th. There is a special price offering, if you would like to purchase a set, a set price is 12, 000 JPY (without shipping fee) .


LIQUID BOX can be pre-ordered.

The price of a single LIQUID BOX is 6,500 JPY. (※ The LIQUID BOX certainly has an exclusive box.)


Baby inc can be pre-ordered.

The price of a single Baby inc is 6,300JPY. (※ From the first color until now, each Baby inc will have a dedicated box.)

【Production per order】

This Product only produces when order is made. If you would like to make orders, you must read the information below:
Because the production is per order, there will not be extra quantity , and after the end of the ordering date, you cannot cancel the order.
※Please Note once the figures has been made, the deposit cannot be refunded.
※We take orders from today till the 26th of July. The figures we forecast will be ready on the 20th of August.
※Before we ship, we will examine every figure, and somehow if there is any defect, we might need to produce once again, and this process takes another one more month.
※If the orders are over the factory range, we will take part to produce, we feel apologetic in this case as the production might delayed for another few weeks.
※The figures have no product Numbers.

【Oversea Ordering】

【About the toy】
LIQUID BOX 1st color <<6,500JPY>>
Baby inc 8th color <<6,300JPY>>

The toy will be sent by EMS.

Payment is in Japanese yen only, via PayPal.
****(The total price will be {toy price} + {shipping fee} + {4.5% PayPal extra fee})
The shipping of the toy will be after the payment is complete.
The shipping will be start in the middle June in orders.
Thank you.
If overseas customers agree to the conditions and terms above, please submit an order sheet below and send us E-mail ( within
Phone Number:
Product Name:
PayPal Account:
★If you are purchasing more than one item, the shipping fee will be different, please feel free to ask.

【Wonder Festival 2015 Toy Show】

new-wf-2015-summer-instinctoy-sale-item.jpgThis year we will participate in the Wonder Festival which is hold in Makuhari Exhibition Center of on July 26th!! (Booth NO.3-10-01)
For the Wonder Festival, our booth in the exhibition will also sell a lot of original products. The special products first color “LIQUID BOX” < Expected arrival on 8/20> and the 8th color (black) Baby inc will be fresh release on Wonder Festival. The 2nd color LIQUID BOX and 9th color (GID) Baby inc which are expected to sale on September will also be exhibited and sale in the Wonder Festival

In the exhibition, we will sell small amount of Vincent 6th color "DORAGON", the offer is subject to availability. Moreover, the Wonder Festival-limited edition LIQUID charm and ROTTEN REXX INSTINCTOY SP EXCLUSIVE COLOR (two colors, each color have one. sale by Lottery Draw) will be sold and at our booth. The Lottery Draw for selling the BIG ICE LIQUID 2nd and 3rd colors in the end of this month, also have will be sold in advance at the exhibition in small amounts.. In addition, there also haveHalfas 3rd and 4th two colors selling at the exhibition in advanced. Besides selling our products, we will show a lot of in coming soon new original figures, which will launch in the next half year. We really do lots of preparing for this festival, hoping you can come and see us.
For other prices, will be updated in the near future; please keep following our blog.
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