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【Lottery Draw】Introduce the ROTTEN REXX INSTINCTOY EDITION, 2 colors! 【Closing date 7/29】
2015/ 07/ 23 (Thu) | 編集

【Until 7/26】 This time, the Lottery Draw products we provide are the ROTTEN REXX INSTINCTOY EDITION, 2 colors: “Ultimate Purple" and “Ultimate Red".
rotten-rex-original-01.jpgLet’s start with the business case, the origin of this case. Last year, November 2013, we were in the "D-CON" Toy Fair, the exhibition which held in Los Angeles, the booth next to us was the famous LULUBELL booth.
At that time, the most eye-catching exhibits was this figure, the “ROTTEN REXX”, it was designed by the American designer “JAMES GROMAN” form the beginning prototype. At first glance, I thought it was just an ordinary tyrannosaurus figure, unexpected that the feet and abdomen is so sophisticated. The whole figure is so complex and delicate. This figure has a lot of Tut's style.

rotten-rex-original-02.jpgI could never think about that I can directly see the skull, flesh, skin and even the brain form the left side of the tyrannosaurus face. Because of the special two facial designs, this figure can definitely inspire your own imagination and make some stories for it. At that moment, when I first saw the D-CON at the exhibition, I was totally attracted by it, and I know I just need to make it become one of my collects.

This figure is hand-painted by the designer JAMES GROMAN personally, it the only one in the world and it was sold by lottery draw. Of course that I did registry the lottery draw, but there are over 70 peoples are my competitors, everyone wanted to be the lucky one, so did I.

orijinaru-rotten-rexx-get-hiroto-ohkubo.jpgOh my goodness! It’s just like miracle; I am the lucky guy who hit the jackpot. I could never forget that moment when I knew I won the figure; it was really a big day for me!

After I got the one and only tyrannosaurus figure, I wanted to collect all the ROTTEN REXX figures from every series. The one and only tyrannosaurus figure which made by JAMES GROMAN was the best for me, even that there company has keep publish new figures, but it’s really hard to touch me again. My pursuit is flesh, skin, bone and muscle which all can be real and variety changes!! And I said “if there is no idea, let our company to get that design!!”, so this planning was started.


We contact with LULUBELL and proposed them our limited color planning, surprisingly, they quickly promise this business case after go through the planning.

First, we got the D.I.Y figures.

When figuring the match colors was not clear, it just can rely on own imagination and communicate with the factory to make it.

Then, we started testing some figures samples!!


First done figure sample is shown in the middle of photo (figure sample 1) . Left is from designer’s own figure, in skull, skin, visceral were detailed design and completely showed out make it more realistic. Then, right is another figure sample (figure sample 2) . In order to make it look more alike as Tyrannosaurus, blooding was painted on tan and dry skin.


These two figure samples were failed in the end. One reason was 『this was not only pursue for a real and bloody design? 』. At that moment, I finally understand why the original designer wants to use American style color … And I acknowledge that everyone knew to refer other’s design. But want to make it as real, didn’t made a personal figure showed nothing to this business case.

Next, we complete these two spray colors!!


Different with original, various color using began with own point, design for color and color matching.


Thorough pursue for detailed expression, real performed but with no bloody. The main color “Ultimate Purple” and “Ultimate Red”, to prevent people can’t copy it, we make it multiple layer colored so that it showed unique color.


First introduce “Ultimate Purple” .

Multiple layer color matching with metal-like outer layer painting, metal purple make skin look luxurious like no any defect. Bone was using gold which perfectly match with purple strongly showed personality role. Small design on visceral was fluorescent orange, skin was fluorescent green, brain was fluorescent pink.


In dark using black light irradiate, fluorescent painting will grow and showed strange mood!! Players must try.


Moreover, brain was using luminous painting, so it will grow in the dark. Players who love luminous sure will like it.


Again was『abdomen』part!!

Creepy heads were using silver black, and 34 red diamonds filled the eyes expressed their realistic.

Skin on abdomen part, we used advance painting, security painting on banknotes (1kg = about 1 million JPY) show more luxury compared with gold.


The “Ultimate Red” also the same way to design.

This color also used multiple colors made it as metal-like red, bone was using silver.


Some part also using fluorescent painting, under black light showed burning or volcano.


Brain also using luminous painting showed strange light.


Chest skulls were gold-color.

18 gold-color skulls were filled with red rhinestone, under light reflection showed realistic!!

Next was『eyes』expression, both figures were same.

It will have some difficulties on manual, we designed special sticker on these part, and stickers were painted with colors made eyes look more real.
On 3mm diameter iron paper, printed with the security painting of banknotes, under sequin reflection showed 『eyes were vivid』. Hand painted arteries and moisture orbital were designed for overall matching, these design was completely vision used.


The losing left eye is pearly white painting.

When expose to UV light, the purple and red blood vessel will shows up. (purple and red version are same).


Both my two figures have the traces of feet the trampled bat under the feet; this is my little naughty design!

If you look carefully, you will find the delicate designs on ROTTEN REXX, the original designer JAMES GROMAN really noting every detail parts, and after painting by our group, it shows a different type of style.

So the two figures were created., we named them "Ultimate Purple" and "Ultimate Red".

instinctoy-rottenrexx-18.jpgFor manufacturing the perfect ROTTEN REXX, we asked the signed factory to hire four skilled painting masters, they focus on this work for a whole month, 30 working days, to make only 18 figures, 9 Ultimate Purple and 9 Ultimate Red.

We have 2 colors figures, each colors have 9 figures (2 colors each for one set), total 18 figures. Totally we have 9 sets, one set we give to the original designer JAMES GROMAN for collection, another one set is collect by myself, the other 14 figures will be sold.


The manufacturing cost is really high, because we used not only fancy and precious painting and decorating material but also spend a lot of time on it, therefore strong>we decided the price is 84,240 JPY
for one figure and we will sell one piece of each color at the Makuhari Exhibition Center Wonder Festival 2015(Summer) for lottery draw.

The rest 6 pieces of each color (12 pieces) will be sold by lottery draw, there are many participants already, the Rotten Rexx will be sold out for sure.

instinctoy-rottenrexx-23.jpgThe box for packaging the figure is so special and fancy, it is cloth covered and each box has a unique serial number sticker which is stuck by hot coining on it and the size of box is just fit the figure!

This is the introduction of Rotten Rexx. In usual INSTINCTOY figures are simple and cute, this time the Rotten Rexx INSTINCTOY edition proved the high technology of coating.

※Participant can only win lottery once, the shipping cannot use same address.
※After the the ordering deadline, you cannot cancel the order.

【Oversea Transportation】

【About the toy】
Rotten Rexx / each <<84,240JPY>>

Shipping by EMS.
Asia‧‧‧<<4,000 JPY>>
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East‧‧‧<<5,400JPY>>
South America, Africa‧‧‧<<10,000JPY>>
★If you are purchasing more than one item, the shipping fee will be different, it might take a little bit time to check the fee, please feel free to ask.

Payment is in Japanese Yen only, via PayPal.
****(The total price will be {toy price} + {shipping fee} + {4.5% PayPal extra fee})
The shipping of the toy will be after the payment is complete.
The shipping will be start in the middle June in orders.
Thank you.
If overseas customers agree to the conditions and terms above, please submit an order sheet below and send us an E-mail (
Phone Number:
Product Name:
PayPal Account:

【Lottery Draw at WF 2015】

Booth NO. 3-1wf2015summer-instinctoy-booth.jpg


One piece of each color Rotten Rexx will be sold by lottery at this weekend Makuhari Exhibition Center Wonder Festival 2015.
instinctoy-rottenrexx-25.jpg When the exhibition start we will hand out 100 pieces tickets for each color. Everyone could only get one ticket.

For ”Ultimate Red" you will get pink ticket, for ”Ultimate Purple" you will get blue ticket. There is INSTINCTOY satmp on the tickets. At 12:00pm midday, you need to come back to our booth, to put half of ticket in the lottery box (※another half make sure you don't lose it). We will open the lottery with everyone, the number we pick up will be the winner.
>>once more (Ranking)
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