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【NOTICE!!】Information about new original figure CURIO 1st and 2nd colors
2015/ 10/ 24 (Sat) | 編集

【NEWS!!】Information about new original figure CURIO 1st color"MIAOW" and 2nd color "Bon".

Curio 2nd color “Bon” has been update and taking order for lottery draw on MEDICOMTOY on-line shop. There are many customers asking about CURIO 1st color.
Sorry that we did not mention about it and made confusion



curio-1st-01.jpgCURIO 1st color was planning to release in the end of September, but we found some problems with model just before production. The model now is fine and we are working on it. CURIO will be ready in the end of this month. Next week we will have a new blog about the figure and lottery draw. Plan for shipping to winners is start in the beginning of November. Is everything doing just fine, the 2nd color "Bon" for MEDICOMTOY exclusive will be shipped in the end of November. Sorry about the rush.

We are apology for the double items released in the same time. We will double-check the schedule and the production, and not to make this happen again.

curio-sokuho.jpgThe new color wave of CURIO is exclusive for MEDICOMTOY. We have been working on this project from last year the 1st of Nov 2014. I had a mail from MEDICOMTOY AKASI san that was saying『if any chance to make a Cat Inc new figure?』. We have made this new figure. In the next blog we will say more proper information about CURIO and about the lottery draw of 1st color "MIAOW".

This is a new figure and has a lot of details, for more information please wait for the next blog.
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