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【CURIO BIRTH!】Using 3D graphics and soft vinyl production techniques to complete the amazing works, the CURIO !! We insist to let you know every detail about the production of CURIO from scratch. [Lottery Draw, START!]
2015/ 10/ 31 (Sat) | 編集

The new product, CURIO, is now selling by the lottery draw! We are here to let you know every details about the production of CURIO from scratch.
(First Part: The birth of CURIO)


It was on the October 28th 2014; our cooperator the retailer “One up” had exclusively published the inc19th limited color "Scheme black". (The yellow nose edition is only sales on the One up store.)

The CEO AKASI from MEDICOM TOY also bought this figure. On the November 1st 2014, we received a letter from CEO AKASI, at that time is the born of CURIO.

The letter from CEO AKASI wrote: How about making a catty edition for inc?

The reason why he said that is because he like the "Scheme black" very much, and he think that the black body and yellow eyes design is also very suitable for cat model. The words from CEO AKASI inspired me; I have never made a figure that using cat as model, so I decided to try it this time.

I am here in toy Industry all because the 『BE@RBRICK』, CEO AKSSI was the one who made it, he is a special person for me and I always respect him. I made my YES answer very short time.
(Second Part: Role Design)

I wish to create a model then I’m quickly using pencil to sketch in my drawing book for its basic look. The production fee of toy is humongous and CEO AKASI suggested to use the inc body model for this project because the costs of manufacture was high.

cat-inc-desing-image2.jpgI redesign a grand new body instead of using the inc body. I made two different models to let CEO AKASI choose. There are a lots of changes to make the hand look like kitten paw, let the leg moveable and has muddy, LIQUID corrosive design on body which is hugely different with inc.

CEO AKASI prefer for the grand new design which as same as my prediction then we started this project. I reconstruct all the graphic design but I met the first question is “who is going to handle up the original creation?” at that moment and I’m desperate to start for this project. After discuss with CEO AKASI, he mention some original creation master for me. However the master I choose are too famous make it can’t immediately coordinate with me on this project.

(Third Part: meet up with 3D modeler)


I had lots of original creation at that time and that’s why I hired exclusive 3D modelers for INSTINCTOY. Besides, I had announced about the wanted for 3D modeler in 3 languages (Chinese, English, Japanese) on Facebook and I got a lots of applicants not only from my own country (Japan) and also from overseas. I found my 3D modeler who I wanted after reviewed all the resume.

curio-master-image.jpgHis name is Ringo (incognito) , a Hong Kong youth who is now an indispensable partner for INSTINCTOY. His personality is almost same with me make our cooperation go through very smoothly. He can done for the 3D graphics with only 3 pages of my hand sketches; Importantly, CURIO is his first project when he is hired and he had done 6 original creations and others company creations in a year.

I can meet up with Ringo is really lucky for me.

Therefore, the CURIO can be created and the final model is much better compare with the initial sketches.

(Forth Part: Evolution, idea trying)

CURIO features design for moveable thigh which can sit down. Although the body is stabbing and muddy which has same flavor with inc but it has grand new product display.

On the 3D tasting, we have tried many angle for moveable joint, we made a good shape in the final design and make it stable sit.

3D graphics achieved a lots of my impossible production idea. I'm challenging to design eroded LIQUID.


Eroded LIQUID and itself can be separate and coexist. In currently products, the design for LIQUID is mainly focus on waist and back. Therefore, I wish to individualize LIQUID that should be interesting.

Finally, we used these idea to make a figure.


The product so far just using some water drops on leg, both left and right hands had been eroded by LIQUID. This time we get more drops and made liquid form shoes which can fully covered its leg.


The hand and leg have two pairs of components which can be easily to remove.

Like 3D graphics, にLIQUID gloves and the left part component both can be removed.


Gloves can be easily put into shoes to assembly as an independent LIQUID.

It must be sure that the right and the left hand are same structure and using same procedure can make for another LIQUID.


This structure is using liquid form shape of CURIO leg grafting to LIQUID gloves. We make the others part of gloves design as water drops which are fit with the shoes interior space, so make it fit with each other.


Shape of liquid form glove must 360° fit with leg. The shape is complicated so it is hard to reach consistentcy line if handmade. This just can be done by 3D graphics calculate for its ingenious performance.

(Fifth Part: Ideas Materialization!! Skill of Production)


This part has been design thoroughly. Only if the glove makes it as unfill, it might scratch the hand or too tight to do in the hands.

The interior has claw outfit which is not only unfill while the shape of interior and hand are completely fit for the glove on hand!!

curio-desing-image14.jpgWe can clearly see that the interior part of shoes component has CURIO foot base shape.
This part also same as the special interior design for leg shape to make it look stable after fitting with shoes.
When you see the real entity must try for the fitting experience, the hands and legs are completely fit.

Here is the fitting video, please go through the YOUTUBE clip.

My wife was in this video but she doesn't know about soft vinyl, when taking this video I told her about the order and it is success so the video doesn't need to retake proving that it is simple to fit. Don't worry(^^)

(Sixth Part: Result and the Finished)

Although it looks like easy to be make when you first look at it, but we actually spent a lots of spirit and costs to complete this product.

Data calculation of 3D graphics is accuracy. The actual soft vinyl need to be form a prototype to wax then archetype for model production, this will produce more 3% ~ 5% contraction. The accuracy calculation just can get from an experienced master while compare with the 3D graphics calculation has slightly different.

It also means that soft vinyl production regarded as success must use the size of both hands and legs as basic for both gloves and shoes components to completely fit to it. If the entity is too large, it may can't be fit or it will be scratched when fitting; if entity is too small may lead to some components shedding, shoes has gap make it can't stand. These were the problems which made the sales promotion in market delay from September to November.

curio-desing-image16.jpgThis picture is the previous done model but the gloves are too huge, the leg and shoes water drop are not consistent, the eyes column are too huge make the gap can be see clearly, arm are too long than expectation too, The foot size is not big enough make it can't stand after wearing the shoes and if the leg can be shorter will make it more cute!? The face size should be bigger to look cute!?!?

Facing these kind of problems during CURIO production make me get to start over from the beginning, it is because I'm a perfect offered for it. Start with 3D graphics has been corrected for uncountable numerous times and sum up with this 4 times corrections, the original shape has been remodeled for 3 times which is only for a perfectly done design.


Think deeply about the CURIO production fee is almost can buy for a car(ー∇ー;)

Let make it good way is I wish this cat would be a Japanese Lucky Cat that makes profit back.

Okay that was a joke. After all we have been though we completed the most ideal product!!

I think this product is perfect and I present this MEDICOM TOY to CEO AKASI, he loves it so much and given it a nice nameCURIO』.


curio-1st-color-topimage-new.jpgHere come to introduce the success CURIO which is deserve as a memento called “miaow”.

Currently, the name of INSTINCTOY name is matching up with color. The cat of this theme stay closely with pet (and also the dog). It can be sure that many cat slaves will get a special name for it. Therefore, I will name like a pet name in the coming up series.ฅ(^ω^ฅ)♪


Look of standing.

It look bigger after fit up both hand and leg. There was miscalculation when we were making this model causing CURIO face look smaller, and it is also not cute (but cute when sitting) after fitting up. So I enlarge 5% for the head make it has a balance look.


After separate the fluidity leg with shoes compartment make it can stand with bare foot and this posture successfully reach the calculation production on visual effect.
This is one of the remodeling reason…

foot-making.jpgPlease have a look on this two pictures. Left (blue star) : failure model; (red star): complete model
We redo the model and it is from soft vinyl for production(^^;) The main point was on 3D vision by making it can stand stable in 3 points which not only by foot and also by tail. However, it can’t stand without the tail make the quality sounds low. Therefore, we redo again.

It looks like the picture after revise, the pinky part is lesser and back of leg is filled up. The blue star ankle was trifling initially because it wants to look like cat but it look unmatched after fit up with shoes which is shoes ratio too big. So we corrected to a well ratio, made the ankle fatter and legs changed to short and cute design.

It need both leg and tail to make it stand in previous and it must have leg to let it stand make it sounds low. However, it can be stand without the tail while you also can let it stand with tail too. You can use tail to have a lot of cute posture.

Limited black color will be only get from MEDICOM TOY. We decide to use white to let it be cute and has pearl pink on body. In addition.
There is a more well-designed part!!

curio-1st-03_20151029110323534.jpgFluorescent look』!!!

We use strong translucent paint when coloring to prevent covering the fluorescent effect and to reach high-luminous body. This is a difficult part, if coloring too thick need to redo and it will cause shadow in dark. Therefore, it is a hard production on washing over the failure coloring.

Lastly introduce “looks of toy is the fate”!!curio-1st-05.jpg
It is because beard is one of cat characteristic and considering about the whole ratio, the beard is going to be shorter to make it look cuter. This is a very fine component so it can’t be made by soft vinyl and we choose for PVC. Beard performs by partly transparent and it is fine component which has different with PU. PU broke easily but PVC has elasticity.

In addition, the mandible is also different which include tongue inside. CURIO has a very simple color matching which only using blue and green for each eyes make it has a special characteristic.


The CURIO 2nd color is "Bon” .

CURIO project was started with MEDICOM TOY CEO AKASI, CEO AKASI has a family cat and he’s name is "Bon. So CEO AKASI chose this color wave and named he "Bon” .


He is a whole black figure with black flocking on the mouth.
Black body with beautiful yellow color eyes. If you see the top of this blog, you will see the exclusive inc "Scheme black" picture, they have kind of look like to each others. I believe MEDICOM TOY CEO AKASI purchased "Scheme black", he has already thought about little Bon, and wanted to make a cat figure (^^).

"Scheme black inc” is matte black body and "Bon” is gloss black body.

The Mud also get thicker than Scheme black inc, and the LIQUIDs are more creepy.
curio-2nd-bon-chan-blog-06.jpg curio-2nd-bon-chan-blog-04.jpg


After Vincent figure, He is the 2nd original figure with moveable legs. He can stand and sit. You can use tail to make more posture when he stands.

There are more moveable figures in progress. I am sure they are cute. Stay tuned.

CURIO 2nd color Bon is the exclusive for MEDICOM TOY, you can only join the lottery draw on MEDICOM TOY online shop from the 24th Oct until the 10th Nov 2015. This lottery draw is available to every customers.

※Please click here for order from overseas.

The lottery draw has started for only two days, we get a lot of favorable comment, and I have been told that it is going to be sold out for sure. I am glad to hear this news and looking forward to the coming CURIO.

curio-pkg-05.jpgThis is the package for CURIO.

I always try to design the package for evey figures, and want to show figures individuality out side. This time this 2D design is saying how we INSTINCTOY got here.

Thanks to every fans and supporters, INSTINCTOY was started in year 2005, this year is the 10th anniversary. On the package there are 10 colors, they are meaning of 10 anniversary.

When I was 22 (year 2002), I had a shop with different name selling toys. At that time I was attracted by BE@RBRICK and made INSTINCTOY, MEDICOM TOY is influencing to toy industry a lot, when I made INSTINCTOY this brand, I see MEDICOM TOY as a goal, one day I want my original works be loved by everyone too.

After 10 years, now I had MEDICOM TOY logo on the package, I am really glad and gratitude.

This package is using soft plastic so it is hardly break if you dope it.

We also have protection for figure, I think it will be strong enough to external force. Logo on the cover and front are gilding, package looks gorgeous.
curio-pkg-02.jpg curio-pkg-03.jpg

CURIO will have more color wave in the future with MEDICOM TOY project cooperation.

【Information about the lottery draw】


The lottery draw will start as soon as our blog update. Deadline is on 6th November, 2015 (Friday) 23:59 night. The lottery draw results will be published next day 7th November, winners will receive a winning notification before 18:00 evening.

- This is CURIO 1st color miaow Lottery Draw. (If you wish to join 2nd color Bon lottery, please check on MEDICOM TOY on-line shop)

- It is limited edition product; for the same shelter address can only win one.
- After the lottery draw, the winner cannot cancel the order. (If you want to cancel, please let us know before lottery closing date 6th Nov. Thank you)

Price is 13,400JPY/each.

【Oversea Transportation】

【About the toy】
CURIO 1st color miaow <<13,400JPY>>

【Shipping and Shipping Fee】
The toys will be sent by EMS.

Payment is in Japanese YEN only, via PayPal.
****(The total price will be {toy price} + {shipping fee} + {4.5% PayPal extra fee})

The toy will only be delivered once the payment has been processed. The shipping will start on 9th Nov by order. (For oversea shipping, it might take a little bit more time to prepare.) And if you are looking for more Items in one time, the shipping fee will be different, please ask.
If overseas customers agree to the terms and conditions above, please submit an order sheet (detailed below) and send us e-mail with the subject title as “Join the Lottery Draw", or just write items you wish to buy in the e-mail, Thank you.
Phone number:
PayPal Account:

If you have any question, Please feel free to ask me. I am here to help you. Thank you very much.


This project has been progressedfor a bout a year, and made this blog very long story. Thank you for reading.
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