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【Nov, 8th on sale】the origin of BAT LQIUID!! Series 1(triple color) introduction 【※ while stock lasts】
2015/ 11/ 06 (Fri) | 編集

Introduction for the origin of BAT LQIUID Series 1(triple color) 3D graphics.
<1st: Wing Design>


Last week the “CURIO origin” blog had mentioned about INSTINCTOY exclusive 3D graphics cartographer and now is his second challenging product: BAD LIQUIDBAT LIQUID. Actually this is one of graphics idea product which had been released in 2012 HALLOWEEN inc and I wish to finish this product. Although it is a simple design but at that time I use clay as my original modal. The difficult part is on the『wing』if it was handmade!!

bat-liquid-open-wing-image.jpgThe expended performance need to be large and has 3D fluctuation are the main points of design if you pursue for the realism of wings. It will facing more difficulties after complete the handsome appearance…

That is the “perfect structure” !!
I personally think that perfect symmetrical performance can be completed through mechanical precision calculation. The powerful 3D graphics can complete the ideal model which is hard for other people.

<2nd: Study achievement: Pursuit for soft vinyl model>

I started pursue for ideal shape few years ago and the wing shape now can be easily achieve by 3D graphics techniques but the real challenging is now starting…
The soft vinyl production met problems( ̄[] ̄)!!!

The wing making is really difficult which I had thought before. The material will has expansion and error during production although it is pretty cut. This belies the full symmetry of 3D graphics technology.
We did not give up. I said to myself that the most difficult part is when I have to try, so what INSTINCTOY have to deal with. So I changed the production method by using rotation for soft vinyl making and this is totally trouble work(^^;)

Generally it is directly making out the shape while we made it out the real. First we cut the extra part of 360° wings, it is failed if has any mistake. There still some sign although it is pretty cut and it needs paper or knife to wear out.

The last step using thinner to make the shape looks smoother.


It will be introduce later about the shape design. This closure wings also using the same method.
A BAT LIQUID will has a pair of expanded wings and a pair of closure wings with total of 4 pieces.

It has been an uncountable for the production fees and we thanks for the production masters for using the model production method to keep for the original 3D graphics design without shape changing on the ideal soft vinyl!

This photo is a bat with 2 pairs of wings which has colorful on transparent coating on soft vinyl. It looks like using colorful ingredients but in fact is using pieces by pieces wings which is a taking time soft vinyl production. On the replacing wing is oval interface which let customers can replace wings easily. bat-wing2.jpg

If you look carefully on wing interface you can find that the hole is bigger than the wing and it seem to be fix. It is because the soft vinyl is flexible wing can allow for 360° turning which is the soft vinyl properties to make it has more posture.


<3rd: closure wing design>


Next is the supplementary 『closure wing』introduction.
This design of closure wing is not match with the expanded wings, it just for the individual pattern.
The closure wings is asymmetrical design compare with the symmetrical design of opposing wings. It also met a lot of difficulties which thickness of wing is the hardness decision but it looks interesting with the look.


<4th: various 360° posture for lower body>


The main body connecting two pairs of wings is composed of two pieces and lower body can 360° rotation.
Pay attention to the overall design, it show natural performance with no flaw on any angles. Before production making, 3D graphics has degree testing.

Although it just lower part movement, can see the expanded wing will have a great effect on whole posture. The posture for flying and stay on air connect. with turning 45° on lower part can has a turning feeling which get fun from not only with the exchangeable wing and also theturning body.


<5th: sample size introduction>

batliquid-size.jpg Probably a lot of customer thought it is LIQUID derived works which only with an extra wings. But this not look like LIQUID has ornaments. Originally it has no intend to make it as ornament, it just only setting for interior decoration toy so the size is bigger than LIQUID and it is 9.5cm (with wings) . Closure wing also has considerable weight in hands.

<6th: Completion!! Sample sale introduction>

badliquid-series1-all.jpgThis is final product.

HALLOWEEN inc has two limited colors. Commonly there are three colors for BAT LIQUID series1which are Nightmare BlackDark night PurpleDarkness Green. Different coloring has own characteristic.

Each BAT LIQUID has a body, a pair of expanded wing and a pair of closure wing. (Body can fix with different wings)

We invite Obitsu for special makingon excusive INSTINCTOY’s leg. Many compartments can fix for different look and using screwdriver can adjust bracket tight. Black clear color choosing
is due to the concept of flying BAT LIQUID.



Product packaging is using a textured plastic overall show black translucent and the CG drawing as BAT LIQUID design. Box is a very simple design but very cute. Cover of INSTINCTOY trademarks and direct BAT LIQUID trademark are using hot silver method to show luxurious while direct CG BAT LIQUID’s eyes using hot red method to show reflection effect.

badliquis-3pkg-image_20151105172504f8f.jpgThere is protective shells inside the box and the front of center of wings show translucent without open also can see the interior color. Tripod is placed on the back.

This time is not a lottery draw. It will be automatically shelves on time .

Start on 2015 Nov 8th (Sunday) Japan time 10pm selling on our On-line shop. This color series is the first given back to the production line which is not be produced same color product.
Price 4,300 yen for each. Tricolor as a group for special price 12,000 yen. It can send with other products. It is because is limited numbers. A color can only purchase for three and up to three groups.


Nov 6th is the expired for CURIO 1st color "miaow" lottery event. Nov 7th will announced the winner list. If winner has buy for BAT LIQUID on Nov 8th goods can send together.

Oversea order is closing on the 7th 18pm Japan time. After that all quantity will be sold at on-line shop

Please make your order befor 7th Nov 18pm Japan time.

【Oversea Transportation】

【About the toys】
Nightmare Black <<4,300JPY>>
Dark night Purple <<4,300JPY>>
Darkness Green <<4,300JPY>>
BAT LIQUID 3 colors set <<12,000JPY>>

【Shipping and Shipping Fee】
The toys will be sent by EMS.

Payment is in Japanese YEN only, via PayPal.
****(The total price will be {toy price} + {shipping fee} + {4.5% PayPal extra fee})

The toy will only be delivered once the payment has been processed. The shipping will start on 8th November by order. (For oversea shipping, it might take a little bit more time to prepare.) And if you are looking for more items in one time, the shipping fee will be different, please ask.
If overseas customers agree to the terms and conditions above, please submit an order sheet (detailed below) and send us e-mail with the subject title as “Purchase BAT LIQUID", IF you are already in CURIO Lottery draw please subject title as “Plus BAT LIQUID", Thank you.
Phone number:
PayPal Account:

If you have any question, Please feel free to ask me. I am here to help you. Thank you very much.
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