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【Lottery Draw start for selling】completely open for the production of new “SNOWY” 【selling closing date 12/13】
2015/ 12/ 04 (Fri) | 編集

SNOWY Lottery Draw activity has begun today. Here we are going to introduce the complete entity’s design concept in detail as commemorate the first color.
<First: SNOWY birth>

screenshot(2013-09-05 16.06.13)The design of SNOWY was two years ago matter in 2013. In 2012 had been promoted a first color Halloween inc which is a seasonal character who got a lot of praise than expected. This time using the corrosive snowman concept plus inc as a foundation for designing out this newborn character. Ice Liquid who is same species with Liquid had eroded into snowman body to let the body shape changes and creates a melted appearance. In the case of inc is attached Liquid to the back while this product is hiding on the head’s bucket. We tried a little different cute design on it. .


By using the initiate sketch and add more detailed interesting idea to begin the surrounded consciousness figure production. I can still clearly remember the feeling from edge painting designs till consummation in these two years.

<Second: The difficulties encountered when prototyping points>

In 2013 facing the biggest problem is 『who is going to make this prototype? 』when the design is completed. After putting a lot of efforts on finding still can’t find a suitable prototyping master so requesting help from a professional friend who is working in Cartography Company which the term is that our professional friend, the master, can only be making on Cartography Company’s holiday. Because of that, the whole progress was slow but there are some shapes out.

snowman150324_v01.jpgThe shape was done after spending around a year. The ICE LQUID who is sitting on SNOWY was the first done part and it looks great as same as the figure. We didn’t wait for the SNOWY consummation and ice Liquid began for selling. This is the reason for why accessory was originally the first sale of the ICE LIQUID.
ice-liquid-3d-image-01_20151128165127c65.jpg ice-liquid-3d-image-02_20151128165126d1c.jpg

<Third: The arrival of exclusive cartographer>

My friend's company business seems to be busier because SNOWY production had no progress and the arrival of INSTINCTOY’s 3D cartographer Ringo who been introduces in CURIO and BAT LIQUID make the reason of this product to be suddenly accelerates. My friend also quickly agreed to let Ringo baton and let him continue to re-adjust SNOWY.

At first, the basic design was fixed and the overall proportion was adjusted. Under comparison with outside producers, the internal cartographer can immediately adjust the correction shape shorten the production time. The time spending from initial sketch till consummation, the correction just only around 10 days to 2 weeks. The progress speed was too amazing.
preview1 2

<Forth: Changing of wrist design>

The speed of consummation is too fast so made me want to add more ideas on this work.

new-aram-snow-image.jpgThe first thought was 『make movable type of arm and wrist』. This design can let SNOWY look different with inc and become a grand new product. At that moment, this role was made according to Halloween inc with the design of hand down vertically but now I’m making changes to this design without any hesitation. If the contract is with external prototype, it will be a very "difficult" issue as this kind of changes is totally different with the initial design. I was totally experienced the good of having an internal modeler is that you didn’t need to worry much and can simply make adjustments(^^;)

I draw all angles of three-dimensional arm design and few days later Ringo makes the figures as a 3D.

The main point of new arm design is “movable wrist” . It is a big success through rotating wrist can change the overall feeling.



The reason why we chose『Movable arm and wrist』

There are two ICE LIQUID accessories; one can be fixed on head high 32mm mini ICE LIQUID while the other one ICE LIQUID’s high 45mm. Both can be various designs in hand. ※The real looks of character will be show in products introduction.

<Fifth: Detail of the production>

The detail part had been designed for overall bucket.


We had created various color sketches figure in order to express the role’s personality. The buttons on chest had made for three different designs. Left is the normal design which is tailor button, right is icing button and middle is CG drawing’s round button. However, the actual done is not ideal thus manual working the button into 『coconut button』 in the model-making.


<Sixth: 3D prototype consummation>

snowy-explode.jpgAccording to the above description, the production was in slowly progress and used up to a year. Since SNOWY 3D prototype had been well done in a month when the exclusive cartographer Ringo arrives. This product theme is closely with ice and snow. We separate a lot of compartments production to let product perform for best quality that hace22 compartments include SNOWY eyes. Besides, there include mini ICE LIQUID, ICE LIQUID and scarf.

<Seventh: “SNOWY” soft vinyl’s character consummation>


Here is the SNOWY first color “FIRST SNOW” by using the 3D prototype for the soft vinyl consummation.
Next is going to introduce for the limited edition

<Eighth: Concept of color matching and head shape>

snowy-1st-image-01.jpgLet’s introduce for color matching which is using snowman as a theme especially matching for snowy white. We apply few layers of white color then spray for pearl white and matte processing for showing snows unique texture and granular flashes under light reflection.
Snow has a unique texture and reflection light flashes and there particulate

snowy-head-image-1st-02.jpgStabbing head is one of the characteristic on INSTINCTOY’s original design during making prototype. Some information related with ice and snow were collected when making SNOWY and saw the 『“ice tree” formation after storm』shows impressive cool styling make it list down into the design consideration. New product is using wind blowing style which showing reflective thorn effect on back head compares with Inc and CURIO’s thorn were presented by reflective design. (※↓here is the ice tree reference images)

<Ninth: Changes of tail shape and texture>

snowy-tail-ice.jpgNext introduce for 『tail』.

This is using inc tail for modification. Design concept is SNOWY body showing for ice tail with transparent design and accumulated snow is separated flocking processing o make it look like snow texture. We care for the details to make it look like more world view story although is a small part of the product.

In fact for making ice tail compartment is a difficult job.

Five ice drop of tail expression is very fine and thorn modeling while the soft vinyl making can’t reach for it. The five ice pick show separate into two section during the making.



Local excision need to go through the manual processing to make it show separated expression and match with the body color processing. At the end putting up separated flocking snow for showing a complete tail.

<Tenth:Others, flocking processing part>

Except tail, flocking snow, bucket accumulated snow and snow accessories from SNOWY legs can clearly see two different texture. All accessories almost had soft lovely feeling like snow. Please take a closer look.

<Eleventh:Introduction of 2 type ICE LIQUID accessories>

The next coming introduce for special accessories 2 ICE LIQUIDs

diyamond-dast-image.jpgColor matching is concept of diamond dust.
<Diamond dust: cite from Wikipedia>
Diamond dust is a ground-level cloud composed of tiny ice crystals. This meteorological phenomenon is also referred to simply as ice crystals and is reported in the METAR code as IC. Diamond dust generally forms under otherwise clear or nearly clear skies, so it is sometimes referred to as clear-sky precipitation. It is most commonly observed in Antarctica and the Arctic, but it can occur anywhere with a temperature well below freezing.

In Polar Regions diamond dust may continue for several days without interruption.

The ice concept is through a special coating on a transparent background processing can show diamond dust effect under light reflection. It can be seen clearly the bright and beautiful reflection. Moreover, both have internal glow which using fluorescence color to make it glow at dark.


Although this time the ICE LIQUID eroded SNOWY, but when they put together show out nice pets with the owner relationship.

32mm high mini ICE LIQUID can be put on SNOWY’s head and also can be keep in the bucket accessories.
SNOWY head is round but in order to make the ice bucket and ice do not fall, the placed part was design like snow is pushed over the traces to make it fixed on that.


It is not odd even holding bucket on SNOWY hands to make it rich with variety design. These sorts of furnishings make product look more worldwide, you can try it.

<Twelfth: Introduction of scarf accessories>


Another special accessory is SNOWY scarf.

This is from japan humanoid writer’s production then requests factory for mass-produced it. Each scarf is complete hand-woven scarves. (※This time using the monochrome red scarf on right hand side of picture)

<Thirteenth:Introduction of bucket accessories>


This is bucket accessories. Gradient painting incorporated with some black ink to make it feel more real like an ancient bucket.

<Fourteenth:Color performance of nose accessories(carrot)>

This is the introduction of last accessories. The carrot nose is also elaborated. During accessories production has added some black ink painting as the carrot was just digging from soil to make carrot look real on snow.

<Fifteenth: The overall sense and weight>


SNOWY 1st color "FIRST SNOW”, first impression is an easy matching color but the shape and detail styling is totally elaborated consummation.


Product total height 255mm (※include bucket) which is a weighty figure. Using inc as a bade design make SNOWY has unique look and supple feeling poured on it.

I think for those customers who had not seen the entity will be fully satisfy on large size SNOWY compare with inc.

<Sixteenth:Packaging design>


Now, is the introduction of SNOWY and its package.

snowy-pkg-making-4.jpgEveryone likes the Muckey themed which is erosion. The product packaging is hand drawing with a small story and this time we also using the same style packaging.

Meeting of SNOWY and ICE LIQUID till eroding body forming thorn and melted look had been shown in these four hand drawing.


We had done with the product packaging as same as Muckey box. Going with clockwise direction can review for the story.


The entire surface of the box had fog processing and the part of snow with bright paint to make SNOW reflects at variety of angles.


We also made protection case to put SNOWY, two ice liquids and scarf in box safely.

Here is the birth introduction of 1st color "FIRST SNOW"

bigice-4th-tree-image.jpgIntroduce for BIG ICE LIQUID 4th color “Diamond Dust” which is the new products will be appear on market together with SNOWY from Lottery Draw.

This is same color matching with SNOWY 1st color 32mm mini ICE LIQUID accessories and 45mm mini ICE LIQUID. BIG ICE LIQUID height is 110mm which is almost like a soft-ball style soft vinyl.

There are large, medium and small ICE LIQUID in the figure which can see the difference. It is because of 3D production can have the size difference but with the same appearance.

bigice-4th-tree-image-gid.jpgInternal part using florescent painting which also glow from internal but because of size problem make it more presence in the dark!!


Painting is also a big component as color matching to make it more glorious.

bigice-4-5-02-up.jpg bigice-5th-diamonddust2.jpg

【Information about the lottery draw】


The lottery draw will start as soon as our blog update . Deadline is on December 13, 2015 (Sunday) 23:59 . The lottery draw results will be published on the 16th December 2015 (Wednesday), winners will receive a winning notification before 18:00 evening .

- It is limited edition product; for the same shelter address can only winning one.
- After the lottery draw, the winner cannot cancel the order.

【Oversea Transportation】

【About the toys】
SNOWY 1st color FIRST SNOW <<15,984JPY>>
Big Ice Liquid 4th color Diamond Dust <<4,500JPY>>

【Shipping and Shipping Fee】
The toys will be sent by EMS.

Payment is in Japanese YEN only, via PayPal.
****(The total price will be {toy price} + {shipping fee} + {4.5% PayPal extra fee})

The toy will only be delivered once the payment has been processed. The shipping will start on 17th December by order. (For oversea shipping, it might take a little bit more time to prepare.) And if you are looking for more items in one time, the shipping fee will be different, please ask.
If overseas customers agree to the terms and conditions above, please submit an order sheet (detailed below) and send us e-mail with the subject title as “Join the lottery for SNOWY or Big Ice Liquid or both", Thank you.
( instinctoy.ken@gmail.com)
Phone number:
PayPal Account:

If you have any question, Please feel free to ask me. I am here to help you. Thank you very much.

>>once more (Ranking)
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