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【sales on Dec/16 (first come first serve)】introduction of ICE LIQUID series 5(total for 8 color)【start on 22:00!!】
2015/ 12/ 10 (Thu) | 編集

On Dec 16th (Sun) 22:00Japan time, ICE LIQUID series 5(total for 8 colors)will (start selling online in INSTINCTOY website. (Limited Quantity)
ice-liquid-series5-image.jpgICE LIQUID series start selling from 2014 in all exhibition and everyone liked it. Grateful support from customer make ICE LIQUID have series 5 after a year.
This time colorwave 『beautiful』 and 『cute』 compare with the previous unitary color series. There is two color matching theme.

This is the image of 『Diamond Rainbow』

iceliquid5-puarl-01.jpgThese four colors theme are 『beautiful』which each has pearl color processing. Start from top to bottom, first color is pearl rainbow, second is pearl gold, third is pearl pink while forth is pearl blue. The eyes are using rhinestone. All eyes are odd color except for pearl rainbow make it has advanced individual sense.

iceliquid-series5-top-mage-03_20151203184123e7e.jpg iceliquid-series5-top-mage-04_20151204095808477.jpg

iceliquid5-creame-01.jpgWhile these four color express 『cute』. Although color is similar with series 2. ice-liquid-series2-all-compimage-01_20151203185643a2c.jpg
We are still trying for various color matching after started selling. It undergo improvement modification make it shows better. These color matching has pearl painting processing to make it more classy style.

Series 2 using white painting. It shows darker when compare with normal soft vinyl although it is green fluorescent body. This series 5 has overcome the problem after overall modification.
All series 5 are using blue fluorescent as base and process with others color matching. The most special is four painting from left hand side compare with four pearl painting from left hand show not much fluorescence difference but still give out beautiful blue fluorescent in dark. It is the improvement of series2 wish to fulfill fluorescent addicted customers.


iceliquid5-change-point.jpgLastly introduce for the slightly modification.

So far in the series, many customers suggest to 『make it as a displayed toys which don’t want chain』 and we accept this suggestion to make no drill holes for these series as chain is the accessories to let customers DIY.

If customers want it to wear chain can using a small appliance to drill the hole at places they want. Firstly drill for a small hole and using chain screw rotate align makes it easily to wear.

Please understand. We are trying to make this ice liquid as a figure that could be display in room, so we will not do the chain on figure anymore.
On the day before start selling ICE LIQUID series 5 will revealed the lottery drawing of 『SNOWY 1st color “First Snow” and BIG ICE LIQUID 4th color “DIAMOND DUST” 』 . Series 5 and SNOWY 1st color ICE LIQUID accessories and mini ICE LIQUID can deal with a perfect match when display together.

【Selling Method】

2015 Dec 16th (Wednesday) 22:00 Japan time start selling on official website with first come first serve system. There are pages of each single product page and whole set page. All colors matching are available while supplies last and will not be reproduction at all. We have forecast rainbow pink and rainbow diamond will be more popular so has special additional quantity production for them. Please have a look on below is the single product sold price.
1. Pastel lime (1,250JPY) / 2. Pastel Grape (1,250JPY)
3. Diamond Pink (1,250JPY) / 4. Diamond Blue (1,250JPY)
5. Pastel Powder (1,300JPY) / 6. Pastel Rainbow (1,350JPY)
7. Diamond Rainbow (1,350JPY) / 8. Diamond Gold (1,250JPY)

8 colors set price: 10,000JPY

The series so far only around 1,500 JPY each for its average price. This time we reach for the goal of selling 10,000 pieces had completely settled prototyping costs. The future price will be adjusted to a more reasonable way for selling cheaper.

This is not a lottery draw. It will be automatically shelves on time .

Start on 2015 Dec 16th (Sunday) Japan time 10pm selling on our On-line shop. These colors are the 5th series will not be produced same color product in the future .

Dec 13th is the expired for Snow 1st color "First Snow" lottery event. Dec 16th will announced the winner list. If winner has buy for Ice Liquid on Dec 15th goods can send together.

Oversea order is closing on the 15th 18pm Japan time. After that all quantity will be sold at on-line shop

Please make your order before 15th Nov 18pm Japan time.

【Oversea Transportation】

【About the toys】
1. Pastel lime (1,250JPY) / 2. Pastel Grape (1,250JPY)
3. Diamond Pink (1,250JPY) / 4. Diamond Blue (1,250JPY)
5. Pastel Powder (1,300JPY) / 6. Pastel Rainbow (1,350JPY)
7. Diamond Rainbow (1,350JPY) / 8. Diamond Gold (1,250JPY)

8 colors set price: 10,000JPY

【Shipping and Shipping Fee】
The toys will be sent by EMS.

Payment is in Japanese YEN only, via PayPal.
****(The total price will be {toy price} + {shipping fee} + {4.5% PayPal extra fee})

The toy will only be delivered once the payment has been processed. The shipping will start on 17th December by order. (For oversea shipping, it might take a little bit more time to prepare.) And if you are looking for more items in one time, the shipping fee will be different, please ask.
If overseas customers agree to the terms and conditions above, please submit an order sheet (detailed below) and send us e-mail with the subject title as “Purchase ice Liquid", If you are already in SNOWY Lottery draw please subject title as “Plus Ice Liquid", Thank you.
Phone number:
PayPal Account:

If you have any question, Please feel free to ask me. I am here to help you. Thank you very much.
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