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【OPENED REPORT】 The rate of BE@RBRICK series31 all secrets, here UNVEIL!!
2015/ 12/ 26 (Sat) | 編集

BE@RBRICK series31 has arrived. This time we opened few big boxe to survey all secrets and unveil the rate of BE@RBRICK series31.

What information we have here is only use for reference. There is not proper result from MEDICOM TOY. We surveyed by our self. We will not take any responsibility if mistakes on the rate. This is just information for BE@RBRICK collectors. If you have some idea about the secrets rate, we will be very tanksful if you let us know.

This time if you want to collect all pieces of secrets (include top secrets 1/192) , you must luckily get two different big boxes.

We opened 4 big boxes (16 small boxes / total 384 pieces). The numbers are【272】【264】【458】【659】, 【272】【264】 (above pic), 【458】【659】 (below pic), they has different secrets in the boxes.

What we also know is the secrets are nothing to do with the number in even number or odd number. We think the boxes with bigger numbers have different types of secrets.

The secrets and normal in these small boxes have not sequence. They seem more likes random.

Here is the result of BE@RBRICK series31 secrets rate!!

(Top secretBox A found)

DSC_0210.jpg DSC_0149_20151225170052591.jpg

(Top secretBox A found)

DSC_0154_201512251704307b7.jpg DSC_0157_2015122517042962b.jpg

(Top secretBox B found)

DSC_0161.jpg DSC_0205.jpg


(Top secretBox B found)

DSC_0164_2015122517150425f.jpg DSC_0169.jpg

【STEEL JEEG】Rate:1/96
(secret/Box ABox B found 1 piece each)

DSC_0171.jpg DSC_0173.jpg

(secret/Box ABox B found 2 piece each)

DSC_0183.jpg DSC_0187_201512251724448bf.jpg

【SECRET HERO】Rate:1/48
(secret/Box ABox B found 2 piece each)

DSC_0176.jpg DSC_0180_20151225172442013.jpg

(secret/Box ABox B found 3 piece each)

DSC_0190.jpg DSC_0193.jpg

Above are secrets 8 types of BE@RBRICK series31. Hope it does help to collectors.

We make this opened repot every times, there are 8 types secrets and 8 types normal, 2 artists and 9 types of basic, total 27 pieces. We luckily made a complete set. It is now on Yahoo! Auction. Started with 1,000YEN. If you would like to get a complete set by one time, please join the auction. (※Close at 22:08pm 27th Dec 2015)

This is the link for BE@RBRICK31 27 pieces complete set!!! Started with 1,000YEN.


On Saturday the 26th Dec at official on-line shop, will sell the opened pieces in special prices. Start at anytime when we get it ready.
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