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【Lottery Draw】Introduction of original INSTINCTOY Happy Bag 2016【closing date: Jan 15th 23:59】
2016/ 01/ 05 (Tue) | 編集

Here is going to introduce all the details of the New Year first product, which is the original INSTINCTOY Happy Bag 2016 with 5types of toys luxurious set.

2015-happy-bag-image.jpgLast year is the first use of original INSTINCTOY to launched 『 Happy Bag 2015』. We unexpectedly received over 500 registration with were only had 30 group quota.

That’s why now I’m decided to launch 『2016’s Happy Bag』! I had spent lots of effort to prepare throughout the year. Honestly the previous Happy Bag a whim proposal with compact planning in year-end of 2014. While this year Happy Bag is totally difference with more luxurious. Please refer to the following blog!!

【Product 1】『Folding Screen Dragon』VINCENT (2016 latest version)


bhobu-ryu-image2.jpgVINCENT production concept is based on the flying golden dragon on the folding screen however the golden will be assimilating into the environment with different furnishing source and different situation. Angles and claws are silver while teeth are coated with gradient white. LIQUID teeth in the body are colorful with Japanese style. The overall is metal coated especially the colorful eyes show particularly presence.

bhobu-ryu-image3.jpgVINCENT update is right on the 『eyes』!! Although these eyes are the first original figure use soft vinyl in present but we using 3D graphics to re-edit the eyes for remodeling VINCENT look like LIQUID with rhinestones.

span style="color:#FF00FF">『Face is the life of toys』 yet you can feel the whole sense had been promoted with the only 2cm small compartments. Besides, the bottom jagged edges of eyes had insert red eyeliner as『KABUKI』 feel to emphasize for Japanese style and completed a golden VINCENT.

【Notice of New Package】

As we updated VINCENT in 2016, we also reformed the toys package.
It is a double structure box. We had carbon print on the plastic box and inside the plastic box is a paper material box. Keeps the figure perfectly safe.
Because we are using shells to protect toy so the package is bigger than before, the weight stay the same and also looks luxury!!
There will not have any more flannel bag now we use plastic shells and the serial number tag on the flannel bag will no more release.

【Product 2】 『Beckoning Bear』mini Muckey(2016 new product)


2016 first new product!! Mini Muckey commemorate the first color will be show in the Happy Bag!!!

Not “Beckoning Cat” but “Beckoning Bear” (smile)

It is using the Beckoning Cat color matching for Muckey. Red ears are flocking way as “The First Sunrise of New Year”.


Mini Muckey is using the Muckey 3D file with overall reduce for a completion. This small version size is 13.5cm height while the divided parts, internal structures and expressions are exactly similar with the general size (19cm height) .

But we used the Muckey teeth to make a new design of teeth. This product is applying new design.

There is an impact from the interior golden mud when open the mouth!!


Another noteworthy is the “belly” .

This part is basically almost flocking in the previous designs. This is the only smooth surface belly with pearl gold painting in the hairy Muckey model. In contrast with matte body, the belly is presented with reflective golden gloss to have improvement.


Next is the accessory!!

“Golden Coin” is the important props for “Beckoning Cat”
. This gold is quasi-made product is made of metal brass will be an attachment and it always been used in dramas and movies. It is a fate that 7cm diameter gold is an ideal props for Mini Muckey (^^;)


The『Fluffy』 still parasitize on the back. Just same as general size.

You can tell, it looks cuter in this small size (^^)

mini-muckey-mini-pkg-02.jpgAbout the package design, we added mini on the top cover logo design, and the rest design of box and figure it self are all reduced from general size Muckey.

Mini Muckey is like a palm size which is a mini size can be put into pocket. This is a new character in this year which expected to launch limited colors in each different exhibition and will have various colors in future.

Let’s expecting for this mini size Beckoning Bear (^^)

【Product 3】『First Frost』mini ice liquid (2016 new product)


This product is 2016 new character mini ice liquid which expected to have different colors. This design is the concept of New Year first frost.

Using gold, silver, red, white to express for New Year feel.


Gold particles are more apparent which is different with other golden products. With 3cm diameter is a very fine product and look closely can have a feel of fine powder snowing in New Year. The completion is really beautiful.


This product will be attached an exclusive headphone jack strap.

※This is the accessories according to the preferences of guests to decide whether install or not
This can be installed in iPhone or any others phone, please installed personally.

【Product 4】『Blessing Bat Liquid』BAT LIQUID(2015 new product)

This is last year October newly promote new original product BAD LIQUID.

Bats had a dark impression in japan while it is an auspicious animal which had different Chinese words homonym “blessing” showing symbol of celebration, luck, longevity, wealth, health, grandchildren and prosperous.

This product adding such intelligence makes bats be an auspicious animal in China and whole world with no matter what color is it. So we try for this color matching design.


The end of open wings and closed wings had been coated golden gradually layer for advanced feel. Face is same with Mini Muckey had Lucky Cat color matching make it either as 『Blessing Bat Liquid』 or 『Beckoning Bat』 both with good sign of color matching. Trying a little pleasure is the two golden teeth.

※By using the INSTINCTOY accessories pod to make it flying in the air posture.

【product supplement content】


These three products 『Beckoning Bear』 & 『First Frost』 & 『Blessing Bat Liquid』are fluorescent bodies which can be glow in dark!!

【Product5】『Gold Swamp』LIQUID+STAGE(2015 new product)

kanedamari-2016.jpgLIQUID + STAGE is first limited selling product in 2015 exhibition.
It is the same color with the LIQUID erosion body of VINCENT『Folding Screen Dragon』. That is the erosion of LIQUID VINCENT. So it can be perfecttly match furnishings with VINCENT!!

kanedamari-2016-2.jpgThe concept of color matching is mixing golden liquid together is like a marsh mud so called it “Gold Swamp” .

Upper part of LIQUID was launched through small doll carving in 2010. LIQUID was same with the past which can be used independently.
It is expected to be launched on February in Japan WF exhibition which will be sold in different colors.
※The pod in the picture is not exclusive, it is just a reference to introduce LIQUID and mud block separately

【Introduction of ”Golden paint” secret】

Finally is the origin of the color and painting part.

We have tried to improve the coating colors. Finally we found a good golden color, in many colors I think this golden particle color is ideally perfect golden color.


In the past, there were iron and copper or some other unknown materials in the particle coating colors, after few years it will oxidize and make it turn green.

Some of my customers had the golden soft vinyl collection will produce green unknown juice after confirmation especially the earlier particular products. Furthermore, the original gold also had discoloration.

So what we have done to avoid these problems is we made paint by our self.


We can extract high purity and brightness by zero incorporation of any unknown or other materials like iron and copper.

gold-dust-paint-03.jpgUsing the powder according to the exclusive coating weight adjustment.


We had studied for the better mix of painting raw materials to make sure it will not degenerate after few years under normal placing.

【Information of Lottery】

This is 『Happy Bag 2016』all 5 types of toys.


・『Folding Screen Dragon』 VINCENT (2016 Update)
・『Beckoning Bear』 mini Muckey<付金幣> (2016 New Works)
・『First Frost』 mini ice liquid (2016 New Works)
・『Blessing Bat Liquid』 BAT LIQUID (2015 New Works)
・『Gold Swamp』 LIQUID+STAGE (2015 New Works)

Above 5 toys are in a set, price is 32,400JPY.
( (※The Japanese background and stage are not included.)

Last year, we had only 30 sets in total. There are many customers complained the quantity is too few. What I thought was if customers win the lottery that means real good luck to customers. But this time we made total 66 sets, 33 sets in Japan, 33 sets for oversea, try to satisfy customer's requests. This is selling by lottery draw as usual.

【Information about the lottery draw】

The lottery draw will start as soon as our blog update. Deadline is on 15th Jan, 2016 (Friday) 23:59 night. The lottery draw results will be published next day 16th Jan, winners will receive a winning notification before 18:00 evening.

- This is Happy Bag 2016 Special set, the toys are not selling separately.
- This is limited edition product; for the same shelter address can only win one.
- After the lottery draw, the winner cannot cancel the order. (If you want to cancel, please let us know before lottery closing date 15th Nov. Thank you)

Price is 32,400JPY/each. (Included 5 toys)

【Oversea Transportation】

【About the toy】
Happy Bag 2016 Special set <<32,400JPY>>

【Shipping and Shipping Fee】
The toys will be sent by EMS.

Payment is in Japanese YEN only, via PayPal.
****(The total price will be {toy price} + {shipping fee} + {4.5% PayPal extra fee})

The toy will only be delivered once the payment has been processed. The shipping will start on 18th Jan by order. (For oversea shipping, it might take a little bit more time to prepare.) And if you are looking for more Items in one time, the shipping fee will be different, please ask.
If overseas customers agree to the terms and conditions above, please submit an order sheet (detailed below) and send us e-mail with the subject title as “Join the Lottery Draw", Thank you.
Phone number:
PayPal Account:


If you have any question, Please feel free to ask me. I am here to help you. Thank you very much.
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