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Attend Wonder Festival Winter 2016 【Booth no. 3-10-02】
2016/ 02/ 03 (Wed) | 編集

We will attend the 7th Feb (Sunday) at Makuhari Messe Wonde Festival Winter 2016. Here is going to introduce the commodities of that day and special business case.
wf2016-win-instinctoy-booth.jpgOur Booth this year, is at the entrance of hall 3, on the left hand side.

【Booth no. 3-10-02】

This is the fourth year and the seventh in WF exhibition. This time we invite three Japanese designers who worked together on this year to participate this planning.


The first invited designer is T9G-san!! I had thought to have the opportunity for cooperation before and now this has come true.
The first commemorative product is from T9G original design 『RE-RET』, it will be manufacturing and selling by INSTINCTOY.

The origin design of this T9G is using 3D files made by mographixx-san. Then advances the amendment to achieve the agency production files. After several times discussion with T9G to get in new ideas on this product let the complete『RE-RET』 will be reveal using large standing poster and having announcement in WF exhibition!! 3D prototyping product has been completed and will be disclosed along with the prototype photos.


Next is the second planning which is a union product between T9G and INSTINCTOY will have the design concept map be shown on the exhibition.

T9G will also selling his own original products at the our booth. Please stay tuned!!

byron-liquid-top-image-wf2016.jpgThe second invited designer is SHOKO NAKAZAWA-san.

Finally the union 『Byron Liquid』which had been first sold during last year overseas exhibition will be on sale in Japan!!!

It will be selling by the designer herself in at the WF exhibition which estimate selling price is 4,000 yen (exhibition limit pricing) . It look alike with the overseas sale using packing as a cover so there is one fifth of chances to get the bust transparent limited edition.

The official website will expected to have lottery draw selling activities after this exhibition.

Besides, designer herself will also selling her own others original products at the our booth on that day. Please stay tuned!!

12656296_917648838320493_169056527_o.jpgThere is one more big news!!

RANJIRON LIQUID which is designed together by both T9G-san and SHOKO NAKAZAWA-san will also be selling at WF.
<> is a three league product. The estimate selling price is 4,500 yen (exhibition limit pricing) .

The Official release is not yet planning. We will update more information when the time comes. Then will have lottery draw on our official page.

After T9G-san, INTINCTOY and SHOKO NAKAZAWA seem like will having some interesting planning during this year!! Please stay tuned!!


The third designer is MAI NAGAMOTO-san.

Here is going to introduce the product of MAI-san cooperate with INSTINCTOY in this year which will be manufacturing and selling by us.

Product name is 『INNOCENT & CORE (HAPPINESS ver.)』which is an original design product of MAI-san. There is hiding a concept of “rainbow gathered a dream and joy” in the character of INNOCENT. This concept is from designer hweself makes me immediately proposed a planning to let INSTINCTOY as a product and was quickly agreed by designer herself. The “rainbow” concept is using MAI-san concept and I make it rearranged to be a completed three-dimensional look after repeated errors. The whole look will be revealed on WF as well as the detail of 3D graphics and the photos which made by using negative slides will also been screening. INSTINCTOY version of 『INNOCENT & CORE (HAPPINESS ver.)』product will estimate to be 24.75cm height which is a huge soft vinyl. Complex rainbow compartments are using spraying expression design. We had use a lot of technology to fulfill it as a three-dimensional!! Please stay tuned.

That day the exhibition will commemorate this production so MAI-san herself will be selling the normal size (12.5cm height) published edition version of INNOCENT.


Moreover, there are some other products which is still on progressed. Please stay tuned!! (Product pricing on that day is estimate around 6,000 ~ 7,000 yen)

【INSTINCTOY Original Figures (total 13 kinds)】

Next is going to introduce for INSTINCTOY original design products (13 products) which will be selling in WF exhibition.

【No.1:CURIO 3rd color "chocolat”】 (※WF exhibition commemorate product)

curio-3rd-chocolat-image3.jpgIn every year of Feb will encounter for Valentine’s Day so WF will publishe for chocolate products. This year also using this concept to design two products. First is “CURIO” also using chocolate spice mixing soft vinyl material (Hybrid) make whole product had sweet chocolate scent.
curio-3rd-chocolat-image2.jpg curio-3rd-chocolat-image.jpg


The whole design is all about sweet chocolate concept. The body looks like melting chocolate, the mouth and ears are using flocking make them look more like cocoa powder. The claws are look like bitter chocolate, and paws are look like white chocolate. Teeth of LIQUID and beard of CURIO are using six colors, just like one famous chocolate brand. The whole figure just like made by chocolate we named it “chocolat”.


Selling price in WF exhibition has special price 13,000 yen. (Normally lottery draw pricing is 13,440 yen)

There is small amount selling in exhibition while stock last and official website will have lottery draw selling activities after this exhibition. There will be further notice so please stay tuned!!

There are total 100 pairs for WF limited amount and lottery draw selling amount. (※This product is WF exhibition commemorate product so retailers will not sell which is INSTINCTOY limited products).

【No.2:Mini Muckey 2nd color "CHOCO CAKE"】(※WF exhibition commemorate product)


This is the chocolate second product of this year!!
Mini Muckey’s new product is using the chocolate cake as design concept.
The ears are chocolate while belly, mouth and inside the ears are using flocking make them look more like cocoa powder. By using cake as design make the soft vinyl added to be more lovely appearance.


Mini Muckey production is according to the normal size Muckey (around 19cm height) and using 3D graphics to minimize it to 12.8cm height.
Whether the internal structure or sub-division compartment also as same as the original size.


The only different with normal size is the mini Muckey teeth have two styles!! It had extra one more teeth is liquid design while another teeth and claws will be glowing!!


It can be sure that he also been produced by using the same spices mixing with hybrid soft vinyl which is same with CURIO and the body also had sweet chocolate aroma.


This design is also WF2016 exhibition commemorate product which can only be bought in the exhibition or taking part on lottery draw activities from INSTINCTOY official website. (Retailers will not be sold which is INSTINTOY limited product)

Selling prices is 6,500 yen. It will have lottery draw activities during Feb on our official website after the first sold on WF. Please stay tuned!!


【No.3:SNOWY 3rd color "ICE WORLD(Blue G.I.D)】

SNOWY new color is expected to sell on March which will be available in WF exhibition.

The theme is『snowman living in ice world』which using blue fluorescent with pearl blue color whole body painting with scarf is stripe pattern and icy translucent bucket you could see mini ice Liquid inside.


The special point is on the buttons! Using real wood buttons under the ice painting to look more luster makes them looks like frozen buttons.

snowy-2nd-ice-bottun-up-03.jpg snowy-2nd-ice-bottun-up.jpg

snowy-2nd-blue-gid-image2.jpgBlue fluorescent body will be shining in darkness which glow in snow just like as the name as ice world.

snowy-2nd-image-stand.jpgPrice is 16,500JPY.
As same as SNOWY first color, bucket and tail as well as both feet are flocking snow. Besides, this product has both hands with flocking processing make it look like wearing gloves.

This product has extra more fluorescent, stripe scarf, transparent ice bucket, frozen wooden buttons and other more sophisticated design compare with first color. Usually it estimates selling on early March by lottery draw. Please stay tuned!!

【No.4:GYAWO 1st color " Forest Baer (An Incident In A Forest One Day)”】


Finally, the INSTINCTOY newest product GYAWO had been completed which started produced on last year. There will be limited amount selling in WF!! !
It had been just published new product in overseas while there is no published in own country for a period of time. This product first theme color is 『Forest Bear (incident happened in forest on a day)』by using grand new color to express the behind scenes story.


The complete product is according to story contents which is about “little bears are holding their favorite branches playing round the forest as usual but on a day met a mysterious erosion monster.

The bear “favorite branches compartmentis using PVC for production while red scarf are flocking processing and both hands also have fist compartment and also open handed compartment which will be attached with total four hands.


Then!! he will met the mysterious erosion monster attack and follow by tragic『high pits screaming』. Later exchange the open handed compartment make it more feel, with more expressive of facial changes. This original structure is completed.

gyawo-inside-the-head.jpgThis is GYAWO sectional view. As same with Muckey is the movable head structure. We had designed a throat in the rest of space which can insert for tongue to make it look like the mouth and

tongue can also be freely taken out structure. The teeth in the upper jaw is movable which can show or hide the teeth. It looks like a simple product on a glance while the entire structure and soft vinyl are produced after through precise calculation.


The design of tongue makes the mouth more real and more facial changes.
Actually GYAWO 『high pits screaming』 had another mysterious design
. Please come to the exhibition to figure out this mysterious design!!


GYAWOs new deign. I hope customer would like it very much. The selling price usually is 12,000 yen while exhibition limit pricing is 11,000 yen. It estimate officially published on April which is after WF first selling so at that time will be more information to inform.

【No.5 & 6:baby inc 10th & LIQUID BOX 3rd "Phantom”】


Baby inc is the tenth color particularly design for the unique color matching as mixing pearl color and harmony color to complete for “Phantom” . It had been first sold in overseas toy fair last year but it has been as new publishing new product so it missed the selling opportunity. It will be start selling in Japan WF exhibition.


Especially the head of baby inc, the production of the color changes at the foot takes lot of time. The mixing pearl color and the harmony color is extremely dreamy. In my memory, this product is most lady favorite.

phantome-rainbow-09.jpg phantome-rainbow-12.jpg


Liquid Box & baby inc is produce using green fluorescent and it will glow in the dark.

Selling price will be 7,000 yen (WF exhibition limit pricing) . Amount limited for while stock last. Usually estimate selling on April.

【No.7:BIG ICE LIQUID 5th color "Magic Pearl Rainbow"】


This BIG ICE LIQUID was a new color launch on last year overseas exhibition too.


Diameter with 4.5cm and matching with small cubes was sold out. While the large version (10cm) has finally launched.

It is because the size become bigger show that the gradually increase color show well at color matching.


Baby inc & LIQUID BOX “Phantom” as introduce just now are extremely matching, so please put it together.

Selling price will be 4,500 yen. Amount limited till while stock last. Officially to be on sale on April as lottery draw selling. Please stay tuned!!

【No.8 & 9:LIQUID + STAGE 1st "COSMO" & 2nd "Metal Party】


This is using LIQUID figure that released in 2008, and in 2012 made into sufubi, we had a lot of suggestion from customers, ask to make LIQUID into a figure with stability. Finally completed last year.

We did not change any of LIQUID design, we took LIQUID 3D scan and made a stage for it.

They have the same way of coating, but in two different colorwaves.

Price is 2,500yen each, Amount limited for while stock last.

The official release is not yet planed. If you wish to get it, please come to WF.

Liquidstage-sofubiimage-05.jpgWhen you try it, you would see the special structure on it, makes them just fit to each other. Please come and try.

【No.10 & 11:Halfas "PENGIN" & "ICE GLOW"(Blue G.I.D)】


TOYHOLIC DESIGN × INSTINCTOY Halfas new colors 『PENGIN(BLUE G.I.D)』&『ICE GLOW(BLUE G.I.D)』 will be sold at Wonder Festival.

They have the same theme with SNOWY, that who is “living in ice would” .

halfas-ice-02.jpgWe use fluorescent material, ICE GLOWs whole body will glow blue in the dark! PENGIN is living in icy land, only the feet glow in the dark, to make it looks cold.
There is one pocket on the chest, it has special part in it, for PENGIN is cute blue love. And for ICE GLOW is icy heart!! These two little parts will G.I.D too.

Price is 2,500yen each. Amount limited for while stock last. The official release will be March with SNOWY.

【No.12:Muckey 10th color "illusion”<Special sale for WF>】

fb-muckey-10th-image.jpgThis is the 10th color of Muckey. We had lottery draw for it last month.

There were a lots of customers joined lottery, and It was all sold out. 是非I was hoping to show it at WF, because of this special color that changes colors by UV source, so I prepared some quantity for sale at WF.

Price is 12,000yen. If you did not get it at lottery time, this is the last chance to get it, limited quantity for sale.

WF exhibition pre-order activities】

It is expected on this year March selling for Muckey newest product
『BLUE YETI』will have 、pre-order activities in WF exhibition hall.
It using the theme of “living in ice world” which is because it selling with SNOWY second color “ICE WORLD” at the same time. The body color matching means frozen hair under a world of below zero degree Celsius and using bright blue pearl coat gradient for semi-matte colored.
We also specially produced a stylish and cute knitted scarf for him.


The name is yet not been identified by scientist for snow mountain biological 『snowman』!?
We apply this name to make Muckey name as
Teeth design also refer to YETI reference figure as showing some teeth can become violent!?

The body is using blue fluorescent will be glowing in dark. It can has the same effect of ICE WORLD on dark when placing together SNOWY 2nd and Halfas.

Selling price normally is 10,800 yen while exhibition limit pricing is 10,000 yen. ※ Japan free shipping (※ if overseas customers pre-order during exhibition will have extra international shipping charges.)
EMS shipping costs for Muckey one piece.
Asia‧‧‧<<1,800 JPY>>
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East‧‧‧<<2,400 JPY>>

Europe‧‧‧<<2,800 JPY>>

South America, Africa‧‧‧<<3,800 JPY>>

This is limited product so will be stop selling when there is fully pre-order amount in exhibition. Pre-order customers please pay at the exhibition. Thank you!


※Depend on the open date, if there is too many customer, you might not be to purchase everything you wish. My apologize.

Here is waiting for you all to experience.

>>once more (Ranking)
人気ブログランキング登録中!! 是非とも一日ワンクリックお願いします☆
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