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【Limited production/Pre-Order only】Introduction to SNOWY 2nd "ICE WORLD"【Opening Activity for our Internet Mall】<Only 3 days, 3/10-3/13>
2016/ 03/ 10 (Thu) | 編集

To celebrate the opening of our international Internet mall, the limited edition SNOWY 2nd color "ICE WORLD" is ready for pre-ordering now. We can only produce 300 figures of the SNOWY 2nd color "ICE WORLD" per month, so get your fingers clicking now, don’t miss the chance!
snowy-2nd-image-stand.jpgIntroduction to SNOWY 2nd "ICE WORLD"
This time, the subject is 『The Snowman living in the ICE world』. The whole figure is made of blue luminous material, and the surface is painted with pearl blue. A special processing technique was used to perform the color gradient. The scarf design is striped, while the bucket is ice-like and translucent. You can also put the mini ice Liquid on the figure’s head.


One of the exquisite details are the “Buttons” on his chest! The wooden buttons are coated by an ice-like soft vinyl. By using pearl paint to increase the glossiness, the buttons look just like they are coated by real ice.
snowy-2nd-ice-bottun-up-03.jpg snowy-2nd-ice-bottun-up.jpg

snowy2-mafler.jpgThe scarf accessory is specially designed for SNOWY 2nd color, and every single scarf is handmade by our in-house artisan.
The figure’s hands resemble gloves, and are blue and flocked.



Apart from the hands, the bucket, tail, and snow on both feet are flocked as well, this time in white.

There are six flocked parts in total, and the combination of these with the translucent luminous blue body, bucket and wood-like buttons create a delicate effect on the figure’s appeal.

snowy-2nd-blue-gid-image2.jpgThe blue luminous body will glow in the dark. When I put it on the snow, it creates a realistic ice world effect.


Thank you very much for supporting INSTINCTOY! We have now set up a new 『INSTINCTOY International』website for serving international customers. INSTINCTOY International will provide a better and easier platform for international customers to make their purchases. All customers’ personal data will be kept secure.

To celebrate the opening of INSTINCTOY international, the newly published SNOWY 2nd "ICE WORLD" figure will be sold by pre-order. Do take the pre-order chance quickly this time. If you already missed the previous lottery draw, we sincerely hope that you can get the SNOWY 2nd "ICE WORLD".
As the SNOWY 2nd color "ICE WORLD" can only be produced in limited quantities (300 figures per month) , the pre-order is limited to a total of 300 figures on sale for Japan and overseas customers.

The selling price is 16,500 JPY. ※ One registration account is limited to purchasing only one figure.

The pre-order activity will start on 3/10 (THU) and run until 3/13 (SUN) , for 3 days only. Early termination of the pre-order activity may happen, if the pre-order numbers achieve the 300 figures quantity limitation. We will deliver the pre-orders on 3/24 (THU) .

【Opening Ceremony Activities】

50 offFirst: 50% off your EMS international shipping fee
One SNOWY package weighs 1.5KG. The following is the EMS international shipping fee to different areas:
Asia-2,400 JPY 50% OFF <<1,200JPY>>
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East-3,200 JPY 50% OFF <<1,600JPY>>
Europe-3,700 JPY 50% OFF <<1,850JPY>>
South America, Africa-5,400 JPY 50% OFF <<2,700JPY>>

ins-int-nov-mini-iceliquid.jpgSecond: Free Souvenir Lottery
INSTINCTOY will randomly select 150 pre-order customers, and give away the mini ice Liquid (INSTINCTOY representative color) as a present. The mini ice Liquid is not for sale. < If the pre-orders are sold out, the chances of getting the free souvenir is 50%>

Height: 30mm
Accessory: Headphone plug accessory


In addition, to make the purchase easier for customers and improve the quality of our services, we are waiving the 4.5% PayPal fees for purchases made on the INSTINCTOY International platform this time.

-Other Tips-
· Pre-order items cannot be cancelled.
· Please pay the full amount for your pre-order items before March 31st.

Please make sure that you have fully understood the terms before you start to place your order. The following link is the pre-order web page; please fill out all the requested information to participate in the pre-order.
┗ http://www.instinctoy.net

【Notification of Postponed Sales for Muckey 11th】

muckey-11th-blue-yeti.jpgWe published too much figures in these few months, so the Muckey 11th “BLUE YETI” which were originally expected to publish on March will postpone until May.
We have released too many figures in the last few months, so the Muckey 11th “BLUE YETI” figure originally scheduled for release in March, will now be released in May.

If you had already made your order at the Wonder Festival 2016 (Winter) exhibition, we will ship as promised, in the middle of this month. .

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

【Halfas, The new color PENGUIN & ICE GLOW is now on sale】

halfas-ice-01.jpgThe 『PENGUIN (BLUE G.I.D)』 and 『ICE GLOW (BLUE G.I.D)』
which were sold at the Wonder Festival exhibition will be sold on the INSTINCTOY International website at 3/21 (MON) 22:00. Price is 2,500JPY/each. The PENGUIN & ICE GLOW can be shipped with SNOWY 2nd color.

halfas-ice-02.jpg halfas-ice-sp-parts.jpg

Here is the link to the sales page!
(※ The product will automatically be added to the sales page at the stated time.)


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