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【Lottery Draw / closes on 24th April】 Introducing 3 types of INSTINCTOY ”Spring” original figures.
2016/ 04/ 19 (Tue) | 編集

【Lottery Draw】
Introducing 3 types of INSTINCTOY ”Spring” original figures.

Figure 1.
『Baby inc 10th color "Phantom Rainbow』
We first released this item during the exhibitions last year, and now the official release date has finally arrived. This colorway perfectly matches the season, with its sweet pretty colors.

Thanks to everyone for supporting us. We wanted to make this 10th colorway with some special colors, so we thought of various unique colors before we decided on this one. Here is the newest original coating.
It has been coated with pastel colors in many different parts on the body, and a pearl layer has also been applied all over the body.


A layer of fluorescent paint all over this figure makes it glow green in the dark most beautifully.
The fluorescence will exude from the pastel coating, so we can tell the different colors when it glows in the dark too.

This original figure is also available at some retailer store, so there are only 30 pieces available in our lottery. ※ This figure will be sold at Thailand Toy Expo.

Price is 7,000yen each.

If you are interested in joining this lottery, please accept the conditions that have been written at the end of the blog.

Figure 2.
『LIQUID BOX 3rd color "Phantom Rainbow"』


This colorway totally matches the Baby inc.


It is completely coated in a special fluorescent paint too, which makes it glow green in the dark.

There are only 15 pieces available in this lottery.
Price is 7,000yen each too.

If you are interested in joining this lottery, please accept the conditions that have been written at the end of the blog.

Figure 3.
『BIG ICE LIQUID 5th color "Pastel Rainbow"』
This colorway evokes a sense of springtime too, but it is different from the Phantom color that was described above. For this one, the rainbow color was coated as per normal, and pastel colors are used all over its body.


There is also a special fluorescent coating all over its body, but because of the bright and thick color coating, only the face will glow dimly in the dark.

Price is 4,500yen each.
We have prepared 40 pieces available in this lottery.

If you are interested in joining this lottery, please accept the conditions that have been written at the end of the blog.

【Information about the lottery draw (Common to all 3 items)】

The three items listed above are lottery prizes. Please read the conditions before making your bid.

- These are limited edition product; each unique address can only win one.
- After the lottery draw has been conducted, winners cannot cancel their orders.

The lottery draw will start as soon as our blog updates. The deadline for submitting the bids is on April 24th, 2016 (Sunday) 2359h, only for 3 days.
The lottery draw results will be published on 25th April 2016 (Monday), winners will receive a winning notification before 1900h. Shipment will start from 26th April (Tuesday) .

Important notice with regards to shipment

We are attending a toy exhibition during the Golden Week holiday period. 28th April is the last date that it is possible to send out your packages before the holiday. If you are hoping to get your package as soon as possible, please complete the payment before 27th April. Please note that we are not able to ship any packages between 29th April and 11th May. The earliest shipment after the holiday is on 12th May (Thursday) . Thank you for your kind understanding.

This time the 3 types of prizes were sold at exhibitions before the draw, so there are only a few pieces left by now. We hope you understand and will be awaiting for your mail.

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