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【New Figures Lottery Draw】 Introducing the Muckey 11th BLUE YETI & 12th PINKY 【Closes on 29th May】
2016/ 05/ 24 (Tue) | 編集

We conducted the first sale of『Muckey 11th BLUE YETI12th PINKY』 at our exhibition booths. Now these two colors will finally be officially released through a lottery draw.
Firstly, we are going to introduce Muckey 11th color 『BLUE YETI』.

The 1st color was released in 2013. This is the 3rd year of the Muckey series and is very popular among our customers. We receive many inquiries from our new customers requesting older editions of our products. However, although we sometimes hold pre-release events at toy shows, we always maintain limited quantities of our products – including Muckey – and make sure that they are not reproduced at any time in the future. We wish to give customers the sense that the toys are a precious once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so we are not able to make additional pieces of the older editions of our products for our customers.

muckey-11th-blue-yeti.jpgThis is the 11th color. We used blue, which is Muckey’s original design concept color. In fact, the 1st color was blue too, but this time we made it with a totally different coating and concept. If you look at the pictures more closely, I think you will see the difference between these two series. (Left: 1st color <2013 Released>/ Right: 11th color)

For the 1st color, we wanted to show the fur clearly so we used brush painting on the entire body. For the new release this time, we used a brighter coating with gradation. The Muckey 1st color was also made in a different factory, and if we compare the old and new release, the flocking and details are rendered in better quality now.
muckey-11th-blue-yeti-2.jpgWe conceptualised it as an “unknown creature living on a snowy mountain” and named the 11th Muckey “BLUE YETI”. We used a blue fluorescent coating all over the body of the BLUE YETI. It also comes with a stylish hand-made muffler. Please enjoy the way in which the light glows in the dark.

muckey-pinkey-image.jpgThe second Muckey is the 12th color, named PINKY. We have a special method for running the lottery for this item.

It has a same lovely concept as the 11th color BLUE YETI, with the season changed from winter to spring. We used the blue fluorescent coating to cover the figure’s body entirely as well but because of the base colour, PINKY is brighter than YETI in the dark. This is the first time we will have the 『OPEN MOUTH ver.』 teeth part in the Muckey series, and you will be able to change the parts by yourself!!
12th-pinky-top-01.jpg 12th-pinky-top-02.jpg

The production numbers of PINKY is limited to only 60 units, and is the ※ 2nd Muckey in the series with such a small production run. (※The smallest production was released by Medicom, the 5th color “THE MONSTER” in 2014 )

Recently we sold half of the production amount, 30 units, at TTE 2016 in Thailand. It was completely sold out at the show site, and the rest of the production amount is 30 units.

The limited PINKY is a very rare color with a small production amount. We are hoping that customers will display this piece together with the 11th color BLUE YETI, so we will randomly pick the winners for the BLUE YETI, and those winners who have also made bids for PINKY will be able to purchase them both. Please understand that the only way to get PINKY directly was at TTE 2016.
The price is 10,800 yen each.

【Information about the lottery draw】

- These are limited edition products; each unique address can only win one.
- After the lottery draw has been conducted, winners cannot cancel their orders.

The lottery draw will start as soon as our blog updates. The deadline for submitting the bids is on May 29th, 2016 (Sunday) 2359h.
The lottery draw results will be published on 30th May 2016 (Monday), winners will receive a winning notification before 1900h. Shipment will start from 31th May (Tuesday)

Lottery Entry Pages
For Muckey 11th BLUE YETI

For Muckey 12tn PINKY. (must bid for BULE YETI too)

We look forward to receiving your applications

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