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【Lottery Draw】Introduction of the Original New Character GYAWO 1st color【closing 26th Jun】
2016/ 06/ 21 (Tue) | 編集

The INSTINCTOY Original New Character GYAWO is ready for lottery draw!! (※Important notice for customers who purchased GYAWO during the launch sales at our exhibition booth. Please read till the end of the blog.)
Before 2014, INSTINCTOY worked with a modeler from outside the company. At that time, we used clay to produce our models. However, we added a 3D modeler to our team in 2015. The speed of progress, accuracy and quality changed at that point.

instinctoy-3d.jpgWe had a hard time during the initial stages of【Prototype production】, but now, we daresay that we are very good at making original soft vinyl figures.

The reason that we can say such a thing, is because we have made 20 different designs this year. We have made a lot of original work, collaboration projects, and also some projects for other companies.
We have made many figures, and always want to make more and more challenging figures, and search for more interesting ideas.

The new Character 『GYAWO』is capable of “facial expression” just like the Muckey, “set” just like the CURIO, and “coexist with the erosion monster” just like the SNOWY and CURIO. We incorporated all these concepts into the design of this new figure, GYAWO.


gyawo-prot-1.jpgIt was not easy to design and develop GYAWO. We were determined to make it exactly the way that I had envisioned it!! This is the image we started with at the beginning of the project.
The idea came from the Muckey. We used the head structure, the ball joint, and gave the face many expressions just like the Muckey. We also made a model of GYAWO. However, as soon as we got the GYAWO model, we were stunned, because the GYAWO did not reflect any of the elements from Muckey at all.
I thought that there was no point making this new character if I could not achieve the level of expression that I wanted. So I made the hard choice to close this project.

13226874_848723931921950_5074274684890011159_n.jpgSince the GYAWO model failed, we made the decision to shelve the idea for the moment, but my chihuahua, “Pipi”, gave me an idea just before I gave up. I had a moment of inspiration when I saw Pipi’s expression when she was licking, and thought that the tongue could give an alternative method for changing expressions. Here, I would like to share one of my personal stories. The time when Pipi came to become a member of my family, was the same period as when INSTINCTOY was founded. Last month, she has fallen asleep forever. Every time I see GYAWO, the memories of Pipi come to mind and she will be remembered forever.

Going back to the main point…
gyawo-inside-the-head.jpgAfter that, we used Muckey’s body structure and designed a tongue with a moveable structure. We made a bag for the tongue and placed under the ball joint such that the tongue could be pulled off from the bag and there is enough space to safely keep the tongue inside. The teeth in the GYAWO’s upper jaw structure can be angled differently, and this allows the figure to have many expressions.

tte-gyawo-image-mk-2.jpgSo that is how we came to have this character GYAWO with many different gimmicks on it.
There are two types of hands. One is a clenched fist, while the other has the palm open, so customers are able to create many different postures by changing the hands. The mouth could be opened wide, so you can also play around the expressions.


GYAWO looks like a character with a simple design, but he has a moveable head, the tongues, moveable hands and legs so it is possible to play with GYAWO and pose the figure in different postures.

We paid close attention to the balance of the body. You can enjoy posing GYAWO in many postures, such as a peeping posture and a walking posture.

GYAWO was attacked by the erosion monster “Fluffy ”, and the Fluffy has attached itself to GYAWO’s back, just like Muckey.

gyawo-1st-gyawooo.jpgBut that’s not where the story ends... Actually, GYAWO was eroded by “LIQUID” as well.

The Liquid disguises itself as a tongue, when it jumps out from the GYAWO’s mouth, the GYAWO is screeching, 『Gyaaaaaaawo!!!!!!』. You can try to imagine that in your mind. The 1st color is named『Forest Bear (An Incident In A Forest One Day)』, I will be happy if you can visualize the events of the subtitles.

【※Important notice for customers who purchased GYAWO during the launch sales at Wonder Festival】

shita-2parts.jpgDuring the first sale at Wonder Festival 2016 [winter], we only had the Liquid erosion tongue. After that, I realized that when the Liquid erosion tongue jumps out from GYAWO’s mouth, the normal tongue is missing. This is different from the original story, so we made the normal tongue as well. We would also like to prepare normal tongues for the customers who purchased GYAWO at Wonder Festival, so if you are one of those customers, please send an e-mail to this address (info@instinctoy.net)with your personal details.

gyawo-tan-beafore-after.jpgWe have a new addition for the normal tongues. To create an ideal range of movement, we used a colorless rubber band (※Mobilon-band) to tie on the normal tongues, as indicated by the arrow in the image. This allows the tongues to achieve the best position and elasticity. The Mobilon-band is made of 100% polyurethane. It is a product of Japan, and has good elasticity and heat / cold-resistance (Temperature range:-10℃〜80℃). Compared to bands made of natural rubber, the Mobilon-band has better durability and more suitable for long-term use. The Mobilon-band does not melt easily, nor does it get corroded by metal, so it is mostly used for metal products, medical products and toy products. So we thought this made it very suitable for use on this figure.

【※Important notice for customers who purchased GYAWO during the launch sales at Thailand Toy Expo】


I apologize for making this announcement here again. We did not prepare the Mobilon-band in time for the Thailand Toy Expo, which took place at the beginning of May in Thailand. We will send the Mobilon-band to the customers who purchased GYAWO at exhibitions. Please send an e-mail to this address (instinctoy.ken@gmail.com)with your personal details and photos of the GYAWO figure. We will send to you as soon as possible.

That was an urgent announcement, but now we return to introducing the product.

gyawo-teeth-01.jpgI mentioned the head structure at the beginning of the blog entry. I made the structure such that it can have many expressions; the teeth in the upper jaw could be pulled out or hidden. There is an aluminum stick that helps to support structure between them. You can pull the teeth out easily by pushing the molar teeth. The teeth will lock at the stopper and stay in the right position. You also can push it back and hide it in the upper jaw.
gyawo-teeth-02.jpg gyawo-teeth-03.jpg

The GYAWO character can have many facial expressions and show span style="color:#FF0000">many emotions by moving the tongue and switching the teeth.

There is a uvula in the throat, to make the design appear more realistic.gyawo-teeth-05.jpg

new2-gyawo-many-facechange.jpgThe head can be positioned in many angles, with various combinations of the teeth and tongue. There are over 10 different expression patterns. In addition, the hands and legs also help to create even more postures.
gyawo-face-01.jpg gyawo-face-02.jpg gyawo-face-03.jpg gyawo-face-04.jpg
gyawo-face-05.jpg gyawo-face-06.jpg gyawo-face-07.jpg
gyawo-face-08.jpg gyawo-face-09.jpg gyawo-face-10.jpg
(※Click the pictures for bigger views.)

new2-gyawo-3d-parts-image.jpgThere is also an accessory, which is a tree-branch that can be held in GYAWO’s hands. This figure has 28 parts, including the two types of tongues, and the rubber bands that attach the normal tongue to the figure..

gyawo-1st-pkg.jpgThe price is 11,000 yen, and it is limited to 150 units. We have already sold 50 units at our booths in the WF and TTE exhibitions, and have reserved 50 units for our retailers, so we only have 50 units left for the lottery draw.

【Overseas Delivery】

Entry Period: June 21, 2016 (Tuesday) till June 26 (Sunday) 2359h.
Prize announcement: Emails will be posted on June 27, 2016 (Monday) until 1900h.
We will contact the lottery winners on June 27 (Monday) by 1900h
. (※ Only winners will receive an announcement mail. After June 27, if you have any questions regarding the lottery result, please contact us.)

We will start shipping on June 28th.
・This is a limited product, only one lottery entry is accepted for each individual postal address.
・Please note that bids cannot be cancelled after the entry period is closed.
・After you receive the invoice from us, the payment has to be completed within 2 weeks.

To enter the GYAWO 1st color 『Forest Bear (An Incident In A Forest One Day)』lottery

【About the toys】
Forest Bear (An Incident In A Forest One Day) Price <<11,000 yen>>

【EMS Shipping and Shipping Fee】
Asia- <<2,100 yen>>
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East- <<2,900 yen>>
Europe- <<3,200 yen>>
South America, Africa- <<4,100 yen>>

Payment is accepted in Japanese YEN only, via PayPal.
(The total price will be calculated based on the {toy price} + {shipping fee})

We look forward to receiving the applications from everyone.

【Exclusive Product Announcement】

mini-muckey-pearl-top-image.jpgThis is the 20th anniversary of MEDICOM TOY. A new shop will be opened on the 25th of this month at Omotesando Hills, named『MEDICOM TOY PLUS』. INSTINCTOY is participating in the exclusive project too..
This exclusive item, the 『mini Muckey 4th color “PEARL(Blue G.I.D)』 will be sold at the new shop on the opening day. This colorway was made especially for MEDICOM in celebration of the new store. We used a blue phosphorescent body coated with a pearl sheen for the figure. You might think the design is very simple when you first see it, but when you turn the head around, the newly designed colorful pastel teeth will show up! There are two types of teeth, one with the ”jaws apart”, and the other with “clenched teeth”. You can change them as you like!!

The price is 6,500 yen. This exclusive edition will be sold at 『MEDICOM TOY PLUS』store ONLY. Thank you.
mini-muckey-medicomtoy-plus-exclusive-blue-gid.jpg mini-muckey-medicomtoy-plus-exclusive-pearl.jpg

『MEDICOM TOY PLUS』Blog has more information about the event.

>>once more (Ranking)
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