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【7/24 OPENING】We are attending WF2016[SUMMER].【Enterprise Zone:3-10-02】
2016/ 07/ 20 (Wed) | 編集
Happening this weekend!! Wonder Festival 2016[SUMMER] is opening at Makuhari Messe on 24th July. Here, we introduce the newest figures and the display items which will be available at the show site. 【Enterprise Zone:3-10-02】

【Vincent VS. LIQUID 8th color "STARDUST” (Gold Horn ver.)】 25,000 yen

Recently, the Vincent character has became more popular than ever before. Here comes the newest edition.

This is the “STARDUST” series, made in the image of the cosmos. The Gold Horn ver. on the left is limited to 30 units, and next to it is the Metallic Green Horn ver. . This one is also limited to 30 units, giving us a total of 60 units for the series.

The Gold Horn ver. will only be sold by INSTINCTOY, while the Metallic Green Horn ver. will only be made available at the SOFT VINYL FESTIVAL (SVF) in Hong Kong, in August.

There will be 6 units of the Gold Horn ver., the INSTINCTOY edition, available at the Wonder Festival show site. The rest of the 24 units will be sold in August through our on-line store via lottery draw. The Vincent character is one of our originals and it always gets favorable comments from customers. Last time, the odds of getting the the 7th color Vincent was only 4%, but this time we have some units available at the show site so please do not miss out on the chance to get it at Wonder Festival. The price is 25,000 yen.

inc-21th-pkg-01.jpg【inc 21st "STARDUST"】 9,000 yen

This is also one of the figures in the “STARDUST” series. The 20th chocolate color was released almost 2 years ago, and here at last comes the newest version!! The inc character was made in 2008, although it has been 8 years since it was first released, there are still a lot of customers asking for new colors. I am so grateful to all the customers. This newest color is limited to 100 units. We have already sold 20 units at Thailand TTE, some of the remaining 80 units will be sold at the Wonder Festival show site and there will be a lottery draw in August for this figure as well. The price is 9,000 yen (WF special price) . Please look forward to it.

zombiecurio-zombieminimuckey-image.jpg【mini Muckey 5th color "ZOMBIE"】 6,500 yen
This is from the ZOMBIE series of INSTINCTOY original figures!! Vol.1 is the ZOMBIE mini Muckey and Vol.2 is ZMOBIE CURIO (Medicom Toy edition) . The release date for these figures is at the same timing in August. Before that, the Vol.1 ZOMBIE mini Muckey will have its launch sales at the Wonder Festival show site. The price is 6,500 yen.
For the Vol.2 ZMOBIE CURIO, this Medicom Toy limited product will be available through a lottery draw on 24th July at Medicom Toy on-line. The price is 12,420 yen.

The lottery closes on 10th August. Please look forward to it.
(※ ZOMBIE CURIO figure is only available through the lottery draw run by Medicom Toy. We will not have it at the Wonder Festival show site.)

wf2016-summer--bat-liquid-image.jpg【BAT LIQUID 6th "Castle Gold" & 7th "Haunted Silver"】3,800 yen each
The official release date of the two newest Bat Liquids is on Halloween. Before that, however, we will have some units available at the Wonder Festival show site!!

The price is 3,800 yen each. If you purchase two colors at the same time, you will get a special price of 7,000 yen. They are limited to 100 units each, just like the previous release of the 5th color "SPRING BAT".

After the first sale at WF, the Halloween series will be going on sale at STGCC, in September in Singapore, then the TTF (Taiwan) and NYCC (New York) in October. I suggest that is better to get them at Wonder Festival because there will only be a few pieces available through the on-line lottery in October.

【LIQUID+STAGE 3rd "VOLCANO" & 4th "ICEBERG" & 5th ”Phantom"】
2,500 yen each


After these were first sold at TTE, we are now making some units available at Wonder Festival. These three colors are made of Red G.I.D, Blue G.I.D and Green G.I.D basics. The last time, the lottery for the 1st and 2nd color were limited at 150 units each. This time, for these newest three colors, the lottery is limited at 100 units each. We have already sold 30 units of each color at TTE, in Thailand. At the moment the Liquid+Stage series only will be sold at the exhibitions in this year, and any other official sale is unconfirmed. Sales of this product in Japan is only available at the Wonder Festival show site at the moment. The price is 2,500 yen each.


【mini ice liquid series1(8 types)】500 yen each (SP 600 yen)


The diameter is only 28mm, as they are mini figures!! We sold out the 1,200 pieces at TTE, in Thailand, in May. You can display them as usual, like normal figures, or use them as mobile phone accessories.

This series is only available at the Wonder Festival show site!! The price is 500 yen each (The one with a special edition is 600 yen). The set price is 4,000 yen, but only a few sets will be available.


【mini LIQUID series1(8 types)】 500 yen each (SP 600 yen)



This is the first debut of the newest mini LIQUID series at Wonder Festival. It was made in the same way as the mini ice liquid. We used 3D techniques to shrink the size to 40mm.


The color wave is the same as the mini ice liquid series1, and also G.I.D. The price is 500 yen each (The one with special edition is 600 yen) . The set price is 4,000 yen, but only a few sets will be available.

【mini LIQUID series2 "BLACK & black"(Blind Pack)】500 yen each

This "BLACK & black" series was released 2 years ago, in the 55mm size. It was received very well and now we are bringing it back!! This new series uses blind packing, so we will not know what color inside. They will be sold randomly. The price is 500 yen each. There are 8 types in normal colors and 2 secret versions, for a total of 10 types. The secret colors are different from the secret versions in the old series. This time we chose brand new secret colors!! The "BLACK & black" series will only be available at Wonder Festival.


If you are thinking to get all types!! We have prepared few sets of the "BLACK & black" series. The price is 5,000 yen for all 10 types. Do not miss out on this chance to get a full set at Wonder Festival!!

The design is very simple in this series. They are coated with matte black and gloss black on the bodies, and fluorescent colors were used for the faces. Please look forward to these tiny figures.

【Baby inc 11th "Clear (MADE IN JAPAN)"】6,500 yen

baby-clear-image.jpgThis Baby inc is made in Japan. It's first sale will be at Wonder Festival!! The sharp points of the head is positioned in radial lines, which makes this figure very difficult to produce. During the manufacturing process, we had to check and pick out the good figures from the defective stock.
You can put the mini LIQUID & mini ice liquid that will also be sold at Wonder Festival, into the CLEAR Baby inc body then make your original Baby baby-inc-clear-inside-liquid-gid.jpg

【Baby inc 12th "Aurora Glitter(MADE IN JAPAN)】 7,000 yen

aurora-glitter-baby-inc-12th-image.jpgThe newest color wave, Aurora Glitter is a sharp contrast to the 10th color “Phantom Rainbow”. This brand new design is far too gorgeous.
This one is made in Japan also. The two types of Baby inc will be selling at the same time at Wonder Festival, so please look forward to them.


The "RE-RET(PROTO BLACK) " was released on 9th July at T9G and Nakazawa Shoko’s show, 「S×T TOKYO at MT+」, at the MEDICOM TOY PLUS store. There will be a few units available at Wonder Festival!!

This is the last chance for you to get this edition, because there is no on-line lottery draw for this edition in the future. Please do not miss out on this!

【Commemorative novelty gift】

Customers who purchase our original items with a total value of over 10,000 yen at the booth will receive a novelty item that will not be sold. This is the 『mini LIQUID(BLACK/INSTINCTOY edition color)』.
However, we have limited quantities of the novelty item, so each eligible person is limited to receiving only one piece, even if you purchase over 10,000 yen more than once.
The promotion will end when stocks of the novelty item runs out.

【Information about the Display items】


Other than the products that will be on sale at Wonder Festival, many of our newest samples will be displayed at the show site!! These include the MAI NAGAMOTO × INSTINCTOY prototype for innocent, and the colorful T9G × INSTINCTOY edition of RE-RET (test model). Please come to visit them.

In addition, mographixx is in the limelight at the moment, because of the movie they made for UT x KAWS. At the moment, mographixx is making a promotional movie for T9G's newest figure, 『RE-RET』, which is produced by INSTINCTOY. We are planning to show the movie at Wonder Festival!! We have also invited the artists, T9G, and Nakazawa Shoko. They had exhibited at the SXT show together before.
We will be waiting for you to visit us.


You must take a look at this newest character!!!
This character is named King Korpse, and it is a big collaboration project with the artist, James Groman.

kingkorpse-testingmodel1.jpgDuring Wonder Festival, there will be two colors of King Korpse displayed in our booth. These are the options we are considering for the 1st edition production in this autumn.We have designed the model 1, the color wave that is amazingly realistic and is also suitable for mass production. The model 2 features the American comic style that expresses the worldview of James Groman. It would be great if visitors to Wonder Festival could let us know your impressions of the testing models, and then we will have discussions with James to decide on the 1st edition color wave.

kingkorpse-rottenrexx-amecomi-image.jpg kingkorpse-color-image-t1-t2.jpg

There is one more sample. Upon comparison with model 1 and model 2, this POP colorful appears to be very cute!? This D.I.Y colorful sample 3 will be displayed at the show site too.

This is a test model, so you can easily tell the part articulation points. Depending on customers’ comments, we might make it into a future product.

The liquid eroded heart of King Korpse is the symbol for this collaboration project. We made a few colors of hearts, which will be displayed at the show site.

【Enterprise Zone:3-10-02】wf2016summer-3-10-02.jpg

Our Booth this year, is in the same place as the last three years. It stands at the entrance of hall 3, on the left hand side. We have plenty of available products and display items to entice you, please come and visit us. We will be waiting for you to join us in this experience.
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