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【Happening on 6th~7th Aug】We are attending the Hong Kong Soft Vinyl Festival 2016【Exhibition Info.】
2016/ 08/ 02 (Tue) | 編集

Happening this weekend!! This is the inaugural Soft Vinyl Festival, held over 6th~7th Aug in Hong Kong.
About a week ago we were attended Wonder Festival. After that we have not taken a break, and have been preparing to go to our next stop in Hong Kong.

We have been invited to take part in this brand new exhibition by the organizer, Angel Abby, who has a toy store selling our original figures. Now we are going to introduce the original figures and collaboration figures to you.

Vincent 8th color "STARDUST”(SVF edition: METALLIC GREEN HORN VER.)<SVF limited edition>

Firstly, this is the SVF limited edition Vincent.

We sold the GOLD HORN VER. on the right for the first time in Wonder Festival, and the GREEN HORN VER. will only be available at the Hong Kong Soft Vinyl Festival!!

The organizer, Angel Abby, chose the horn color. I have to say I have never thought about the METALLIC GREEN color, but as soon as I saw the sample I felt this color way is just so great!! I really like this new color. This edition is limited to 30 units. 25 units will be sold at the show site and the remaining 5 units will be sold by lottery draw at the Angel Abby store. Please look forward to it.

※ The METALLIC GREEN HORN VER. is not available at INSTINCTOY. The GOLD HORN VER. is limited to 30 units. We already sold 6 units at Wonder Festival, and we will make the remaining 24 units available at the end of August. Please look forward to it.


The RE-RET PROTOBLACK is an exhibition-limited product, only available at the show site. We have prepared a few units for the customers who are joining the SVF!! There will not be an on-line sale for the PROTOBLACK, please do not miss out the chance to get one at SVF.

There are many more characters available at the SVF show site.


inc 21st "STARDUST" (HK $700)
mini Muckey 5th color "ZOMBIE"(HK $500)
BAT LIQUID 6th "Castle Gold" each HK $300/each (set price: HK $550)
BAT LIQUID 7th "Haunted Silver" HK $300/each (set price: HK 550)
LIQUID+STAGE 5th ”Phantom" HK $200


We displayed samples of the popular figure, King Korpse, at Wonder Festival. This time, we will be displaying these samples at the SVF show site as well!! The official release date is in November this year. Some units will be available in November at the Angel Abby store. Please come to take a look at each King Korpse at SVF.

At the show site, the two samples are only test models. We may make more improvements before starting mass production. Please look forward to them.


We will be waiting for you to join us in this experience.

<The inaugural Soft Vinyl Festival in Hong Kong>

Date: 6th Aug (Sat) ~ 7th Aug 2016 (Sun)
Location: 1/F., Fortune Bldg.,150 - 158 Lockhart Road, WanChai, Hong Kong

Organizer: Angel Abby

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