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【For 10th & 11th September】Information about Product Debuts at STGCC 【Singapore】
2016/ 09/ 06 (Tue) | 編集

We are attending STGCC in Singapore during 10th and 11th September. We would like to introduce the original figures that will be released in the STGCC.

<<< INSTINCTOY Booth No.AA73 & 75 >>>
※ We got the same booth location as last year!!span>

We have attended STGCC annually for four years. We meet a lot of customers in Singapore, including those from Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other nearby Asian countries. This time, we have a lot of new products prepared for STGCC, and a few units of each will be made available at the show site. Some of the products have releases planned for the end of this year and early 2017. We are hoping to get some reactions and suggestions from the customers who will come to STGCC. That is the reason why we will be bringing so many characters to this show. However, please note that most of these new products will only be on sale exclusively at STGCC for now. The official release of these products is at a later date.

※JPY=Japanese Yen/SGD= Singapore Dollar

※ We show the prices in both Japanese yen and Singapore dollars. We welcome the use of Japanese yen to make payment at the show site. Please understand, the prices are a little higher in Singapore dollars than Japanese yen because of the exchange rate.

mini Muckey 6th color "Fantasmic Rainbow & 7th color "Crayon Rainbow"
<JPY:6,500 JPY/SGD:90 SGD>
<First come first serve>

This is the 1st new original figure that will be selling it for the first time at STGCC!
These two rainbow colors were very popular color waves in the general-size Muckey series. Now we have remade the same color waves with the mini Muckey. The size is smaller, and in addition, it comes with two teeth designs. Of course, the mini-sized Muckeys have a rainbow glow-in-the-dark effect, just like the general-sized rainbow Muckey.
The scheduled official release is December this year. You can get them for the very first time in STGCC!!


The ZOMBIE mini Muckey is available at STGCC as well. The official release date is at the end of September.

The price is the same as before: <JPY:6,500円/SGD:90>.<First come first serve>

This is the last chance for customers to get it directly at an exhibition event.

inc 22rd "THE DEVIL(RED G.I.D)”
<JPY:9,000 JPY/SGD:130 SGD>
<First come first serve>

We used a red G.I.D base on the body, and coated it with purple gradation. The color wave is an all-new bright design. It looks like a red warning light when it is in the dark.
This edition is extremely limited to 50 units only. It has the smallest production quantity in the inc series. We will have a few units available for sale for the first time at STGCC. The official release date is currently undecided.


Vincent vs. LIQUID 9th color “Pastel Pearl Rainbow”
<JPY:25,000 JPY/SGD:350 SGD>
<First come first serve>

The official release for this figure is planned for this December, through a lottery draw. However, we will have some units available at STGCC!! We used a green G.I.D. base on the body, and coated it with gradient pastel rainbow colors.
※I have been thinking about the packaging, and we think that using head tag packaging would be better for the STGCC show site.


<JPY:9,500 JPY/SGD:130 SGD>
<First come first serve>


halloween-inc-2016-the-custom-02.jpgSince 2012, we have had limited seasonal editions being released every October for Halloween, but this year we have made slight changes to the concept of this character, so we can say that this is a special edition for the HALLOWEEN inc series. 
Usually this series comes with an LED light plate and controller, and gunny bags with leather serial number tags. In addition, they may have replaceable heads and an extra Bat Liquid in the package. These are the ways in which we have made it a high quality product in the past. This year, we have a brand-new concept for the figure, which is to pay more attention to the design of the figure itself. We have added some interesting changes to the design, such as changing the hands to Muckey's hands, and applying flocking to the red luminous body to show red scars. 
I have to say this original figure incorporates many other works of mine, so it is a very special edition.


I made this figure in just the way I wished. This edition is so different that we can say it is a special edition. It is limited to 50 units only. We will have some units available at the STGCC show site, please look forward to it.
halloween-inc-2016-top.jpg halloweeninc-2016-the-custom-back.jpg

Vincent 10th color “Aurora Glitter”
<JPY:29,000 JPY/SGD:400 SGD>
<First come first serve>

I have been trying to take several pictures from many different angles, but I was unable to capture its true beauty. This figure is an exceedingly beautiful piece. The aurora glitter powder is very expensive, and made in Japan. We have made extravagant use of it all over this figure.

The scheduled official release is the beginning of 2017, but we will have some units available at our booth in STGCC. Please do not miss out on the chance to get one there.

The Baby inc “Aurora Glitter” with same color wave, that is also made in Japan, will be released at STGCC as well.

The price, <JPY:7,000 JPY/SGD:95 SGD><First come first serve>
This smaller figure is using the same aurora glitter powder, the beauty looks just like the Vincent does.


Vincent D.I.Y “Clear(MADE IN JAPAN)”
<JPY:13,500 JPY/SGD:185 SGD>
<First come first serve>

This Clear Blank Vincent is the same as the “Aurora Glitter”, which is made in Japan too. We will have some units available for sale at STGCC.
The clear material in Japan has a hard texture with a high quality clear color. Although this is just a D.I.Y blank, it is impressive when put on display. This is a product that is only available from our exhibition booths. ※They will not be put on general sales or lottery sales in future.

GYAWO 2nd color “ZOMBIE”
<JPY:11,000 JPY/SGD:150 SGD>
<First come first serve>
zombie-gyawo-top.jpgThe first color of this series was designed to be cute, and now, in the continuation of the story, GYAWO has turned into a ZOMBIE.
In this story, he has been one of the walking dead for a long time, so the scarf has been faded by exposure to the sun, and the design is zombie-themed.


The design of GYAWO was originally based on his being a cute bear, but it came as a surprise that the design is also suitable for the zombie theme. The effect is accentuated by changes to his expression, to bring out the effect of the theme.
The ZOMBIE GYAWO is limited to 75 units. which is the same as ZOMBIE CURIO. TheThe scheduled official release is in October this year, but we will have some units available at the booth in STGCC!!

Muckey 13th color “ZOMBIE”
<JPY:9500 JPY /SGD:130 SGD>
<First come first serve>

After the mini Muckey, CURIO and GYAWO, here comes Muckey transformed into a ZOMBIE!! The "virus" is getting more and more virulent in this series, and we have added a savage design element for Muckey.


Actually the story behind it is that ZOMBIE MUCKEY made the big scars on the Halloween inc's chest. The ZOMBIE MUCKEY is limited to just 75 units, and the official release date has not yet been set. Please do not miss out the chance to get one at the STGCC show site, it would be a perfect match for display with HALLOWEEN inc.

The INSTINCTOY original characters from the ZOMBIE series have assembled!! There are 4 types of original characters with the same motif. We used the same color wave on each character, but they all turned out in different designs.



BAT LIQUID 6th"Castle Gold" & 7th"Haunted Silver" 
<JPY:3,800JPY each(set:7,000 JPY)/SGD55(set: 95 SGD)>
<First come first serve>

The two new Bat Liquid designs will be sold at STGCC as well!! The official release date is in October. They are perfect match for display with ZOMBIE series or HALLOWEEN series.

You will get a special price if you purchase them as a pair.

<JPY: 2,500JPY each/35 SGD each>
<First come first serve>

Here are the 3 colors of Liquid Stages, which come in Red G.I.D, Blue G.I.D and Green G.I.D. They were created with different concepts, and are limited to 100 units on each color.


mini ice liquid series1(8 types)
<JPY: 500 JPY each(SP only, 600JPY)/SGD: 7 SGD each(SP only, 8 SGD)>
<First come first serve>


The diameter is only 28mm, as they are mini figures!! You can display them as usual, like normal figures, or use them as mobile phone accessories.

mini LIQUID series1(8 types)
<JPY: 500 JPY each(SP only, 600JPY)/SGD: 7 SGD each(SP only, 8 SGD)>
<First come first serve>


The debut for the newest mini LIQUID series was at Wonder Festival. It was made in the same way as the mini ice liquid. We used 3D techniques to shrink the size to 40mm.


The color wave is the same as the mini ice liquid series1, and they also G.I.D.

mini LIQUID series2 "BLACK & black"(Blind Pack)
<JPY: 500 JPY each/SGD:7 SGD each>
<First come first serve>

mini-liquid-black-and-black-color-image.jpgThis "BLACK & black" series was released 2 years ago, in the 55mm size. It was received very well and now we are bringing it back!! This new series uses blind packing, so we will not know what color inside. They will be sold randomly. The price is 500 JPY each. There are 8 types in normal colors and 2 secret versions, for a total of 10 types. The secret colors are different from the secret versions in the old series. This time we chose brand new secret colors!!

If you are thinking to get all types!! We have prepared few sets of the "BLACK & black" series. The price is 5,000 JPY (70SGD) for all 10 types. Do not miss out on this chance to get a full set at Wonder Festival!!

The design is very simple in this series. They are coated with matte black and gloss black on the bodies, and fluorescent colors were used for the faces. Please look forward to these tiny figures.

Baby inc 11th "Clear (MADE IN JAPAN)"
<JPY:6,500 JPY/SGD:90 SGD>
<First come first serve>

baby-clear-image.jpgThis Baby inc is made in Japan. It was first sold at Wonder Festival, and will be available at STGCC. The sharp points of the head is positioned in radial lines, which makes this figure very difficult to produce. During the manufacturing process, we had to check and pick out the good figures from the defective stock. You can put the mini LIQUID & mini ice liquid that will also be sold at STGCC into the CLEAR Baby inc body then make a personalized original Baby inc.
baby-inc-clear-inside-liquid.jpg baby-inc-clear-inside-liquid-gid.jpg

<JPY:13,500 JPY/SGD:185 SGD>
<First come first serve>


This figure is only available for the exhibitions that we are attending in 2016. We will have a few units for STGCC.
After STGCC, the sale of RE-RET(PROTO BLACK) will end at TTF in October. Please do not miss out the chance to get one.

GYAWO 3rd color “CRAZY”
<JPY:11,000 JPY/SGD:150 SGD>


cragy-gyawo-top.jpgThis is the 3rd color of the GYAWO series. The scheduled official release is in early 2017. This edition is totally different from the 2nd color ZOMBIE, and is based on the concept of 『a bear that has gone crazy』. The colors are a perfect match for the GYAWO's expression, just like ZOMBIE GYAWO's. The eyes look eerily unfocused, which matches the conceptual theme of craziness.
This color wave is highly distinctive, with a strong sense of character. We have decided to produce it but do not yet know how many pieces we will make for this edition. We will be having a special release for this edition at STGCC and TTF next month. We are hoping to get some opinions from customers about developing the GYAWO series in future, and will decide the quantity for GYAWO production after that. Please look forward to our updates.

KING KORPSE 1st color “Fearful Fantasy”
<JPY:45,000 JPY/SGD:600 SGD><Lottery Sale>

KING KORPSE 1st color “True Terror”
<JPY:45,000 JPY/SGD:600 SGD><Lottery Sale>

KING KORPSE 1st color “Mix Color”
<JPY:28,000 JPY/SGD:385 SGD>
<Lottery Sale>

It has been a long time since we first began making progress on this project!! It was 7 months ago, that we received the 3D scan data of the sculpture from the artist, James Groman. Now, the production of KING KORPSE is finally completed, but at the moment it is only ready for onsite sales at STGCC.

If I were to talk about the production process of KING KORPSE in full detail, it would make for a very very long blog entry. I would like to wait until November, which is the official release date, to say more. However, I have to say that it was a really long process. I have previously published some details about the process during our production period, and have received words of encouragement from customers all over the world.

I displayed 3 samples while I was at Wonder Festival in Tokyo in July and at Soft Vinyl Festival in Hong Kong in August. The samples attracted many positive comments at both conventions.

There were two editions of the display samples at the exhibitions, and we decided to have 1 color waves for the 1st edition.

However, there were many customers asking for both colors to be produced, because they could not decide which one they wanted. The most pressing concern for us if we made both colors, was to decide on the production quantity. As a leading toy designer and producer in Asia, we receive a lot of interest in our products from customers in Japan and neighboring countries in Asia. However, as James is an American designer, we are now also receiving many enquiries from Europe and the US expressing their interest in this product.

Due to the warm response from the customers, I initially thought that we should produce 100 units of the 1st color, but as a designer toy maker, I wanted to preserve the value of the work itself. Moreover, this has been a very expensive production to complete. I discussed the matter with my collaborating artist, James, and we talked about a number of ideas until we came to the conclusion

that since there are two colorways for the 1st edition, we should make 50 units of each colorway.

kingkorpse-Fearful-Fantasy.jpgOne of the colorways is called 『Fearful Fantasy』. This is a reference to James' style of painted color illustrations and design. The design brings out a terrible view of what the world is like, but also applies James' American comic style with a wide range of rich colors. Instinct-Kingkorpse-postcard-B-1.jpg

This colorway for King Korpse arguably has the most original design concept.


The other colorway is called 『True Terror』. This colorway resulted from INSTINCTOY's efforts to replicate the most realistic color effects for torn skin, innards, exposed muscles and bare bones. It was a challenge for us to push the limits of our production capacities with these colors.

We have been processing these 2 color waves over and over. I gathered 8 individuals from the factory who are professional colorists, and got them to produce 10 units of each color wave. The labor-intensive work went on around the clock for 9 days straight before they could be completed. It was really tough work. We put a lot of effort into the conceptual details for the 1st edition, and what we have done has turned out to be far more than we first envisioned. The price is 45,000 JPY (600 SGD) each and I believe the customers will be very satisfied when they receive the figures.

kingkorpse-bag-001.jpgOther than the figure, we have also concentrated on creating an excellent package design. We decided to use gunny bags, with a character illustration printed on the bags. We also used the illustration that James drew to produce alloy emblems through 3D modeling, and will use them on the drawstrings of the bags. In addition, we have made leather tags for the figures, with laser-cut serial numbers printed on them.
kingkorpse-no-tagu.jpg ig-kingkorpse-3d-image-pin.jpg kingkorpse-metal-emblem-sample.jpg

There are 5 units of each color available at STGCC for the debut sale!! We will have a lottery draw at the show site on Saturday, 10th September. The lottery tickets will be given out at INSTINCOTY, and distribution will end when the tickets run out.

Here is the schedule of lottery times.

【Lottery Starting Time】

KING KORPSE 1st color “Fearful Fantasy”
<JPY:45,000 JPY/SGD:600 SGD>
Saturday 10th September 15:00 start

KING KORPSE 1st color “True Terror”
<JPY:45,000 JPY/SGD:600 SGD>
Saturday 10th September 15:30 start

KING KORPSE 1st color “Mix Color”
<JPY:28,000 JPY/SGD:385 SGD>
Saturday 10th September 16:00 start

Please return to our booth with your tickets 5 minutes before the starting time. Each ticket will have two halves, with the same number printed on each side. Please submit half the ticket to us in order to join the lottery draw.

※Please note that after you get a lottery ticket, you have to come back at the draw timing to participate. We will not award prizes to customers who are not present at the lottery draw.

Here is more information about the lottery tickets. There are 100 pieces for each of the 3 King Korpse colors. The ticket distribution ends when we run out of tickets. Please note that one customer is only allowed to get a maximum of one ticket for each color. When you take part in the lottery, we will strictly control the ticket allocation. It is important to note that customers holding multiple pieces of each ticket will not be allowed to participate in the lottery.

Originally, we had 5 units each of 2 color waves for the 1st edition lottery draw, but actually there is one more type, the mix color ver.which we will be releasing at the same time!!
king-korpse-mix-color-01.jpgCompared to the fully colored KING KORPSE 1st edition, this edition is done up with a cute stylish colors, so we named this the『mix color ver.』. Originally, the colors were a factory sample, to KING KORPSE highlight the key parts of the King Korpse figure design. However, when we showed it off at other exhibitions, it came as a surprise to us when this drew extremely positive reactions. This is how we realised that customers of all ages liked these colors and would like to buy it, so we immediately decided to commercialize it.

kingkorpse-mix-color-gid.jpgThis mix color ver. is not only made up of colorful parts, but also clear ribs made of high quality material, in addition to the white heart. The heart looks very simple but it has been coated with a G.I.D pigment. The heart will glow brightly in the dark, and you will be able to see it through the clear ribs. I think that collectors who love G.I.D. designs just like I do, will definitely like this particular detail. kingkoprse-mix-color-gid-up.jpg

The two versions of the 1st edition make use of high tech coating techniques for a realistic look, while the mix color ver. is more suitable for displaying in a stylish café. It would look good if you put one in a corner.

※Please be informed that we are using hand tag packaging for the Mix Color ver. in order to lower costs. It is differently packed from the 2 color waves of the 1st edition.

We will have 5 units of the mix color ver. available at STGCC. It will be sold in the same way as the 1st edition versions. If there is anything you are unsure of, please let us know by texting in the comment column or sending me messages. Or feel free to ask our staff at the STGCC show site.

KING KORPSE Emblems(silver ver.)Made of an alloy with a sticker
<special price at STGCC: 1,000JPY/14 SGD>

Here is the last Introduction!!

The alloy emblem for the KING KORPSE package is really well made. The bronze color is not for sale, and only used on the packaging. There is another silver ver. which is available at STGCC. We also made drawstring bags with the KING KORPSE logo printed on it for the silver emblem packaging, for a suitably deluxe presentation. In addition there is an 11cm KING KORPSE waterproof sticker that comes in a set with the silver emblem. The original price is 1,300 JPY (18SGD). However, for the debut sales at STGCC, we will offer it at a special price of 1,000 JPY (14SGD) . Please look forward to it.

We will be looking forward to your visit at our STGCC booth.
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