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【For 7th & 10th October】Information about Product Debuts at Taipei Toy Festival【Taiwan/Taipei】
2016/ 10/ 03 (Mon) | 編集

After Singapore’s STGCC in September, we will be attending Taiwan’s TTF from 7th till 10th October for 4 days. We have been working on releasing many new items in this month. The variety of figures going on sale is going to be more abundant this time, so please look up the blog for more details!!

<<< INSTINCTOY Booth No.AA102 & 103 >>>

We will have a double-sized booth this year. Here, we introduce all the items that will be made available at TTF, along with their pricesthere are TTF limited products and per-order products at the TTF booth. Please find out more information by reading this blog to the end.

Many of the items for TTF are as same as those for STGCC, so we are omitting them in this entry to avoid repeating the same information. For these items, please find out more information at our STGCC blog.

※JPY=Japanese Yen/NT$= New Taiwan Dollar
※ We show the prices in both Japanese yen and New Taiwan dollars. We welcome the use of Japanese yen to make payment at the show site. Please understand, the prices are a little higher in New Taiwan dollars than Japanese yen because of the exchange rate.

<First come first serve>


We are joining in the gift event. On the third day of TTF, the first 500 customers will receive a mini ice liquid "Joker". We will have the same color" of ICE LIQUID & BIG ICE LIQUID as limited edition products available only at the INSTINCTOY exhibition booths.
※We will not have any on-line sale events for these TTF limited products. The sale will end when stocks run out.

ttf2016-gift-mini-ice-liquid-joker.jpgThis is the mini ice liquid "Joker" that will be given to the first 500 customers on 7th October (Sunday). The organizer, Monster Taipei, designed this color wave. It is hard to tell from the pictures but the mini ice is done up with a white base and a pearl coating over it. mini-ice-liquid-TTF-joker-image.jpg

mini Muckey 6th color "Fantasmic Rainbow & 7th color "Crayon Rainbow"
<JPY:6,500 JPY/NT$: 2,000>
<First come first serve>

mini Muckey 5th color ZOMBIE"
<JPY:6,500JPY/NT$: 2,000>
<First come first serve>
zombie-mini-mmuckey-top.jpgThe original plan for mini Muckey 5th color “ZOMBIE” was to release it at the end of September, but now it will be postponed to the end of October. We will have some units available at TTF.

The reason for this, is that we attended STGCC in September, and will be attending TTF at the beginning of October. Our schedule thus needed to be restructured to take our attendance at these two big events into account. Thus the sales date for this figure has been postponed. Thank you for your kind understanding.

inc 22nd "THE DEVIL(RED G.I.D)”
<JPY:9,000JPY/NT$: 2800>
<First come first serve>

<JPY:9,500JPY/NT$: 3,000>
<First come first serve>
ttf-halloween-inc-2016-top.jpg halloween-inc-custom-2016-gid.jpg

Vincent vs. LIQUID 7th color (ver.2)“Dreamy Rainbow (made in japan clear)"
<JPY:28,000JPY/NT$: 8,800>
<First come first serve>
(Final Stock Clearance Sale / There will be no further production of this item)

This is the Clear Rainbow Vincent which we debuted at Thailand TTE in May.

The base for this figure is made in Japan, and painted by our factory in China. The production process was very difficult for us, and required a lot of effort. In the end we only managed to make 20 units in total. We have already sold 15 units at TTE. As for the remaining 5 units, one is for display purposes, so there will only be 4 units available at TTF. The sale will end when stocks run out. Please note that there will be no further production for this figure in future, so there will not be any possibility of further sales for this figure. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Vincent vs. LIQUID 9th color “Pastel Pearl Rainbow”
<JPY:25,000JPY/NT$: 7,800>
<First come first serve>

Vincent 10th color “Aurora Glitter”
<JPY:29,000JPY/NT$: 9,000>
<First come first serve>

Baby inc “Aurora Glitter (MADE IN JAPAN)”
<JPY:7,000JPY/NT$: 2,150>
<First come first serve>

Baby inc 11th "Clear (MADE IN JAPAN)"
<JPY:6,500JPY/NT$: 2,000>
<First come first serve>

Of course we will be selling the popular figures at TTF, the mini LIQUID & mini ICE LIQUID series. You can make your original design on this clear Baby inc by putting in mini figures. Please look forward to the mini series too.
baby-inc-clear-inside-liquid.jpg baby-inc-clear-inside-liquid-gid.jpg

mini ice liquid series1 (8 types)
<JPY: 500 JPY each (SP only, 600JPY)/NT$: 150 each (SP only, NT.180)>
<First come first serve>


mini LIQUID series1 (8 types)
<JPY: 500 JPY each (SP only, 600JPY)/NT$: 150 each (SP only, NT.180)>
<First come first serve>

miniliquid-series1-image.jpg miniliquid-series1-image-gid.jpg

mini LIQUID series2 "BLACK & black"(Blind Pack)
<JPY: 500 JPY each/NT$: 150 each>
<First come first serve>

mini-liquid-black-and-black-color-image.jpg miniliquid-blackblack-image.jpg
<JPY: 2,500JPY each/NT$: 780 each>
<First come first serve>
liquidstage-3-4-5.jpg liquid-stage-3-4-5-gid.jpg

BAT LIQUID 6th"Castle Gold" & 7th"Haunted Silver" 
<JPY:3,800JPY each(set:7,000 JPY)/NT$: 1200 (set: NT$: 2200)>


GYAWO 2nd color “ZOMBIE”
<JPY:11,000JPY/NT$: 3400>
<First come first serve>

GYAWO 3rd color “CRAZY”
<JPY:11,000JPY/NT$: 3400>
<First come first serve>

KING KORPSE 1st color “Fearful Fantasy”
<JPY:45,000JPY/NT$: 14,000><Lottery Sale>

KING KORPSE 1st color “True Terror”
<JPY:45,000JPY/NT$: 14,000><Lottery Sale>

KING KORPSE 1st color “Mix”
<JPY:28,000JPY/NT$: 8,800><Lottery Sale>

The KING KORPSE, which was so warmly received at STGCC, will be sold in the same way at TTF via lottery sales.

We will start to give out the tickets on the opening day, 7th October, at the INSTINCTOY booth(AA102&AA103). There are 3 colors of tickets, every person can only get one each.

Here is the schedule for the lottery times.

【Lottery Starting Time】

KING KORPSE 1st color “Fearful Fantasy”
<JPY:45,000 JPY/NT$: 14,000>
Friday 7th October 15:00 start

KING KORPSE 1st color “True Terror”
<JPY:45,000 JPY/NT$: 14,000>
Friday 7th October 15:30 start

KING KORPSE 1st color “Mix Color”
<JPY:28,000 JPY/NT$: 8,800>
Friday 7th October 14:00 start

Please return to our booth with your tickets 5 minutes before the starting time. Each ticket will have two halves, with the same number printed on each side. Please submit half the ticket to us in order to join the lottery draw.

※Please note that after you get a lottery ticket, you have to come back at the draw timing to participate. We will not award prizes to customers who are not present at the lottery draw.

Here is more information about the lottery tickets. There are 100 pieces for each of the 3 King Korpse colors. The ticket distribution ends when we run out of tickets. Please note that one customer is only allowed to get a maximum of one ticket for each color. When you take part in the lottery, we will strictly control the ticket allocation. It is important to note that customers holding multiple pieces of each ticket will not be allowed to participate in the lottery.

【The information regarding the limited edition figure at TTF auction】

ttf-auction-oneoff-kingkorpse.jpgThe last day of TTF this year falls on 10th October. Every year at TTF, they always have an auction on the last day of the exhibition and we are joining this event this year too!!
This time,the artist, James Groman, has painted a customized KING KORPSE for this auction project.
This figure is the only one piece in the world. James designed the color himself, and it is completely handpainted. This is a precious work of art, and collectors should take a look this cool figure!! We will start the bidding price from NT$30,000, so please visit the exhibition and join us.

KING KORPSE Emblems(silver ver.)Made of an alloy with a sticker
<special price at TTF JPY: 1,000JPY/NT$: 300>
<First come first serve>


<First come first serve>


T9G x INSTINCTOY 『RE-RET』 1st color "LEOPARD" will be making its debut!! The RE-RET 1st color was colored according to the 3D animation video made by mographixx, who is also collaborating with us.


This 1st color features two special editions, which we have shown in the 3D animation video. They are the 【Purple Arm ver.】 and 【Pink Arm ver.】 . They will be distributed randomly in blind packaging. (※It is not possible to select specific colors.)
The official release date is estimated to be in November 2016.

T9G × INSTINCTOY『RE-RET』 2nd color "ZOMBIE" special release
<JPY:14,500JPY/NT$: 4500>
<First come first serve>

The RE-RET 2nd color which is planned for release in 2017, will be available at our booth in a special debut sale at TTF.

We have made many of our original figures join the ZOMBIE series. The color wave is totally suited to this big figure RE-RET, and make it a more imposing monster. The artist T9G likes it very much so we decided to commercialize it.

This is a mockup of the product that we made. We will show its actual appearance at the TTF show itself!!

<JPY:13,500JPY/NT$: 4200>
<First come first serve>


We have been releasing ""PROTO BLACK" since May, at the TTE in Thailand. After that, we featured it in other exhibitions in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Now, we approach the final sale at TTF Taiwan.

This is the final sale for this edition, so please look forward to it.

CURIO 5th color "Socks cat"
<First come first serve>

The Designer Toy Awards in New York runs concurrently with the opening day of TTF. "The CURIO has been nominated in the category for "BEST SOFUBI". We will have new colorways for CURIO in a special release at TTF.
We sold the prototype of CURIO without making any announcements on the last day of STGCC, but this time in TTF, the CURIO featured there is a production type that planned for release in 2017. On the matte black body, the hands and the feet provide contrasting G.I.D. It is a very cute figure, so please look forward to it.

The CURIO was nominated for "BEST SOFUBI". In addition, this is the 2nd year that INSTINCTOY has been nominated in the finial lists for " ARTIST OF THE YEAR ". As a toy maker, I am glad I could get the award, it motivates me to continue working hard on making products that I like. Many thanks to all.

Muckey 13th color “ZOMBIE”
<special per-order>
Free shipping within Taiwan / Estimated delivery date December

ttf-zombie-muckey-top.jpgWe had this figure at STGCC but the production is currently stalled, and the products will not be able to make it to TTF.
Therefore, we have a plan that we changed the date of release date for Muckey 13th color “ZOMBIE”
until 2017. We will be taking special pre-orders for it at INSTINCTOY’s TTF booth. In my company, INSTINCTOY, I have a regular employee who lives in Taiwan. His name is(KEN). Once you have completed your order, our factory will send figures to KEN, then he will send it to you by this December. Shipping is free within Taiwan.
Please look forward to it.

mini Vincent 1st color
<special per-order>
Free shipping within Taiwan / Estimated delivery date January 2017

13288033_936197246497241_1003218964_o.jpgWe have been making good progress on the mini Vincent since June this year, the sample for it is almost done. We estimated that the sale will be launched in February 2017, and we will take special pre-orders at TTF. As I mentioned above, our staff in Taiwan, KEN, will send the items to you with no charge for shipping within Taiwan.

If you make your order at TTF, you will get the mini Vincent one month earlier than the official release. We will show its actual appearance at the show itself. If you like it, we are looking forward to placing your pre-order at the TTF show site.

<TTF onsite pre-order (Plan)>

The artist NAGAMOTO MAI has taken a long time in the process of making his figure with us. iI is almost ready. Hidden within this figure is the concept of a “rainbow that gathered a dream and joy” in the character of INNOCENT. We have not done anything like this before and it was a really difficult challenge for us.

The production of the rainbow part is very difficult, at the moment. Even though TTF is going to open soon, we are still making the sample of it, so I do not have figure photographs to show everyone. However, if the sample makes it in time for TTF, we will specially taking pre-orders for the 1st color at our TTF booth.

There are too many variable reasons to decide on the price right now. If we do have a sample at TTF, we will show the price for the figure there
. I hope we can make it.

【Announcement on new collaborative work at TTF】

We will be displaying a model of a product that we plan to release in 2017 at TTF. This product is a collaborative effort with a designer I respect greatly. We will have display sample and more information at the show side.

We have quietly been making progress on this project and we should be able to have a sample ready in time for display there. Please come and take a look at its appearance.

This year, the products at the INSTINCTOY booth are particularly lavish and well-made. We look forward to your joining in our experience.
>>once more (Ranking)
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