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【Lottery Sale】Information regarding the 4 newest figures for this month’s lottery sale【closing on 23rd October】
2016/ 10/ 18 (Tue) | 編集
We are releasing 4 new original figures for the Halloween season this year.

Here is the first character!! The 2016 edition of Halloween inc.

We have been releasing an edition of Halloween inc in October every year since 2012, but this time we have called it an extra edition, as we challenged ourselves to create a custom-style model.

halloween-inc2016-base-model.jpgWhen I was in my office thinking about the design of Halloween inc, I played around with the original figures by putting different parts together. I was surprised to find that the Muckey’s hands are perfectly sized for the inc body!!

In our collaboration with T9G, we used doll eyes for the RE-RET. I tried putting a doll eye on the Halloween inc face, and it turned out to be a rather curiously good expression.

So we present to you the custom-style model, the newest release.

online-halloween-inc-2016-the-custom-02.jpgThis edition is made up of many different concepts, so we called it 『HALLOWEEN inc 2016"THE CUSTOM"』.

The two arms were taken from Muckey, just like a Frankenstein monster and we added some inking on them for a more realistic look. We left the texture of scars on the chest and the tail then applied black flocking all over the body.



Usually this series comes with an LED light plate and lights in the head. But this year we only used G.I.D paint on the eyes, nose and the mouth. In addition, the liquid on the head is a ghost-style design.

We used a red G.I.D coating on the base of the body so in the dark, the scars on the chest and the tail will give off a slight red glow.

Actually, we already sold the inc 22nd “THE DEVIL” at both STGCC and TTF. The production of inc 22nd “THE DEVIL” was finished earlier than Halloween inc, and we made 100 pieces of it. But we used 50 pieces of inc to produce Halloween inc because we wanted the red base of the body to highlight the scars. In conclusion, because of a manufacturing issue we were not able to make more red-G.I.D blank figures during our production period. Please understand that the Halloween inc and the inc are limited to very small quantities of 50 pcs each.


online-halloween-inc2016.jpgThe Halloween inc is limited to 50 pcs. We have sold a total of 20 pcs at STGCC and TTF so we only have the remaining 30 pcs available in the lottery sale.

The model this year was made without an LED light plate or other extra adornments. We also changed the luxury packaging we previously used, to the hand tagged package to cut production costs. Compared to previous models, this time we are offering a “cheap edition” , and we paid more attention to the design of the figure itself. The price is 9,500yen.

Please read through to the end of blog for more information regarding the lottery sale.


The next character available for the October lottery sale is 是style="color:#009999">GYAWO 2nd color "ZOMBIE".

The 1st color edition of GYAWO was released in June this year, and after 4 months here comes the 2nd color!! This time we lined it up with the INSTINCTOY ZOMBIE series. The story is that the 1st color was a cute yellow bear which has now turned into a ZOMBIE.

The 1st color “Forest Bear” has turned into ZOMBIE. He has been one of the walking dead for a long time, so the red scarf has faded due to exposure to the sun.


The idea for the faded scarf came from the apron of a guardian deity of children which is commonly seen in our suburbian areas. I think the scarf has a similar aura to it, now.


online-gyawo-blue-gid.jpgWe used a blue G.I.D base for the body. It glows slightly weirdly and just looks like a ZOMBIE!?


The newest design is totally different from the 1st color of the cute bear. Please look forward to it.

The 1st color was limited to 150 pcs, but because the coloring was not done so easily, this time we only have 100 pcs for this newest edition. We sold 50 pcs at STGCC, TTF and NYCC, so here we only have 50 pcs left for the lottery sale.

The price is 11,000yen. For more information please read through to the end of blog.

new2-gyawo-3d-parts-image.jpgRegarding the structure of GYAWO, please look up the blog entry for the 1st color edition (link follows the picture below).



The 3rd character being put up for the lottery sale is the mini Muckey 5th color "ZOMBIE".

This character is the first ZOMBIE in the ZOMBIE series of INSTINCTOY. It debuted at Wonder Festival in July and the plan was to release it in September but because of some issues we postponed the sale to the end of this month.

Because of the mini sizing, we used the color “Tiffany Blue” for this ZOMBIE. This color is slightly translucent. It also has a cute ZOMBIE expression. It does not glow like others, and only the teeth and claws glow in the dark.


In addition, we use doll eyes for the erosion fluffy on the back. The eyes helped to give it a greater presence, and a weird expression. This is a well made mini piece, please look forward to it.

The price is 6,500yen. It is limited to 100 pcs. Because we have already sold 70 pcs at the toy exhibitions, we only have 30 pcs left for the lottery sale.

Please read through the end of blog for more information regarding the lottery sale.

wf2016-summer--bat-liquid-image.jpgThe last characters are two types of BAT LIQUID, the 6th "Castle Gold" & 7th "Haunted Silver".

Here are the 6th color and the 7th color. The concept behind these piece is the idea of the kind of bats that live in old castles and haunted houses.

The structure is the same in this bat series. It comes with 2 types of wings and a translucent-black stand. The body can turn 360 degrees. It can also be posed in many different ways. You can look up the blog entry for the 1st color for more information of bat’s structure.


halloween-2016-inc-batkiquid.jpgThe Bat Liquids this time are a good visual match for the Halloween inc as well.

The price is 3,500yen each. These are limited to 100 pcs of each color but we have sold 70 pcs of each color at the toy exhibitions, so we only have 30 pcs for the lottery sale.

For the sale pages, there is a page for buying single items and a page for buying sets. If you think that you will not buy if you do not get a set, then please apply for the lottery via the sale page for SET. For more lottery information please read the Terms‬ & Conditions of Lottery Draw.

【‪ Terms‬ & Conditions of Lottery Draw】‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Entry Period: Oct 18, 2016 (Tuesday) till Oct 23 (Sunday) 2359h.
Prize announcement: Emails will be posted on Oct 24, 2016 (Monday) until 1900h.
We will contact the lottery winners on Oct 24 (Monday) by 1900h. (※ Only winners will receive an announcement mail. After Oct 24, if you have any questions regarding the lottery result, please contact us.)
We will start shipping on Oct 25th.
・This product is available in limited numbers, so only one lottery entry will be accepted for each individual postal address.
・Please note that bids cannot be cancelled after the entry period is closed.
・After you receive the invoice from us, the payment has to be completed within 2 weeks.

【About the toys】
HALLOWEEN inc 2016"THE CUSTOM" Price <<9,500 yen>>
GYAWO 2nd color "ZOMBIE" Price <<11,000 yen>>
Mini Muckey 5th colo"ZOMBIE" Price <<6,500 yen>>
BAT LIQUID 6th"Castle Gold" Price <<3,500 yen>>
BAT LIQUID 7th"Haunted Silver" Price <<3,500 yen>>

【EMS Shipping and Shipping Fee】 HALLOWEEN inc 2016"THE CUSTOM" 700g
Asia- <<1,680 yen>>
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East- <<2,360 yen>>
Europe- <<2,600 yen>>
South America, Africa- <<3,080 yen>>

【EMS Shipping and Shipping Fee】 GYAWO 2nd color "ZOMBIE" Price  1KG
Asia- <<2,100 yen>>
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East- <<2,900 yen>>
Europe- <<3,200 yen>>
South America, Africa- <<4,100 yen>>

【EMS Shipping and Shipping Fee】 Mini Muckey 5th colo"ZOMBIE"  600g
Asia- <<1,540 yen>>
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East- <<2,180 yen>>
Europe- <<2,400 yen>>
South America, Africa- <<2,740 yen>>

【EMS Shipping and Shipping Fee】 BAT LIQUID x 1  500g
Asia- <<1,400 yen>>
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East- <<2,000 yen>>
Europe- <<2,200 yen>>
South America, Africa- <<2,400 yen>>

【EMS Shipping and Shipping Fee】 BAT LIQUID x 2  1KG
Asia- <<2,100 yen>>
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East- <<2,900 yen>>
Europe- <<3,200 yen>>
South America, Africa- <<4,100 yen>>

The shipping fee will vary, depending on how many toys you order the same time. For more information on the exact cost, please look up the JP post website.

Payment is accepted in Japanese YEN only, via PayPal.
(The total price will be calculated based on the {toy price} + {shipping fee})

・HALLOWEEN inc 2016"THE CUSTOM" page

・GYAWO 2nd color "ZOMBIE" page

・Mini Muckey 5th colo"ZOMBIE" page

・BAT LIQUID 6th"Castle Gold" page

・BAT LIQUID 7th"Haunted Silver" page

・BAT LIQUID 6th and 7th set page

We look forward to receiving the applications from everyone

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