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I was awarded the “BEST SOFUBI” title at the Designer Toy Awards 2016 ”BEST SOFUBI”.
2016/ 11/ 05 (Sat) | 編集
”Designer Toy Awards 2016" (DTAs) is held in October every year in New York, and we won for the “BEST SOFUBI” 2016.
The DTAs has been an annual event since 2011. Each year, they select and nominate artists who are active in the toy industry or have artworks, stores, or blogs. In many categories there will be 9 artists on the final list in each category. And only one artist will win the award for each category.

dta2016-instinctoy-finalist.jpgI would like to thank everyone because INSTINCTOY was among in the finalists of "ARTIST OF THE YEAR" and in addition, the CURIO was nominated as a finalist for the category, "BEST SOFUBI".


I am very honored to be among the finalists, especially since there can only be 9 artist-finalists from all over the world in each category and I was nominated in two categories.

best-sofubi-dta-2016.jpgAnd the amazing thing is that CURIO won the award for "BEST SOFUBI""!!

When I got the announcement that I had won the award, I was attending the Taipei Toy Festival in October in Taiwan. I feel shame that I could not participate in the award ceremony in New York, but I sent them a video with a message expressing all my happiness.


The figure for which I won the award is CURIO. This character was created with MEDICOMTOY’s CEO, AKASI-san. He is one of the reasons that I stepped into this toy industry 15 years ago. Last year he asked me 『if there was any chance to make a Cat inc new figure?』. This led to the birth of the CURIO. If AKASI-san did not give me that message, the CURIO would not exist. And now that the CURIO won this award, it makes me feel like it had a special destiny all along.

DTA2016-hiroto-ohkubo.jpgThis is not only about CURIO. INSTINCTOY’s figures are made of people and my connections and encounters with people, and sometimes I make characters only for one special person with all my feelings imbued in it. Each of INSTINCTOY's figures have a unique meaning to their existence.

I would like to make more figures with something can touch people’s feeling, and I will keep doing my best and enjoy making new toy designs!

This is the 8th year that I am making my original figures, and this is the first time that I have won an award like this. I want to thank everyone who has been supporting me during this journey. In future, please keep following INSTINCTOY’s work.


If you are interested in the award-winning figure, CURIO, please look up the previous blog entry for more information and the record of production by following the link below.

>>once more (Ranking)
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