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【Lottery Sale】Information regarding the RE-RET 1st color『LEOPARD』【closing on 27th November】
2016/ 11/ 22 (Tue) | 編集
We are releasing the newest figurefor T9G × INSTINCTOY, 『RE-RET』 1st color “ LEOPARD” , and to commemorate the anniversary we have decided to share the process of production.
12316400_839851759465124_3072008660488085652_n.jpgT9G is an Japanese modeling artist that I really respect, and we had the opportunity to meet each other over a meal at the end of last year. That was where this figure took its first steps towards production.

I have been making original figures since 2008, and I had been thinking of making toys for people other than ourselves when we gained recognition for our products, and T9G's figures were among those that I had wanted to make! So I made a proposal to him at that meal, and he answered straight away with『let’s make something!』.  

I was thinking that it would be fun if we could make a brand new character in collaboration, but after some thought, I decided that it might be good to just make on of T9G's original figures at the beginning. When we asked T9G, he said 『he had a character that he wanted us to make』, and the character turned out to be…


This character was designed in 2012 as the main graphic representative for T9G's solo show "atelier" at the And A Shibuya store.

T9G did not name this character, but it is a combination of many of T9G's original works. There were a lot of fans who hoped to see this kind of iconic design, so he tried to make this character for commercial purposes.

However, one of the reasons that T9G could not produce this character commercially was that this figure is extremely difficult to make. T9G always produces his figures in Japan, but there is no Japanese factory that could make the leopard print and all the various parts properly.

When I heard what he said about the Japanese factory, I asked for his permission to allow us to undertake production. As T9G had not been able to make this character so far, I thought that would be worth it to me as a toy maker to make it, and also that his fans would like to see it happen. Of course I was fascinated by the design, and hoping that I would get the chance to produce it.

Shortly afterwards, we got the data from mographixx, who originally made the 3D model, and we started making changes under T9G’s supervision.

<※Images for comparison below>
(Left: original data by mographixx / Right: Improved model)

First of all, we made the abdomen stouter and shortened the legs to support the upper body. We also made changes to the shape of the pants to provide more stability to the lower body.

There are four steps in the production process, 【Prototype→Wax mold→Metal mold→Mass-production 】. Because the figure will get smaller during the process, so we calibrated for that and made it plumper. We had a conversation with T9G, regarding the design of the right arm and made some changes there as well.

The design of the『mouth』 was the biggest change we made. We made the mouth cavity deeper, and adjusted it into a U-shape.

Then we made troughs in the inner lip area...

We also created independent『teeth』parts that combined perfectly when positioned in the troughs that we had put into the mouth.

Just before we finished adjusting the 3D model data, < we made a proposal to T9G, suggesting the addition of a weapon.

Because the RE-RET is a “Collage Monster” with a leopard print pattern. I was thinking to giving it a 『primitive club』. I thought that it would give a fun and fresh perspective to the figure.

So we spoke toT9G, and he responded to our proposal by saying that 『If we are thinking of making a weapon for RE-RET, it has to be something special because RE-RET is a character with a unique personality…. for example, what do you think of a club that pops out from a horn; an original weapon?』.

So I quickly made a rough sketch and asked T9G, 『Something like this?』, and he said『Yes, that is the one! Let’s make this weapon.』

We had a good time with this conversation, and also reached a decision about RE-RET's weapon.

A2-size-image-cora2-web.jpgThe 3D model turned out just the way we expected it.


The LEOPARD colorway is the first color for this character, which was presented from the very beginning as the master image. But before the release of the 1st color edition, we hoped to show customers its charming design, so we got permission from T9G to allow us to sell 『PROTO BLACK』 as a pre-release edition before the 1st color edition. This edition was only available to customers at our toy exhibition booths.

This edition was released between May and October 2016, and we only sold it while we attended toy exhibitions during that period. It is limited to 100 units and we sold out all 100 pcs. Please understand that we will not make any more of the 『PROTO BLACK』 edition anymore.

13524459_956306131153019_2955250399458412930_n.jpgAfter going through all the processes we outlined earlier, we finally began production on the 1st color. Now, would like to introduce the leopard print which features so prominently for this colorway. This process will be used in future production of this figure as well.

We made the coating mask by following

mographixx‘s 3D image design and the arrangement of that pattern. Then we made 30 pcs of coating masks under T9G’s supervision.

However, when we completed the coating masks and tested it on the sample, we realized that the pattern was smaller than what we originally saw on the mask!?

FullSizeRender.jpgWe had to give up the masks we made and started all againに. This is one of the important details that we care deeply about. We hoped to create the best pattern we could possibly make.

IMG_3641.jpgWe could not allow ourselves to make anymore mistakes on the coating masks, so we sent a sample to T9G and asked him to draw the best leopard print possible (shown in the figure on the right). Then we sent the sample back to the factory and asked them to remake the coating masks again (as shown on the left). )


That was an unexpected hiccup, but finally we were able to complete the 1st color , 『LEOPARD』!!

The artist T9G likes the figure as well, and I, as a toy maker and his fan, really feel a sense of accomplishment!!

We also asked mographixx to make a promotional video again, with the new design. They swiftly agreed to do this, and here is the new movie!!

I had an interesting idea when I saw the movie….

Here is the idea!!

We made the two different colors of arms and doll eyes that are shown in the movie for the secret color variant. They will be randomly distributed in the lottery sale, as rare colors. The artist, T9G, also thought that the idea matched very well with the collage concept of this figure as well.

There are two rare colors. One is a pink arm and the other is a purple arm. For the rare color variants, you will get an extra doll eye with a different color that can be used to replace the rightmost eye.

【※NOTICE】The rare colors comprise 20% of the total units and are randomly distributed in the lottery sale. Please understand that you cannot choose the color and cannot exchange the color of the prizes.

The item we would like to introduce is the packaging.
The pieces we sold at TTF (Taipei Toy Festival) in October Taiwan were packaged in hand tagged packets, but actually this figure has many small parts and we hope to avoid any damage while the toys are being transported, so we made some improvements and packaged it in boxes for the official release.

reret-blister.jpgIf we compare the boxes to the head tag packaging, we would say that the boxes protect the figures safely but the drawback is that packages take up far more space. Usually we make the blister packaging protect the whole body, but we thought that takes up too much space and would make the boxes very big, so this time we made the blister packaging only for the top and feet, to make the boxes smaller. That makes the overseas shipping charges cheaper as well. We will be making similar improvements to our packaging for our other products in the future.

The price for this figure is 14,500yen. This is sold through a lottery sale. Please understand the Terms‬ & Conditions before you enter the lottery.

【Terms‬ & Conditions】

・This product is available in limited numbers, so only one lottery entry will be accepted for each individual postal address.
・Please note that bids cannot be cancelled after the entry period is closed.
・After you receive the invoice from us, the payment has to be completed within 2 weeks.

【※NOTICE】The rare colors comprise 20% of the total units and are randomly distributed in the lottery sale. Please understand that you cannot choose the color and cannot exchange the color of the prizes.

Entry Period: Nov 22, 2016 (Tuesday) till Nov 27 (Sunday) 2359h.

Prize announcement: Emails will be posted on Nov 28, 2016 (Monday) until 1900h.

We will contact the lottery winners on Nov 28 (Monday) by 1900h. (※ Only winners will receive an announcement mail. After Nov 28, if you have any questions regarding the lottery result, please contact us.)
We will start shipping on Nov 29th.

Please understand the Terms‬ & Conditions before you enter the lottery.

For the 『RE-RET 1st color "LEOPARD"』lottery page.

We look forward to receiving the applications from everyone.


Designed by T9G

Produced by INSTINCTOY

>>once more (Ranking)
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