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Information regarding the replacement method for the【ribcage piece】 and 【heart piece】of KING KORPSE
2016/ 11/ 25 (Fri) | 編集
We would like to introduce the replacement method for the【ribcage piece】 and 【heart piece】of the KING KORPSE series here. This information is common to the entire KING KORPSE color series that we plan to produce.
The 【ribcage piece】, 【heart piece】 and 【right clavicle bone】 on the KING KORPSE are removable structure .

If you follow the steps, you will find it easy to attach and remove the parts as you like. Please refer to the images as a visual guide.

kingkorpse-parts-how-to-02.jpgFirst of all, use a hair dryer to apply mild heat to the 【neck area】, 【chest area】 and 【left shoulder】 for 1 minute. The sofubi gets softer when it is heated up, so you do not need to use much strength in the process of detaching and replacing the parts. (※In the image, the yellow area indicates the areas where you should apply heat↓)



Remove the【clavicle bone】. The clavicle bone is easy to remove by twisting slightly and pulling outwards.

After removing the clavicle, you can turn the head to face the right shoulder. Before you turn, you should grip the chin and pull it up slightly to elevate the skull. (※You might damage the paint around the neck if you do not turn the head in an elevated position.)

As you can see in the image, when the head is turned 90 degrees, the ribcage will be totally exposed.


Next, remove the left arm.

After you remove the left arm, you can see the extension of the ribcage that is slotted into the body.

Use your fingers to push the bone out from its slot position.


And you pull the bone from the outside at the same time. It comes apart quite easily in this way.

After you follow the abovementioned steps and remove the top three bones, you can remove the ribcage.


Next, we will introduce the replacement method for the【heart piece】.

The area around the heart can be softened by gentle heat from a hair dryer too. By inserting two fingers into the cavity behind the heart, you can easily push the heart out.

When you replace the【heart piece】, try to align it according to the three aortic arches and the pulmonary artery below to ensure a good fit.

If you have done it in the right way and connected it to the four arteries, then the heart will not come off even if you flip the figure over.



In this last part, we are going to show you how to position the 【ribcage piece】.

First you put the ribcage in obliquely, starting from the central part that is closest to the sternum and the base of the piece.

It is important to plug in the bones starting from the bottommost one.


From the second last bone from the bottom, the bones need to be plugged into the body individually, step-by-step.


After you have plugged in four bones, you need to push at the top part of the of ribcage, which will cause the clavicle to lift, and slot it into its perch on the body.

If there is a bulge you will need to do some micro-adjustments to make sure the proper position has been achieved,.

If the left clavicle sits comfortably under the collar ridge indicated by the red arrow, it means that you have successfully achieved the required position.


Then return the head to its usual position.

Be careful with the paint around the neck. It is necessary to elevate the chin to avoid damaging the paintwork during the turn. If the material has cooled down, please apply gentle heat with the hair dryer again to make this process easier.


While you are replacing the left arm, please note that you need to apply some pressure to plug the arm into the slot because the ribcage bones will be in the slot as well.


The last step is to replace the right clavicle. The replacement is now complete.

Please use the dryer to apply gentle heat to make the sofubi softer. This process will not damage the figure. Also some of the hard parts will be easy to remove if you apply heat, so when you remove the parts please do use a dryer. Sometime the sofubi gets very hard because of the temperature, please avoid using brute strength to wrench it out by force.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact us through any of the available communication channels. You can also send e-mails to the following addresses.

Address for Japan【
Address for oversea (English / Chinese)【

【Supplementary Information】


This information is common to the entire KING KORPSE color series that we plan to produce.

This is about the 【belt piece】. The waist of KING KORPSE is movable so we have made the 【belt piece】 a little bigger to enable easier movement and also avoid damage to the product while the waist position is adjusted.

However, if the belt is not positioned correctly (such as when it is in a drooping position as shown in the picture below) it would not look cool.

kingkorpse-hosoku-02.jpgWe made the skin on the chest such that it acts as an effective stopper, to hold the belt in the best possible position.



Please use the drooping skin structure to position the belt properly before you display the piece.

Of course the various accessories, which are the【handcuffs・feetcuffs・belt】 , are removable. We hope that the customers who get the KING KORPSE will enjoy the movable parts, turn-able doll eye and all the details that we made.

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