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【REPORT】For the lottery winners of KING KORPSE. Modification to ribcage parts. 【MUST READ】
2016/ 11/ 26 (Sat) | 編集

Just before conducting the lottery draw, we conducted quality checks on the KING KORPSE 1st color parts. Here, we present information about a problem on the substrate treatment of the ribcage we found and the replacement that we are giving as a solution to the issue. Customers who purchased the figure at D-CON this month as well as customers who get winning notification mails on the 28th should take close notice of this blog.



The lottery draw will be conducted on next Monday, 28th Nov. We received the KING KORPSE 1st color products from our factory earlier this week, and have been conducting quality checks on them at my office.



The production of 『True Terror』and 『Fearful Fantasy』is finally complete. I have to say our factory is very used to making toys on a mass-production scale and the KING KORPSE we have received here are amazing works of art and very well made!! I arranged them neatly, and my office ended up looking like a scene from the Planet of the Apes, occupied by 60 realistic gorillas. I was thinking how the customers would react to getting the prizes at the time, and I checked the products and packaged them one after another.



Amidst the happy bustle!!
I spotted a flaw on part of it・・・(T∀T;)
The 『parting line』 on the PVC ribcage is still there!?!?


The ”parting line” shows up on the middle of every item that is created using PVC, as a necessary part of the manufacturing process. The parting line is then manually polished off to achieve a better quality product. This is an image for comparing what it looks like before and after it is polished. We color it after the line has been polished off.


However, as you can see in the final products we have here, the parting is still visibly present on them. I checked with the factory immediately, and also rechecked the samples we had of the products we sold in Singapore and Taiwan, the parting line was not visible on those, but only developed in the ones that we received after that. The factory explained to us that this time they had focused on ramping up mass-production and did not notice the parting line was there. Nor did they check for the parting line item again during this process.

There were a lot of production process issues and the products arrived two weeks later than we had originally planned. Although we are getting close to the official release date now, we have asked the factory to make a total of 60 pcs (30 pcs of each color way) of ribcage again for the two color ways as replacement parts.


The factory finished production of the replacement parts within a few days, and we received the fully polished parts yesterday.

new-kk-1st-parts-before-after-up.jpgThe uppermost rib has been polished, and the rib bone directly under it shows how it looks before it has been polished.
Because of the complex design, some parts could not be polished cleanly but if we compare the two ribs, we can see that the new one is an improvement over the pre-polished version.improved.


However, we have already completed our packaging of the previous toy, as we were not sure whether we would receive the new parts in time.

They have arrived in the nick of time, right before the opening of the lottery, so the new parts will be included as 【replacement parts】, and inserted into the packages.

When we found the problem with the ribcage, we were thinking of doing the replacement of the ribcage parts in the figures for customers. In the end, other work took priority over this (e.g. preparing the products for shipping and other assorted lottery matters). If we chose to do the replacement ourselves, we would need to postpone the shipping date for the lottery winners. We ask for your kind understanding, that we have elected to give customers【replacement parts】as part of the product package instead. (※We will start shipping on 29th Nov as originally planned. )


Most people can hardly tell the difference between the parts if they do not look closely, and it does not affect the structural integrity of the figure at all
. However, if you find that the figure you receive has been affected by this issue, please replace the part with the 【replacement parts】 provided.

(※This image shows how it will look when you put in the polished ribcage. )

【Replacement method for ribcage and heart parts】This information explains the steps involved in replacing the parts. Do use this dedicated blog entry as a reference.

15025628_10153938003726302_656067234647565335_o.jpgWe had 5 units of each colors KING KORPSE at Los Angeles D-CON this month, which were sold through the MYPLASTICHEART booth (#414). The ribcages on those units had not been cleaned up properly either. We would like to ask customers who bought those units to send us an email with your personal details and attach pictures of the number tags on the gunny bags., We will send the 【replacement parts】 to you.

【The e-mail address is →
Phone number:
Full Address with Postal code:
(※The products we sold at STGCC (Singapore) and TTF (Taiwan) did not have this issue. )

For future releases of KING KORPSE, we will ensure that we improve our production process with regards to this issue, and continue pursuing a better quality of products thereafter. Thank you for your continued patronage.

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