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【Lottery Sale】 Introduction of the three newest figures from INSTINCTOY for December【closing on 18th December】
2016/ 12/ 09 (Fri) | 編集

We are having lottery draws for the 2nd figure in the KING KORPSE series, "mix color" and & the 9th figure in the Vincent series, "Pastel Rainbow". In addition, there are also lottery draws for three versions of LIQUID+STAGE in this month. Please read our blog for more information about the products!
kingkorpse-mix-color-01.jpgThe mix color was sold together with both versions of the 1st color at STGCC September (Singapore), TTF October (Taiwan), NYCC October (New York) and D-CON November (Los Angeles) . The official release for KING KORPSE 1st color was held last month, and the official release for the KING KORPSE mix color by lottery sale is finally here.

The coloring on the 2nd model is totally different from the 1st color, which had a full coat of color all over. It has a pop art feel, and is very cute. The mixed color style featured this time matches very well with the fashionable interiors of restaurants and cafes. We designed the color by thinking of art elements.


restrant-kanamori-kk-mix-03.jpg restrant-kanamori-kk-mix-04.jpg restrant-kanamori-kk-mix-05.jpg
(※Photo credits: PETIT RESTAURANT KANAMORI/ A very tasty restaurant run by my friend. )

kingkorpse-mix-color-gid-02-up.jpgOne of the most attractive features includes a
“clear-color ribcage”
embedded in the chest. The ribcage, clavicle and the flank ribs are made of PVC. Our technicians had to polish the parting line on them one after another and made the clarity even sharper.
IMG_4058.jpg IMG_4059.jpg

The next is the heart piece (LIQUID HEART) , this part was made with a G.I.D coating. You can clearly see the light that comes through the clear ribcage.


This figure is designed with simple colors, but it is very well made. Standing 320mm tall, its imposing presence is enhanced by the fluorescent colors!!!
It is something between art and toy.

KK-MIX-PKG.jpgThe production process of KING KORPSE is very well made but the mix color was much easier than the full coat of color of 1st color edition. Because the mix color is classified under a different category from the 1st color edition, we are using head tags for the packages instead of the deluxe packaging (gunny bags with specially-designed pins and number tags) .
Of course the price is cheaper than the 1st color edition as well. It is 28,000yen each.

This is limited to 80 units, but we have already sold 30 units at the toy shows, so we only have 50 units available for the lottery sale this time. I believe we will receive more applications this time than before, because the price is cheaper. The lottery offers a chance to win the opportunity to purchase them, and we wish you good luck in your participation!

【Shipping and Packing Information】

kingkorpse-mixcolor-comingsoon.jpgThe width of the head tags is 34cm, which is very large. Please understand that the shipping boxes will end up very large if we staple the head tag on the package, so we decided not to attach them and simply put it in the shipping boxes beside the figures.

Please read through the end of blog for the information regarding the Terms‬ & Conditions for the lottery.


The next figure is the 9th edition of Vincent, “Pastel Rainbow”.

vincent-9th-pr-back.jpgThis color way is the most flirtatious beauty” in the Vincent series. We applied a pearl coat on top of the pastel rainbow gradation.

As a result of the lustrous pearl coating, some of the colors on the body appear to coalesce slightly, and it is really beautiful.



Of course this Vincent is not only beautiful, it also retains the strength and forceful presence of its base design.

In addition we used a the blue G.I.D material for the base coat of the figure, so it will glow in the dark.


vincent-9th-pr-pkg.jpgThe edition this time will be packed in using head tag packages. This edition was made for selling at toy shows, so we thought that it would be easier for customers to carry if we used head tag packages.

This is limited to 75 units, and we have already sold 15 units at STGCC (Singapore), 25 units at NYCC October (New York) and 15 units at TTF October (Taiwan). We only have 20 units available for the lottery sale this time.

The price is 25,000yen.

【Shipping and Packing Information】

The width of the head tags is 34cm, which is very large. Please understand that the shipping boxes will end up very large if we staple the head tag on the package, so we decided not to attach them and simply put it in the shipping boxes beside the figures.

Please read through the end of blog for the information regarding the Terms‬ & Conditions for the lottery.


The last introduction we would like to make, is for the three newest colors of LIQUID+STAGE. From left to right, we have『VOLCANO』 with red G.I.D, 『Phantom』, which is very colorful with green G.I.D, and『ICEBERG』with blue G.I.D. They all glow in the dark.

The three colors of LIQUID+STAGE are as same as Vincent, in that they were made to be sold at the toy shows since the Wonder Festival in July. As a result, we have only 20 units of each color available in this the lottery sale.

There are only a few units, so when you apply to enter the lottery, please follow the instructions carefully. There are three ways you can enter, as follows:『3 types whole set』,『2 types set(VOLCANO & ICEBERG)』 or 『Single item』. If you are think that you would not like to buy if you do not win a set, then please make your application via the pages for the sets. If you do not mind if you only win one piece, or a random color, please make your application via the relevant single item page.

The prices are 2,500yen each.


【Terms‬ & Conditions】

・This product is available in limited numbers, so only one lottery entry will be accepted for each individual postal address.
・Please note that bids cannot be cancelled after the entry period is closed.
・After you receive the invoice from us, the payment has to be completed within 2 weeks.

Entry Period: Dec 9, 2016 (Friday) till Dec 18 (Sunday) 2359h.

Prize announcement: Emails will be posted on Nov 28, 2016 (Monday) until 1900h.
We will contact the lottery winners on Dec 19 (Monday) by 1900h. (※ Only winners will receive an announcement mail. After Dec 19, if you have any questions regarding the lottery result, please contact us.) We will start shipping on Dec 20th.

Please understand the Terms‬ & Conditions before you enter the lottery.

KING KORPSE 2nd "mix color" Page.

Vincent 9th "Pastel Rainbow" Page.

LIQUID+STAGE 3rd~5th "VOLCANO & ICEBERG & Phantom" 3 typs whole set Page.

LIQUID+STAGE 3rd&4th "VOLCANO & ICEBERG" 2 types set page.

LIQUID+STAGE 3rd "VOLCANO" single item page.

LIQUID+STAGE 4th "ICEBERG" single item page.

LIQUID+STAGE 5th "Phantom" single item page.


We look forward to receiving the applications from everyone.


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