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【New Year/Lottery prizes】Lottery for INSTINCTOY Happy Bag 2017 has started【closing on 11th January】
2017/ 01/ 01 (Sun) | 編集

Happy New Year!!

We have prepared an INSTINCTOY Happy Bag this year as well. In this entry, we would like to introduce the prize.


Since 2015, we have been putting together these INSTINCTOY 『Happy Bags』, by gathering our original characters and selling them at a special price for the New Year. As we have received warm responses in previous years, we will continue this tradition of having New Year lottery sales for the Happy Bag in 2017 as well.

These are the figures for this year!!


This year we are featuring the King Korpse, which is a collaborative work with James Groman. This was the best figure that we made last year, and here, the King Korpse is standing in a magnificent pose. have also included the newest figure, the mini Vincent, as well as the BIG ICE LIQUID, following the medium-sized Ice Liquid and mini Ice Liquid included in the 2015 and 2016 Happy Bags, respectively.

This rounds up the Happy Bag for 2017 as a deluxe deal, with 3 types of figures. The original retail price for these figures is supposed to be more than 40,000 yen, but…

FOR THE HAPPY BAG we are selling it for the SPECIAL PRICE

of just 32,017yen

Here we introduce the three newest figures.


The limited edition King Korpse Happy Bag figure, 『Golden Beast』.

Although it is made in a simple color, but the GOLDEN coloring shows 『immense strength』 and 『presence』, and gives the figure a luxe finish.

ougonjyu-kk-up-colorimage.jpgThis colored design was inspired by looking at the copper emblem, which was not for sale and used for tying the rope on the gunny bag packaging that we had used for previous colorways of this figure. I thought it would be cool if we could have a metallic King Korpse, so we tried to make a sofubi with a colored design closest to the concept of a ”brass statue” . (※This is a reference image, and the copper-colored emblem is not included.)
We also coated the whole body in black ink, and I have to say that this is one of the most sharply defined colors that shows the original details of the King Korpse that James had made in the clearest contrast.

I wanted to make it special so we used the head that we usually use for the full colored King Korpse. The doll eye on the right was coated in gold plate.
Inset in the golden body, the right eye looks slightly different because of the material it is coated in, and this brings a brooding lifelike expression to the figure.

dolden-liquid-redeye.jpgThe LIQUID HEART is set under the ribcage. We used red rhinestones for the eyes. You can see the odd reflection of red eyes between the rib bones.
Of course the heart accessory is also coated with a golden sheen. You can remove it and enjoy it.

※We will be using head tag packaging for the KING KORPSE. As the head tags are very large, the shipping box dimensions will become oversized if we staple them to the package. Thus, we have decided not to attach them and will simply put it in the shipping boxes beside the figures.


Here is the 2nd figure!

The mini Vincent is the newest figure for 2017. mini VincentThis limited color way is the『Golden Dragon』.

ig-mini-vincent.jpgThe Vincent is an original monster character that we created, and it was released in 2013. It has been warmly received and we have received a lot of praise for this character, which led to our producing it in more than 10 color ways over the last three years. During this journey, we received a lot of messages from customers, saying that they hoped to have a mini sized Vincent which they could display easily. Thus I started this project last year.

mini-vincent-01-blue.jpgOne of our samples was made in October last year. Before the official release date on March 2017, we took pre-orders at TTF toy show in Taiwan. There were a lot of customers who registered to purchase these figures.
(※We plan to send the mini Vincent to the customers who made the pre-order in Taiwan soon./ The official release date for the 2nd color, Metallic blue, is March 2017.)
It has become smaller, compared to the original figure. While it is able to stand comfortably on an outstretched adult palm, the joints and the details are still there, making it look just as fierce as its larger versions!!

We are pleased to include this newest figure in the Happy Bag. Before 2015, the eyes on the general sized of Vincent were made of sofubi material. We made this new version, because we wanted to use rhinestones for the eyes. Of course the mini Vincent was made using the same process as the others. We used aurora-like rhinestones on the golden body and we also used the same color of rhinestones for the eyes of the 14 LIQUIDs infesting the body. They shine brilliantly on the golden body.


We will have more color ways of mini Vincent in 2017 and most of them will be released during the toy shows in 2017. Please look forward to them.



The last figure is the limited edition BIG ICE LIQUID, Happy Bag version, 『Golden Ice』.

We wanted to create a figure that looked prosperous and luxuriant. We used a golden color and platinum silver on the gradient coating.

The BIG ICE LIQUID’s design makes it resemble a precious ore and this concept matches the golden color very well. Also, as the design has many sections, it makes the color change when the figure is viewed from various angles.

I feel that this figure would be able to bring you good luck by simply being displayed. It is a good match for the Happy Bag indeed.

happy-bag-2017-all-super-power.jpgThe three types of figures mentioned above will be sold as a set in the INSTINCTOY Happy Bag 2017 this year.
A surprising discovery we made while putting this together, is that the mini Vincent and BIG ICE LIQUID are able to stand in the KING KORPSE’s hands. There are many more ways to display them, please enjoy.

The Happy Bag is limited to 77 sets. It will be sold via a lottery. Customers who wish to apply should read the Terms & Conditions, and make their application at the relevant page.

【Terms‬ & Conditions】

・This product is available in limited numbers, so only one lottery entry will be accepted for each individual postal address.
・Please note that bids cannot be cancelled after the entry period is closed.
・After you receive the invoice from us, the payment has to be completed within 2 weeks.

Entry Period: Jan 1, 2017 (Sunday) till Jan 11 (Wednesday) 2359h.

Prize announcement: Emails will be posted on Jan 12, 2017 (Thursday) until 1900h.
We will contact the lottery winners on Jan 12 (Thursday) by 1900h. (※ Only winners will receive an announcement mail. After Jan 12, if you have any questions regarding the lottery result, please contact us.) We will start shipping on Jan 13th.

Please understand the Terms‬ & Conditions before you enter the lottery.

INSTINCTOY Happy Bag 2017 Page.

We look forward to receiving the applications from everyone.


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