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【Opening for Pre-orders】Introduction of the Mame Moyashi Fisheries series, MAGURO-Senpai INSTINCTOY exclusive color “Salmon” 【orders close on 22nd February】
2017/ 01/ 20 (Fri) | 編集

As we begin to take pre-orders for the 【Mame Moyashi × INSTINCTOY】exclusive color “Salmon” from the Mame Moyashi Fisheries series, we would like to introduce the figure’s design and details.
We had previously released the Master The Giant Claws earlier this month, and had also introduced『Mame Moyashi』 on 3rd Dec last year, and now we are updating more information about this brand.

15967584_1135550273228603_1212282657_o.jpgThe designer of MAME MOYASHI is Chino Lam. Unfortunately we have not got a chance to meet each other yet, but the other day, I met up with CLINTON KENNY, who is an executive producer of Mame Moyashi, and two of his friends from TFK SKY LTD company. They visited the INSTINCTOY office.

We spent a long time conversing, and I learned that TFK SKY LTD was built by an investment from three different toy companies in Japan. The name “TFK” is an acronym of the initials of these three companies. TFK built a branch office as a base in Hong Kong.

top.jpgTFK SKY LTD is a company that always applies for the license and makes their toys. One of the works that they are typically associated with is from the SLAM DUNK series. Based on their work from this series, the Sakuragi Hanamichi character has sold 20 thousands pcs in Hong Kong and was a really great hit.

Then TFK SKY LTD built a new brand in the designer toy industry and called it 『Mame Moyashi』. Mame Moyashi debuted in 2016 and the Mame Moyashi Fisheries series has become very popular!! After MAGURO-Senpai, the first character of this series, the second character, “Master The Giant Claws” has sold three thousands pcs all over the world. I have to say this new brand is a very good move by TFK Sky, and also the quality of the figure is amazing too.

15966944_1135560563227574_937953081_o.jpg The MAGURO-Senpai is more popular than “Master The Giant Claws”. There were no distributors or agents in Japan initially, and after we announced in a blogpost that we had become a distribution agent in Japan, we received a lot of mails from customers requesting this piece.

I am very surprised that I received so many mails in such a short time. Most of customers were telling me that『they really like the MAGURO-Senpai but they do not have it』and 『they had been waiting for an distribution agent in Japan』.

mamemoyashi-2017-instinctoy-excusive.jpgThen after these events and encounters, while I was looking forward to the new color ways of MAGURO-Senpai, the maker published the newest three colors for this year!!
They were displayed in a toy show at the end of last year, and out of these three color ways, the 『Salmon edition』 is the most striking and was also the most popular colorway.

We decided to arrange for this ”Salmon edition” to be an exclusive color offered by INSTINCTOY!!!

When the first color was released, it sold out very fast despite a production run of one thousand pcs. However, many customers in Japan did not even own one and there are also a lot of collectors in the world waiting for the new colorways, so we discussed these issues with the maker and concluded that we needed...
The “pre-order” for MAGURO-Senpai ”Slamon edition” !!!

maguro-senpai-instinctoy-limited-color-01.jpgThe manufacturing sample has been completed and we have received it from maker.
I received the sample on the 14th and that was the first time I looked at the real figure. I did not need any instructions for the figure because the figure reveals itself through the details and conveyed the ideas underlying the designs to me.
The kitchen knife is “golden” , at my request. Using golden tableware to eat a salmon dish evokes a sense of fine dining at an upscale restaurant. There is some tarnishing on the cutting edge because of generous usage. Still, the knife shines from different angles, making it seem like a ” precious heirloom blade”.


Firstly, look at the expression on its face and the color design!!
As this figure is based on a ”creature” design, the artist made a design of asymmetrical-eyes. The sizes of the right eye and left eye are different.

In addition, the color design, which is a key feature of『Salmon』 was studied and applied in a textured paint coating on this figure.

magurosenpai-salmon-03.jpgThe pattern on the top of the head was created using tempo printing and I find that the design is very well made as well.


An even better highlight is the ”fish meat” on the body.
The figure design was originally based on tuna but it has been colored to resemble salmon flesh with some creamy white streaks.

You can see more and more of the fiber textured design by looking at it more closely. You also can see the reflection from different angles, and the design makes it looks like really fresh fish meat.


The fiber design of the vertical line is very well made as well.

The fat between the meat, which is one of the features of salmon flesh, was coated by hand.


The cross section of the lower body is finely made, and that left me with a good impression. These details have been very well made by the designer.


As this is an exclusive edition, there is an INSTINCTOY logo on the right hand side of the caudal fin!!

Please note that the size of our logo on this sample is a little too big. We will change the size before this figure goes into mass production.


And the Mame Moyashi logo is printed on the left hand side of the caudal fin.

Here are many photos from different angles. Look up these gallery pictures.
【▼MAGURO-Senpai “Salmon edition” gallery▼】※ Please click!!

magurosenpai-salmon-09.jpg magurosenpai-salmon-01.jpg magurosenpai-salmon-10.jpg magurosenpai-salmon-08.jpg magurosenpai-salmon-11.jpg magurosenpai-salmon-12.jpg magurosenpai-salmon-13.jpg


Lastly, we would like to introduce the『kitchen knife』accessory.
The kitchen knife of the first color MAGURO-Senpai was made of resin. After the first colorway, they used a metallic material for the kitchen knife. There were black and purple blades. This time we are featuring a new golden color for the “salmon edition” .



It looks like a figure with a simple design, but it can be taken apart into 6 pieces comprising the head, body, arms, lower body and tail. The range of motion is more than I imagined.

It looks like it is cutting off pieces of its own meat with the kitchen knife in its hand. You can repeat the ”fatal blow-action” as well.


From the first color of MAGURO-Senpai, this salmon edition is a very important color for adding to your collections as well. If you are just starting out as a toy collector, I really recommend this figure to you because of the great design.

magurosenpai-t8-milk.jpgThere were two exclusive colors last year, the 『T-8 edition』 and the Hong Kong fashion magazine, 『MILK edition』. The price of the exclusive editions were set by the manufacturer, and they were priced at about 8,500yen ~ 10,000yen. Despite the high prices, they were very popular and sold out in a very short time.

We understand the figure is very popular, but the ”salmon edition” is a classic design and I believe every collector would love to have it, so the sale will be done on a pre-order manufacturing basis. We also told the maker that we hope to convey the charm of 『MAGURO-Senpai』 to more customers.

We decided to have lower profits and move closer to the general priceso the price for the salmon edition is , 6,800yen!!

【Information about pre-order manufacturing (Terms‬ & Conditions)】

※Please understand the content below before you make your order.

The MAGURO-Senpai ”salmon edition” is an exclusive color for INSTINCTOY and the sales will be conducted via a pre-order.

Customers can only make orders during the stated period.

The price is 6,800yen each + Shipping fee + PayPal Fee (4.5%)

The entry period is from today, 20th Jan (Friday), and closes on 22nd Feb(Wednesday).

After the order period, we will contact the maker and tell them the consolidated order quantity. When the factory resumes operations after the Chinese New Year holidays, they will start to manufacture the figures. The scheduled arrival of these products is predicted to be in the middle of April. After we receive them, we will prepare the packages and ship them to the customers between the end of April to the middle of May from Japan. (※The items might not come in a single shipment because of possible manufacturing issues. In that case we will ship to customers in turn.)

Regarding the payment, you will receive an invoice after you make your order, we are asking customers to pay the toy price as a deposit before 25th Feb. If the payment is not received by then, the order will automatically be cancelled.

Please understand the Terms‬ & Conditions above and make your order from the dedicated page.

This is the international sales page for overseas customers. You can make your pre-order through this page. http://www.instinctoy.net
If you have any problem placing your order or find it difficult to understand the pages, please send an email to the address below. We will help you soon. Thank you. The address is instinctoy.ken@gmail.com
Full Address with postcode:
E-mail address:
PayPal address:

We look forward to receiving the applications from everyone.

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