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【19th Feb event information】Our WF2017[winter]booth 【INSTINCTOY/4-02-06】
2017/ 02/ 15 (Wed) | 編集

We are attending Wonder Festival [winter]. This festival will take place on 19th Feb at Makuhari Messe. This is the first show that we will be attending this year. 【INSTINCTOY/booth no. 4-02-06】

【Information regarding the sale】
※Customers who are planning to queue at our booth should read the content below.
I had considered of many possible sales methods for Wonder Festival. In the end, I decided to sell most of our items on a ”first-come-first-serve basis”. For the items that will be available at our booth, some of them will have very limited quantities while others will be released on another day via a lottery sale. The customers who come to our booth earlier can purchase the items they want. Initially, when the show opens, customers need to have the 『entrance pamphlet』 to purchase our items. This rule applies only to the first hour at the show. Please note that we will not sell items to customers who do not have the entrance pamphlet in the first hour. Other than mini LIQUID and mini ICE LIQUID, customers can only purchase 1 piece of each item (sold out when we run out of stock).

This blog will provide more information about the products that will be available at the show side.

Vincent 10th color “Aurora Glitter”(MADE IN JAPAN)
Price: 29,000 yen < Toy Show Exclusive >


This figure was released at toy shows last year in other countries, but this will be the first time that we are releasing it in Japan. The base of the figure is made in Japan and colored by our factory in China. The production process was so complex and costs were so high that not many pieces were made. This item will not be released online, as it is exclusively available at our toy show booths.

Baby inc “Aurora Glitter” (MADE IN JAPAN)
Price: 7,000 yen (Toy Shows Limited)


This figure was made using the same methods as the Aurora Glitter Vincent, and it is also a very rare model that will only be sold at toy show booths. Please look forward to it.

inc 22nd "THE DEVIL(RED G.I.D)”
Price: 9,500 yen < Toy Shows Limited >


This figure is the newest color in the inc series and this is the first time it will go on sale in Japan. The 22nd color of the inc series is also the first time we used a ”red G.I.D” base on this character. The sales for this item is limited to toy shows, and it will not be released online. Please come to the toy show to get it.

GYAWO 3rd color “CRAZY”
Price: 11,000 yen < Early-March lottery release >
※ Entry Period 28th Feb to 5th March. The prize announcement will take place on 6th March.

new-cragy-gyawo-top.jpgThe next edition of GYAWO is・・・”CRAZY"!!!
This character『GYAWO』 shows many expressions and attitudes depending on the color variations. This is limited to 100 pcs and we have already sold 50 pcs at toy shows in other countries. We will be holding a lottery sale for this figure at the early March, but before that we will have some units available at Wonder Festival on a first-come-first-serve basis, please look forward to it.

mini Muckey 6th color "Fantasmic Rainbow & 7th color "Crayon Rainbow"
Price: 6,500 yen / each< Early-March lottery release >

※ Entry Period 28th Feb to 5th March. The prize announcement will take place on 6th March.


These two rainbow colors were very popular color waves in the general-size Muckey series. They are limited to 150 pcs for each color and we have already sold 100 pcs each at toy shows last year. The remaining 50 pcs will be sold at Wonder Festival and also through a lottery sale at the early March. Please look forward to it.

RE-RET 2nd color "ZOMBIE"(Designed by T9G)
Price: 14,500 yen < Early-April lottery release >

※ Entry Period 4thth April to 9th April. The prize announcement will take place on 10th April.


This character was designed by T9G and produced by INSTINCTOY.

We have made many of our original figures using the ZOMBIE theme. The color wave is totally suited to this big figure RE-RET, and makes it a more imposing monster. He looks like a guardian of the underworld, and the bloodstains on his club emphasizes his brutality. The artist T9G likes it very much so we decided to commercialize it.

We normally use a blue G.I.D base for our ZOMBIE series monsters but this timewe considered the brightness of the G.I.D base so we used a green G.I.D base for the first time in this series.
It looks very horrible indeed in the dark!!
The official release date (lottery) is planned for the early April. We have already sold this figure at TTF Taiwan last year and this time, we will be making it available at the WF show this time.

CURIO 5th color"Socks cat"
Price: 12,000 yen
< Early-April lottery release >
※ Entry Period 4thth to 9th April. The prize announcement will take place on 10th April.


The CURIO won the award for "BEST SOFUBI" in the『Designer Toy Awards 2016』 which was held in New York last year. The newest color “Sock cat” will be released at the show site on a first-come-first-serve basis.


With its matte-black body, odd eyes and flocked muzzle, this design has a really great independent personality.


The white parts on the body will glow in the dark.

We used G.I.D pigments in the dye so it glows strongly in the dark.

The mouth, tail, and the LIQUIDs are all coated with G.I.D paint.

The official release date for the lottery sales is planned for the early of April. Some units will also be available at the show side, so please look forward to it.

mini Vincent 2nd color "Metallic Blue"
Price: 9,500 yen < Early-April lottery release >

※ Entry Period 4th April to 9th April. The prize announcement will take place on 10th April.


The first color “Golden Color” was sold in the New Year Special lucky bag in January this year. Here comes the 2nd color, the newest color wave.

The official release date is at the early of April, and it will be sold via a lottery. We will have some units available at Wonder Festival. The sales at Wonder Festival will be conducted on a first-come-first-serve basis.


BLACK SEED Original SOFUBI『Spectral Weapon Yu Shou Long』
Price: 32,400 yen < Debut at show / Early-March lottery release >
※ Entry Period 28th Feb to 5th March. The prize announcement will take place on 6th March.

(※We set our price based on the RRP of 2,000HKD)

omamori-ryu-exclusivecolor.jpgMy friend Kenneth Tang, who helped me with Muckey’s head structure and the Muckey 1st color release in 2013, has released a brand new character. He is from Hong Kong, and attended Super Festival, where he released the 1st color at the show side on 8th Jan. This character has a unique design with a strong Japanese style. I asked him for an exclusive color wave for INSTINCTOY and he agreed to it straight away. Thus, I gave him an idea that I saw last year, which is based on a dramatic series called Taiga. I proposed a concept of two red dragons protecting a green roofed castle』.

The artist Kenneth did the whole process, including the designing, making the clay prototype, 3D modeling and coloring. He has amazing technique. He made the sample for me very quickly. Here are the images of the exclusive color wave this time.

Here is the gallery with more information on the details.

【▼ Yu Shou Long(INSTINCTOY EXCLUSIVE)gallery ▼】
※Please click for larger pictures!

2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
5C.jpg 5D.jpg 5A.jpg 5B.jpg
9.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8_20170212114724dda.jpg
11.jpg 16.jpg 14RED.jpg DSC_0155.jpg

The gallery promotion video. ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

The concept story of『Yu Shou Long』. ↓ ↓ ↓ 

The two-headed dragon has G.I.D eyes, which glow strongly in black light. Also it creates a great atmosphere in the dark too!


tower-yakou-ins.jpgHere is some additional information. Customers who purchase this figure will be able to order the 『additional parts for the castle』. These parts will be sold via pre-order, and it takes about two or three months for production. The price for one additional piece (a single floor) is 7,500 yen.


If you wish to make your dragon like this, you need 8 floors which will cost an additional 60,000 yen but I believe there is no other SOFUBI like it before. I am looking forward to seeing stalwart maniacs among the Yu Shou Long collectors.

This figure is painstakingly painted by the artist’s hand, and he also makes each piece himself. Thus, production is limited to just 20 pieces.

He has a lot of fans in other countries as well, so we will only have 5 pcs available at Wonder Festival. After the WF show, we will release 12 pcs via an online lottery sale at the end of this month. And the remaining three units will be sold at the “DOKIDOKI Soft World Expo Osaka” in March. We will post an update with more information about this lottery sale after Wonder Festival. Please look forward to it.


Artist: Kenneth Tang


Instagram ID: blackseedkenneth

Mame Moyashi × INSTINCTOY MAGURO Senpai “Salmon”
Pre-order Price: 6,800 yen + Shipping cost < Pre-order / Arrival predicted to be end-April >


hp-image-magurosenpai-salmon-02.jpgThe MAGURO Senpai “Salmon” is an INSTINCTOY exclusive colorway. The pre-order period is from 20th Jan to 22nd Feb. We will be displaying the salmon sample at Wonder Festival! The previous color waves of this figure may also be available at the show side too.
The fish meat is slightly translucent with highly accurate colouring. The details on the body are also very well made. This is a high quality figure, so please come to the show side to take a close look.

The entry period closes on 22nd Feb. It is still available online. →

Mame Moyashi  Master The Giant Claws 1st color
Price: 5,800 yen (first-come-first-serve)


The Master The Giant Claws was released in Dec last year. We had 150 pcs and we received enough orders from customers to sell out the initial quantity we made available. Customers cannot get it online anymore, but we have prepared some units for Wonder Festival! We are the only distributor for Mame Moyashi in Japan. If you missed the chance to get it the last time, please come to the show and get it. Do not miss out this time.


mini LIQUID & mini ICE LIQUID series 1
Price: 500 yen / each (Set price (8 types): 4,000 yen) < first-come-first-serve / exhibition limited >

miniliquid-series1-image.jpg miniliquid-series1-image-gid.jpg

This mini series is only available at exhibitions, and we started selling it last year at other toy shows. We received a lot of favorable comments for this figure. We produced 10,000 pcs of this, and are grateful to all our customers because we do not have much left from series 1. The new series 2 is coming this May, so this is the last chance to get the first series. Please do not miss out!!


【Information regarding the display sample】

2017-newcolor-zombie-ieti_20170212154146018.jpgThe fully colored model of King Korpse 『THE LEGENDARY YETI』 will be displayed at Wonder Festival. The planned release dates are set for the Thailand Toy Expo in Thailand and the Five Points Festival in New York in May.
James Groman has also made a very cool illustration for us. Please come to our booth and take a closer look at the King Korpse.

Kingkorpse-yeti-postcard-7_2_15.jpg sample-kingkorpse-ieti-06.jpg

T9G × INSTINCTOY ×Shoko Nakazawa
< Information regarding the display prototypes >

artist-mini-sofubi-series1.jpgHere is the newest project!
INSTINCTOY is taking on the production for the newest Sofubi project based two famous artists' masterpieces, 『Byron』&『Rangeas』and『Rangeron』. These three prototypes will be displayed at Wonder Festival.


You can tell from the images that the size of the prototype Byron is smaller than the VAG series (Baby Byron), which was made by Medicom Toy. The prototype Byron is only 42mm tall!!


It comes with two interchangeable tail accessories, and you can either display it normally or make it into a phone-strap by changing the tail. ”When the tail is in a sagging position, he appears very weak. Its appearance really draws out our sympathy. It looks really cute on tiptoe too!

mini-rangeron.jpgThe concept of these newest mini series is as same as the mini Liquids that represent the concept of being『always together』. The first series of 3 types of the 『ARTIST mini SOFUBI SERIES』 are planned for release in May. We are still working on them. The mass-production figures will be scaled down by 9% from the prototypes you see at the show side. Please come to Wonder Festival and see how cute they are.

【INSTINCTOY Booth No.4-02-06】


Our booth is located at Hall 4, Booth no. 4-02-06. Please note that the show location has changed from previous years. It used to be in Hall 3 but this time it is in Hall 4.

The artists, T9G and Shoko Nakazawa, are sharing the space in our booth. They will also be releasing their original Sofubi there!! Please look forward to it!!

We look forward to your joining in our experience.
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