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2017/ 02/ 27 (Mon) | 編集

2月22日に受注締切を迎えました豆もやし社長 × INSTINCTOY EXCLUSIVEマグロ先輩”サーモン(鮭)”ですが、世界中から大変多くのオーダーを頂き受注数が5,000体を突破致しました。ご好評を頂き誠にありがとうございました。

【Congratulations】Over 5,000 pre-orders!! 【Appreciation】

The order period for Mame Moyashi × INSTINCTOY, MAGURO-Senpai exclusive color “Salmon” has ended on 22nd Feb. We would like to thank all our customers who placed pre-orders and contributed to the total order quantity of over 5,000pcs.

After we conducted a rigorous check on the order status for all our customers, we found that we received orders for 5,862 pcs from customers. Excluding the customers who will pay cash on delivery, we have not received payment for about 600 pcs from customers by the deadline(25 Feb). Nonetheless, this still leaves us with orders totaling more than 5,000pcs of "MAGURO-Senpai" to fulfil, and once again I am surprised by its great popularity!!

This wonderful achievement is much greater than we expected. Therefore there might be a possibility that the scheduled arrival of these products will be postponed for one or two weeks. We and Mame Moyashi will try our best to get the figures ready and hope customers can receive them as fast as possible. Thank you for your understanding.
【祝賀】預購訂單量突破5,000隻!! 【感謝】

大豆芽社長 × INSTINCTOY限定色”鮭魚”的預購期間在2月22日已經截止了, 預購的數量突破5,000隻. 我們非常感謝所有預購的顧客.

經過嚴密的計算總共有5,862隻的訂單總數, 日本國內有些客戶選擇貨到付款, 在那以外的客戶約有600隻的款項在截止日時還沒被確認(2/25), 就算這樣還"鮪魚前輩"是有超過5,000隻的訂單, 這讓我再次大開眼界這作品的超高人氣!!

由於這次的訂單量比我們預期的還要更多, 所以也許在商品的到貨時間會有一至兩週的延誤, 但大豆芽社長與我們一定會盡力將商品, 在最短的時間內讓顧客們收到. 敬請見諒.


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