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【20th March OPEN】Items available at the 6th DOKIDOKI OSAKA SOFUBI WORLD EXPO【7 items for lottery sale】
2017/ 03/ 15 (Wed) | 編集

We are attending『the 6th DOKIDOKI OSAKA SOFUBI WORLD EXPO』 which will take place on 20th March (Monday) .
I am glad the organizer sent me a timely invitation to this toy show, and we have decided to attend this toy show for the first time.

I do not know the scale or the atmosphere of this toy show, so I plan to set up a larger display there and sell only a few items via lotteries.

Please read 【the rules for the lottery sales】.

【Lottery Sales Rules】

We will start giving out lottery ticket to customers at 11:00, when the show opens. Every item has a dedicated ticket. This is what a lottery ticket looks like. (Sample image)

Once you get the tickets, you need to come back to the INSTINCTOY booth before the starting time for each lottery. Customers need to give us the half of their ticket and await the start of the lottery. We will randomly draw tickets at the appointed lottery time and the selected numbers will determine the winners of the item for that lottery.

Please come back before the lottery starts. Once we start the draw, any ticket numbers which are not submitted to us will be considered invalid.  After you give us half of your tickets, you have to keep the other half until we finish the draw. (Once you win the prizes, we will ask for the other half of the ticket for verification purposes. If you do not have the other half of the ticket, you will not be allowed to purchase the items.)

・Every customer can only get one lottery ticket for each item. You cannot act as an agent and get tickets for other customers. One customer can only get a maximum of 7 lottery tickets, for all the different items.

We will start giving out lottery tickets at 11:00. There will be 100 tickets for each item type. Once we have given out the tickets, we will not have any extra tickets for customers.

・We will draw tickets at our booth. Once we confirm the winning tickets and the prizes, customers are not allowed to withdraw their orders.

If you have any questions regarding the lottery draw, please feel free to send me a message.

For more information about the sale items, their respective prices, available quantities, and the lottery schedule, please read through this blog.


Price: 27,000yen / Lottery Sale 5 pcs

Lottery Draw time: 13:00

This large figure, KING KORPSE(BLUE D.I.Y) is a collaborative work by JAMES GROMAN × INSTINCTOY. We sold 5 pcs within 15 minutes, before Wonder Festival ended. This time, we will have 5pcs available as well, but will release them through a lottery sale.

This figure will be available at all the toy shows in the first half of this year. But this is the last sale for the KING KORPSE(blue G.I.D)blank figure in Japan!

This blue G.I.D blank is mounted on a white base, and has been assembled so you can display it as soon as you get it. There is a doll eye on the right eye, and it makes the figure more realistic. The clavicle, sternum, rib cage and chains are made of clear PVC, so you can see that the light will go through them in the dark and it is beautiful.

The bold and mysterious charm of this piece makes it very suitable for interior decorating purposes.

Please look up the blog on 15th Feb for more information about the following items.

BLACK SEED Original SOFUBI『Spectral Weapon Yu Shou Long』
Price: 32,400 yen / Lottery Sale 3 pcs (LAST SALE)

Lottery Draw time: 13:15


We sold 5pcs at Wonder Festival and it sold out in a very short time. After that, we also held a lottery sale at our online store. We received 350 applications but only had 12pcs available for that period.

This edition is limited to 20pcs in total. The remaining 3pcs will be sold via a lottery sale at DOKIDOKI OSAKA SOFUBI WORLD EXPO!!

mini Vincent 2nd color "Metallic Blue"
Price: 9,500 yen / Lottery Sale 5 pcs

Lottery Draw time: 13:30


This edition is limited to 100pcs, we released it at a toy show in Taiwan, and also at the Wonder Festival last month. We only have less than 50pcs left. We will have a lottery sale at the beginning of April for this item. There are a lot of customers asking for this so I think that the lottery will be difficult to win. Before the April lottery, we will release 5pcs via a lottery sale at DOKIDOKI OSAKA SOFUBI WORLD EXPO!!

Price: 14,500 yen / Lottery Sale 5 pcs

Lottery Draw time: 13:45

reret-2nd-zombie-top-01.jpgWe will have a lottery sale for this item at the beginning of April at our online store. Before that we will release 5pcs via a lottery sale at DOKIDOKI OSAKA SOFUBI WORLD EXPO as well. Please look forward to it!

inc 22nd "THE DEVIL(RED G.I.D)”
Price: 9,500 yen / Lottery Sale 5 pcs

Lottery Draw time: 14:00


This is a limited colorway only available at the toy shows we attend!! After we sold some at the Wonder Festival, this item will next be available at the OSAKA SOFUBI WORLD EXPO. This will be the last sale for this edition in Japan, please look forward to it.

CURIO 5th color"Socks cat"
Price: 12,000 yen / Lottery Sale 5 pcs

Lottery Draw time: 14:15

The CURIO won the award for "BEST SOFUBI" in the『Designer Toy Awards 2016』 which was held in New York last year. We will have a lottery sale for this item at the beginning of April, and also at DOKIDOKI OSAKA SOFUBI WORLD EXPO, please look forward to it.


Baby inc “Aurora Glitter” (MADE IN JAPAN)
Price: 7,000 yen / Lottery Sale 5 pcs

Lottery Draw time: 14:30


This edition was released for toy shows. This item will not be released online, as it is exclusively available at our toy show booths. Please look forward to it.

The 7 items listed above are the lottery items that will be released at the DOKIDOKI OSAKA SOFUBI WORLD EXPO.

Other than lottery items, we also have mini liquid & mini ice liquid that are only available at the toy shows. The price is 500yen each. This series will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis, so please look forward to it.

The show is a small one, with approximately 20 dealers. Entry is free, and it is a good chance for visitors to get closer to the toys.

We look forward to your joining in our experience.


Period 20th March (Monday) Vernal Equinox Day 11:00~15:00
Location Independent Theater 2nd
4-7-22 Nihonbashi, Naniwa-ku Osaka
5 minutes walk from Ebisu-cho station, subway Sakisuji Line
10 minutes walk from Nihonbashi, subway Sakisuji Line
Free Entry

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