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【New Release】Information regarding the lottery sales for the three new releases in April 【Closing on 10th April】
2017/ 04/ 03 (Mon) | 編集
Here is the information regarding the lottery sales for three new releases in April. (mini Vincent/RE-RET/CURIO)
※We have released the figures we are featuring here at Wonder Festival in February and Osaka Sofubi Expo in March, so we are repeating some of the introductions that we have used before .

mini Vincent 2nd color "Metallic Blue"
Price: 9,500 yen


The first colorway, “Golden Color” was sold in the New Year Special lucky bag in January this year. Here comes the newest color wave, which is the 2nd color of this series. The Vincent character was released in 2013, and after three years, we have released 10 colors (including a pink blank figure) . We thank our customers for their warm reception of this figure. But on the other hand, there are many customers who hoped to have a cheaper price and a mini sized Vincent which they could display easily, so we made the mini Vincent in 2017.

When we changed the size, we also revised some deviations in proportion from the general sized Vincent . While the figure was miniaturized, we improved the modeling as well. We made the mini-sized Vincent with advanced techniques. It is 230mm in length, and sits easily on one palm. It is a collectable size that is priced at less than half of the cost of the regular-sized Vincent!



The package is a hand tag package, but the material is plastic, so the hand tag has a more luxurious feel.

There are many new colors of mini Vincent that will be released this year, so please look forward to them.


T9G × INSTINCTOY RE-RET 2nd color "ZOMBIE" (Designed by T9G)
Price: 14,500 yen


This character was designed by T9G and produced by INSTINCTOY. Here comes the 2nd color!!

We have made many of our original figures using the ZOMBIE theme. The color wave is totally suited to this big figure RE-RET, and makes it a more imposing monster. He looks like a guardian of the underworld, and the bloodstains on his club emphasizes his brutality. The artist T9G likes it very much so we decided to commercialize it.

We normally use a blue G.I.D base for our ZOMBIE series monsters but this timewe considered the brightness of the G.I.D base so we used a green G.I.D base for the first time in this series.
It looks very horrible indeed in the dark!!

CURIO 5th color"Sock Cat"
Price: 12,000 yen

The CURIO won the award for "BEST SOFUBI" in the『Designer Toy Awards 2016』 which was held in New York last year. The newest color “Sock Cat” is on lottery this time.


With its matte-black body, odd eyes and flocked muzzle, this design has a really great independent personality.


The white parts on the body will glow in the dark.

We used G.I.D pigments in the dye so it glows strongly in the dark.

The mouth, tail, and the LIQUIDs are all coated with G.I.D paint.

You can remove and combine the parts on hand and feet, they will turn into 2 LIQUID monsters. For more details on this character please read the blog, 【CURIO BIRTH!】.

【Terms‬ & Conditions】

・This product is available in limited numbers, so only one lottery entry will be accepted for each individual postal address.
・Please note that bids cannot be cancelled after the entry period is closed.
・After you receive the invoice from us, the payment has to be completed within 2 weeks.

Entry Period: April 3rd, 2017 (Monday) till April 9th (Sunday) 2359h.

Prize announcement: Emails will be posted on April 11th, 2017 (Tuesday) until 1900h.
We will contact the lottery winners on April 11th (Sunday) by 1900h. (※ Only winners will receive an announcement mail. After April 11th, if you have any questions regarding the lottery result, please contact us.) We will start shipping on April 12th.

Please understand the 【Terms‬ & Conditions】 before you enter the lottery. The sale page for each item is shown below.

mini Vincent 2nd color "Metallic Blue"(Price:9,500yen)

RE-RET 2nd color "ZOMBIE"(Price: 14,500yen)

CURIO 5th color"Socks cat"(Price:12,000yen)

This is the international sales page for overseas customers. You can make your order through this page. http://www.instinctoy.net
If you have any problem placing your order or find it difficult to understand the pages, please send an email to the address below. We will help you soon. Thank you. The address is instinctoy.ken@gmail.com
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E-mail address:
PayPal address:
How many:

We look forward to receiving the applications from everyone.

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