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2017/ 05/ 01 (Mon) | 編集

The show runs from 4th – 7th May, and we have invited James Groman, an artist from the United States, to be with us in Bangkok, Thailand at the THAILAND TOY EXPO 2017(TTE)INSTINCTOY G2 booth.
Here is our first introduction.

This is the fully colored version of the JAMES GROMAN × INSTINCTOY collaboration figure, KING KORPSE “YETI” . It will be sold via the lottery method at TTE. This edition is limited to 77 units, and 20 pcs will be sold at the show. We released two full-colored editions last year as well, but this time we have improved the coating on the YETI edition and I have confidence that it is more durable and attractive than before.

As I have announced before, because the production was very difficult and took more time to produce than we expected, the price will be 17,800 THB at the TTE show, which is about 54,000yen.

Here is the gallery with more information on the details.

【▼ KING KORPSE "YETI" gallery ▼】※Please click for larger pictures!

kingkorpse-ieti-01_2017042111120631e.jpg kingkorpse-ieti-02.jpg kingkorpse-ieti-03.jpg kingkorpse-ieti-04_20170421111203722.jpg
kingkorpse-ieti-06.jpg kingkorpse-ieti-07.jpg kingkorpse-ieti-08.jpg kingkorpse-ieti-09.jpg
kingkorpse-ieti-10.jpg kingkorpse-ieti-11.jpg kingkorpse-ieti-12.jpg kingkorpse-ieti-13.jpg kingkorpse-ieti-14.jpg

【Explanation of the Lottery Sale Process】

Here we introduce the lottery method. We start by giving out lottery tickets of KING KORPSE YETI to customers on the first day, 4th May. Each customer can only get one ticket. If customers have a ticket, they need to go to the booth on 5th May before 1300h to qualify for the draw. The lottery will be drawn at 1300h.

Only customers with tickets can join the lottery on 5th May and must come back to the booth before 1300h. If they do not come back in time, the tickets will be rendered null and void.

Our staff will collect a numbered ticket from you and give you a dedicated ※paper-wristband with the same number. One customer can only have one ticket and exchange it for one paper-wristband.

※Customers will be asked to wear the paper-wristbands until the lottery ends. Please make sure that you do not remove the paper-wristband, or damage it by breaking it. If either of the above situations occur, the number will be 『voided』, so do not take it off until the lottery ends.

We will start the lottery draw after all customers have put on their paper-wristband. We will pick up the winning numbers and if you have same number on your paper-wristband, please do not take off the paper-wristband on your own. You should queue beside the checkout counter and wait for our staff to take off the paper-wristband for you. They will also prepare the item for you.

【”Paint Coating Artisans" X KING KORPSE customized art works project】


We have selected 5 Asian artists to join with us in the “Paint Coating Artisans" X KING KORPSE project. Their painted King Korpse figures will be displayed and sold at TTE. Here we would like to introduce the 5 painted King Korpse figures.

※The following sequence follows the order in which we received the figure from the various artists.

Entry No.1
Artist: P@inter Net
Title of the work: TARLMAN

The『Craquelure painting』is a feature of P@inter Net. They have made it very detailed, all over the whole body.

The melting and decaying figure design provides an excellent base to show the detailed appearance of the craquelure technique. The artist said the painting of this figure was took 『extremely hard work』.

kk-painternet-tarlman-02.jpg kk-painternet-tarlman-03.jpg kk-painternet-tarlman-04.jpg kk-painternet-tarlman-05.jpg kk-painternet-tarlman-06.jpg kk-painternet-tarlman-07.jpg kk-painternet-tarlman-08.jpg kk-painternet-tarlman-09.jpg kk-painternet-tarlman-10.jpg kk-painternet-tarlman-11.jpg

Entry No.2
Title of the work: SeeThings



The name of this edition is "SeeThings". Because this edition was conceptualised as a combination of a hallucination and an 80's pop ghost, he has been given a name which is similar to a movie title. The artist, Mr. Komori, has a unique colorful style. This edition is amazing, and the skin looks as if it has excellent elasticity.

kingkorpse-SeeThings-05.jpg kingkorpse-SeeThings-02.jpg kingkorpse-SeeThings-03.jpg kingkorpse-SeeThings-06.jpg kingkorpse-SeeThings-04.jpg

Entry No.3
Artist: ZEALOT
Title of the work: Welcome to the Jungle

kk-lekou-artist-top-image.jpg This is painted by Le Kuo, an artist from Taiwan. He also has a brand called 『ZEALOT』.
Among the artworks by the various artists, Le Kuo's coating style stands out, with his unique sensibility. The painted KING KORPSE is called 『Welcome to the Jungle』 and the concept of this customized King Korpse is about a huge beast camouflaged in the unknown jungle. The dynamic attitude with a delicate coating technology give this art work a great presence.

IMG_4456.jpg IMG_4455.jpg IMG_4453.jpg IMG_4460.jpg IMG_4461.jpg IMG_4462.jpg IMG_4463.jpg IMG_4468.jpg IMG_4469.jpg IMG_4471.jpg IMG_4470.jpg

Entry No.4
Artist: Daniel Yu
Title of the work: Neo-Plasma edition


This is painted by Daniel Yu, an artist from Singapore.
The name of this version is 『Neo-Plasma edition』. It was painted with an adventurous fluorescent color, showing the worldview of Daniel Yu. The whole body is done in matte textures and shows his unique style.

dy-kk-01.jpg dy-kk-02.jpg dy-kk-03.jpg dy-kk-04.jpg dy-kk-05.jpg dy-kk-06.jpg dy-kk-07.jpg dy-kk-08.jpg

Entry No.5
Artist: Black Seed
Title of the work: Amphetamine print

kingkorpse-blackseed-top.jpgThis is painted by Kenneth Tang, an artist from Hong Kong. He also has a brand called 『Black Seed』.
The name of this edition is 『Amphetamine print』. It is named after a type of stimulant. The concept is that drug addicts have a different mode of releasing energy. The creative idea is that the toy embodies the player's ultimate temptations, such that playing with the toy is done out of a deep, all-consuming desire. The lightning resembles blood vessels spread over the metallic rainbow base coat on the body. This form of base coat is an original style by Black Seed. You must take a closer look at the black lightning. It is a unique design and exhibits excellent coating!!

bs-kk-6.jpg bs-kk-8.jpg bs-kk-7.jpg bs-kk-9.jpg
bs-kk-12.jpg bs-kk-18.jpg bs-kk-13.jpg bs-kk-10.jpg
bs-kk-15.jpg bs-kk-16.jpg bs-kk-19.jpg

【The Introduction of painted figures by JAMES GROMAN】

James Groman has painted 4 figures for the TTE. Here, we are introducing the four painted figures - one Rotten Rexx, one DIECERATOPS and two KING KORPSE figures.

tte-rr-01.jpg tte-rr-02.jpg tte-rr-04.jpg tte-rr-03.jpg tte-rr-05.jpg

KING KORPSE "Ironclad edition"
tte2017-kk-a-01.jpg tte2017-kk-a-02.jpg tte2017-kk-a-03.jpg tte2017-kk-a-04.jpg tte2017-kk-a-05.jpg tte2017-kk-a-06.jpg tte2017-kk-a-07.jpg

KING KORPSE "Jungle Giant"
 tte2017-kk-b-01  tte2017-kk-b-02  tte2017-kk-b-03  tte2017-kk-b-04  tte2017-kk-b-05  tte2017-kk-b-06

DIECERATOPS "Redwood Original"
tte2017-ds-01.jpg tte2017-ds-02.jpg tte2017-ds-03.jpg tte2017-ds-04.jpg tte2017-ds-05.jpg tte2017-ds-06.jpg

【The sale method for these one-off customized artworks】

They will be sold via【※ auctions】. (This has been permitted by the TTE organizer.) The various customized King Korpse figures will start at 30,000baht. We will display them in the showcases from the first day till last day. Customers can place their bids in increasing amounts over those 4 days.

Customers who wish to bid will be asked to sign a <※Bidding Contract>with their bid price on it. The bidding period will close on 7th May at 13:00. The opportunity to purchase the figure will be awarded to the highest bidder.

<※ Bidding Contract>
(1) Customers who wish to bid must be able to come to our booth, G2, on 7th May before 17:00, to make payment and pick up the items.
(2) The minimum increment for raising the bid is 500baht, each time.
(3)We will need to check your identification when you sign the Bidding Contract.
(4)Customers will be asked to pay a deposit of 3,000baht when signing the bidding contract. This is to avoid false bids. When the customer makes a higher bid, we will call the previous customer to come back to our booth and retrieve their deposit. Customers must come back before 17:00 on 7th May to get their deposit back. After 17:00, the deposit cannot be returned. If you win the prize, you must come to our booth to make payment and pick up the items. After 17:00, if you do not pick up the items, the deposit will be forfeited.
(5)We only accept cash payment at our booth. Credit cards cannot be accepted.
(6)Once you have placed your bid, you are not allowed to change to a lower price or cancel your bid.

(7)Once you have placed your bid , the deposit will not be returned if you cancel your bid.

Before you bid, you need to accept the rules (1) ~ (7) stated above.

This is the first time we are using the auction method to sell our products. As they are all one-off customized works, we hope to make the purchasing process fair to all customers who want to get them, at a suitable price.

< Advance Notice >

※ Custom figures that do not receive any bids will go to the next toy show which is in New York - Five Points Festival - on 20th May and subsequently to Shanghai SSF in June.

【Information about the poster sale and the autograph】

On the 2nd day, on 5th May , we will be selling the King Korpse posters at 15:00 . James Groman made this YETI illustration design and we have a limited quantity of posters. James Groman will be signing autographs at our booth. The price for each poster is 1,000baht. Customers who buy the posters will get a priority ticket that will enable them to join an express queue.

【Important Note】

The autograph session will be held between 15:00~16:00 on 5th ~ 7th May.

※ Every customer can join the autograph, but customers with 『priority tickets』 will be able to join the queue closer to the front.

If there are too many customers with priority tickets, they will need to wait in a queue as well.

Autographs are not guaranteed. You might not get autographs, depending on the situation each day, even if you have priority tickets.

We look forward to your joining in our experience.

>>once more (Ranking)
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