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【<Countermeasure for Resale>Please provide your serial number(※We hope that everyone can help to spread the word.)】
2017/ 08/ 04 (Fri) | 編集

Wonder Festival 2017 (Summer) was the first time we used the prior mail-lottery sales method.

The booth sales at Wonder Festival in this February were conducted on a first-come-first-serve basis. This led to a chaotic situation due to high demand. We hoped to make improvements, so we decided on a different sales method this time. In fact, apart from 4pm when we started the lottery for the cancelled orders, a lot of customers came to our booth yet the crowd situation was manageable. In this way, I think the sales method we adopted this time was successful.

However, I have found that before the winners came to pick up their prizes, the items have already been listed on internet auction sites and after the show, the prices for some items were several times the original price.

I know there are secondary markets and a purpose for resale customers, and I have no way to avoid those. But as a maker, I really hope collectors can get their items for a “fair price (recommended retail price)” , and not get gouged by the secondary markets or resellers. But it is difficult to tell when new customers make their applications. We cannot tell for sure whether they are collectors or resellers.

serial-image-2017wf-summer-02.jpg So as a countermeasure, there are some lottery items which have serial numbers. These are the <KING KORPSE ”YETI"> and <EROSION MOLLY ” FantasiaGreen FairyCherry Tree”>. We have recorded the identities of the winners and the serial numbers of the figures they received. If you have bought these figures from an auction or second-hand market, please send us an <info mail>with a picture of the 『※serial number』 . ※For privacy protection, customers only need to send us a picture of the serial number, you do not need to inform us about any of the seller's personal details.

We appreciate your cooperation. Please send the pictures of the serial numbers to this e-mail address

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Your Name:
Items you purchased:
The serial numbers of the items you purchased:
Method of purchase:

We are doing our best to blacklist customers who are resellers. From now on we will still sell our works via the lottery method. I hope the number of resellers will be reduced gradually.

I understand there are pros and cons to this, and have received many opinions from customers. It is important for us to find a way to sell our works to the end-users who are true collectors of our craft, and appreciate our art.

Please understand our position on this, and I hope to get your cooperation.

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