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【Opening on 9 Sep & 10 Sep 】Sale information for the INSTINCTOY booth in STGCC【Booth No. 136/138】
2017/ 09/ 05 (Tue) | 編集

We are attending STGCC in Singapore from 9th Sep till 10th Sep. At the same time from 8th Sep till 10th Sep, we will have another booth at the Beijing Toy Show (BTS) !

<Our participation in two big exhibitions>

First of all, this is the first time we are having two booths at a same time in defferent exhibition, as INSTINCTOY is short of staff, we are not able to control two booths in two different exhibitions at the same time. Therefore, we have asked the BTS organizer, POP MART, to manage our sales for the Beijing Toy Show. The sales method will be managed by POP MART, but one of our staff will be at the BTS booth as a sales representative. Ken will be stationed at the booth there to service customers and provide descriptions for the INSTINCTOY products.

<Sales Information for INSTINCTOY at STGCC>

INSTINCTOY will be at STGCC as an independent booth like all the previous times. Please read through the blog for the sales method that we will be using for STGCC.

On the opening day, 9th Sep (Saturday), we will only be selling mini figures (general sale method) before 1300h.

Artist mini SOFUBI series
mini Byron & mini Rangeron & mini Rangeas
Price: SGD 16 / each<mini Byron &mini Rangeron>
Price: SGD17 / each<mini Rangeas>



These 3 colors come with 2 types of tails, which are the standing type and the dangling type. This allows you to enjoy having them as either a standing mini figure or on a phone strap. We have a strap for every piece, with a metal logo plate. The metal plate is gold, and very well made. You will get a headphone plug as usual and a charging plug which is for iphone7. We use an illustration designed by SHOKO NAKAZAWA on the packaging.

※The special version G.I.D series will be on sale at another booth featuring the artists, T9G, and Nakazawa Shoko. Please contact the artists directly for their sales methods.

“THE REAL” & “ZOMBIE” & "Rusty Heart”(3 Types)

Price:SGD 20 / each

※There will be only “THE REAL” colorway available at the BTS.


Each of them will come with a motion-activated LED light. It will light for 15 seconds at every time you shake it. The battery is replaceable. They are made with a G.I.D base, which can glow in the dark. A chain with a logo plate, with James Groman and INSTINCTOY engraved on the plate, will be included. You can have them as a strap too. It looks like a real organ in the package.

And of course, if you have a King Korpse, these hearts can be inserted into the chest cavity. Please look forward to these mini figures.






2017 NEW SERIES "Glitter"

Price: SGD 7 / each



This year we have updated the accessory because the headphone plug has been removed from the iPhone 7. A 『charging plug』 will come with the figures this time. You can enjoy them either as a mini figure or phone strap.

We will continue selling the 3 Liquid Heart types after 1300h as well.

<Information regarding available products after 1300h on the opening day>

We will be giving away lottery tickets in the morning, while we are selling mini figures. Customers will be asked to queue for the lottery ticket. ※The ticket is like a paper-wristband with a number on it and we will give it out to customers in sequence.

Customers who want to join the lottery should come to our counter, where our staff will help you put on the wristband. Each customer can only get one wristband ticket. Customers will be asked to wear the paper-wristband until the lottery items have been purchased. Customers should make sure that they do not remove the paper-wristband, or damage it by breaking it. If either of the above situations occur, the number will be 『voided』, so do not take it off until the lottery items been purchased. After customers get a paper-wristband, they have make sure to come back to our booth at 12:45 on the same day (9th Sep) . Our staff will retrieve the number tag from your paper-wristband. The lottery will start after we have retrieved all the number tags in the queue. The schedule for the lottery is supposed to start at 1300h, but depending on the number of customers and the time we take to retrieve the number tags, there is a possibility that there might be a minor delay. We will determine this on the spot and update customers there and then.

We will put the numbers we retrieve into a bag, from which we will draw the winning numbers. The winners will be asked to queue in sequence, and the winning customers can therefore take turns to select the items they wish to buy from what is available. Please note that there is another restriction that will apply, which is the maximum expenditure limit of the items that one customer can buy.

The maximum expenditure limit for each winning customer is<<<<SGD 400>>>>>.

The winners can only get one piece of each of the different types of figures. ※Customers cannot buy multiples of one figure. Also, the cost of some products are already over the maximum expenditure limit. In this case, the winners can only choose one figure to purchase. Winners can purchase many different figures as long as they do not exceed the maximum expenditure limit.

The mini figures will not be counted against the maximum expenditure limit. Only the item from 【1】〜【19】 will be included. Customers who want to purchase the mini figures do not need to have a lottery ticket. Please understand there is a possibility that the mini figures may be sold out while you are waiting in the queue.

The items listed below are the lottery pieces. Please keep the maximum expenditure limit in mind when planning which ones you wish to get.

【1】KING KORPSE(Open Mouth ver. with Skeleton Lady attached model)
“Classic Black-And-White Movie Ver.” 
Price : SGD 770


【2】KING KORPSE(Open Mouth ver. with Skeleton Lady attached model)
Price : SGD 400

kingkorpse-halloween-blank-01.jpg This edition is limited to 50 pieces and will be released at 4 big exhibitions in the upcoming weeks, namely, STGCC (Singapore), BTS (Beijing), TTF (October Taiwan), and NYCC (October New York)!!
This design idea came from the common cheap Halloween toys that might be found in the Halloween corner at a 100yen store. We used a clear coating on a fluorescent orange base to fully bring out the richness of its color. As a result, the body appears sturdy, with a deluxe gloss. I feel that this has a classic feel to it, like a Sofubi that I have met before. This Hallowen edition is only available at the overseas exhibitions. Please look forward to it.

"Ultimate Purple"
Price:SGD 710

kk-ul-pp-01.jpg kk-ul-pp-02.jpg

"Ultimate Red"
Price:SGD 710

kk-ul-rd-01.jpg kk-ul-rd-02.jpg

Price:SGD 350


Price:SGD 450

21149895_1376477692469192_6816776380259465275_n.jpg 21151518_1376477755802519_6845936999499942796_n.jpg 21151659_1376477855802509_2023089985990313205_n.jpg

Price:SGD 270



Price:SGD 270







【10】mini erosion molly
"Cherry Tree"
<STGCC Special Early Release>
※This item will not be released in BTS.


"inc 23rd color "Colorful Panda""




gyawo-pastel-topimage.jpg gyawo-pastel-gid-image-01.jpg gyawo-pastel-gid-image-02.jpg

"Polar Bear"

gyawo-polar-bear.jpg gyawo-polar-bear-gid-image-01.jpg gyawo-polar-bear-gid-image-02.jpg

INNOCENT & CORE 1st color

innocent-1st-2017-02.jpg innocent-1st-2017-03.jpg innocent-1st-2017-04.jpg innocent-1st-2017-01.jpg

mini Muckey
"【15】PINK & 【16】BLUE & 【17】Yellow"
Price: SGD77 / each




【18】mini Vincent
"Metallic Green"


Pre-order Price:SGD 240
※The shipment will be after 15th October.


We decided to make a HALLOWEEN inc x EROSION MOLLY figure!!
The figure features Molly wearing a Halloween costume. The body is covered with black flocking on the costume. The design image based on the Halloween inc which is also an INSTINCTOY image with a <Black × Red Eyes> color scheme. We painted teeth on both sides of the mouth, to make it look more like a charming devil. The claws and teeth have a colorful design, to give the impression of a Halloween Party.

halloween-molly-inc-topimage-all.jpgThere is another pumpkin head from HALLOWEEN inc that is interchangeable with the head of this figure, so customers can enjoy this design in two ways. halloween-molly-inc-topimage-liquid-up.jpg

halloween-molly-inc-image-foot.jpgThis edition is limited to 300 pcs. Customers who win the lottery at our booth in STGCC will be able to make their pre-order for this item. Only 50 pcs will be available.

Once you make your pre-order at our booth, we will arrange to send the item from Japan after 15th October. Customers will be asked to pay the EMS shipping cost. The shipping cost to Singapore is SGD 30. Please make the full transaction for item price + shipping cost when you make your pre-order. We also can ship to other countries but the shipping cost will change depending on the distance. Please check the shipping cost with our staff when you make your transaction. Please make sure the postage details is correct. We will send the package after 15th October.

This item will be released in October at TTF in Taiwan as well. If customers who make the pre-order at our booth in STGCC would like to pick up their items at TTF in Taiwan, they do not need to pay for shipping costs. Your pre-order will be confirmed once the transaction is complete. Please note that we will not accept any cancellations after the transaction is made.

Please understand that there is a limited quantity of all our products, and the sales will follow the sequence of the winning numbers as they are drawn, so some of the items might be already be sold out before the later winners are drawn.

If we have any stocks remaining after the lottery sale on the first day, they will be sold on a first-come-first- served basis on the 2nd day. Please understand that our staff will try to manage the show situation as effectively as possible. Hopefully this will help to contain any congestion or confusing situations.

We have prepared some previously released INSTINCTOY products for the Beijing Toy Show. These products are special stocks from our store. POP MART will manage the sales for us at BTS. For the sales method and details about the products, please contact POP MART directly.

We look forward to your joining in our experience.
>>once more (Ranking)
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