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The notice regarding the presale lottery and the sales method for D-CON 2017 in LA【The presale mail lottery for US Citizens/The sales method on the second day】
2017/ 10/ 30 (Mon) | 編集
We will be attending D-CON in LA on 11th &12th Nov . It has been 4 years since we last attended the show. We would like to introduce the item line-up and the sales method for our booth this time .
We have been attending many toy shows, mainly in Asian countries, for these few years. This May, we also went to NY to attend FIVE POINTS. It was the very first time we had our own booth in NY, and before this, I had attended a US toy show only once which was D-CON in LA (4 years ago). I was not so confident about how it would go. However, it turned out that there were a lot of customers who visited our booth, and many more people knew our company than we expected. It was great knowing there are still some fans who are supporting our company and collecting our toys even though we have rarely given opportunities to the US fans. That really blew my mind.

Coincidentally, we met the organizer of D-CON and received an offer to get a booth directly from him during the FIVE POINTS show. So we decided to go back to D-CON in LA after 4 years!!

We would like everyone to understand that
the primary purpose of our attending this show is to give more opportunities to US customers to purchase our toys.

We have already attended a lot of toy shows in Asia this year, and we will also be at the Tokyo Comic Con in Dec.
As a result, we will have a presale lottery for half of our stock of each item and this presale lottery will be only available to US customers . We will ask the customers who apply to enter the presale lottery to show their identification, to prove that they are US citizens before they can proceed with the transaction.

On the second day of the show, we will sell the rest of the stock at our booth. The sales will be based on the lottery draw.

We will explain the sales method for the second day after the information about the presale mail lottery for US citizens. Please read until the end of this blog if you are interested in the lottery sale on the second day of the show.

【The information regarding the presale lottery for US Citizens. 】

The first day of the show will be mainly focused on transactions with the winners of the presale lottery. Besides that, all the figurines from the mini strap series will be available on a first come, first served basis. You will need to show some form of photo ID to prove that you are a US Citizen over 15 years old, before you can apply for our presale lottery.

The presale lottery application will be open from 30th Oct till 1st Nov.

Please read the terms and conditions to apply for the presale lottery if you are interested in purchasing our products on the first day. (Only available to US Citizens)

【Presale Mail Lottery Terms & Conditions】

※Only the customers who fulfill the conditions below can join the Presale Lottery.

・This presale lottery is only available for US Citizens. We will need customers to show their photo identification to proceed with the transaction. The identification must prove the customer’s US citizenship.

・Please place your application with a name and address that matches your photo identification.

・As per our age restriction, only customers who are over 15 years old can join the Presale Lottery.

Proxies are not allowed in any part of the transaction. It has to be the principal participant who makes the transaction. And of course we will not accept customers who come with many different identification types.

・To our customers who want to join the Presale Lottery, please make sure you are able to come to our booth at the show on 11th Nov between the opening time and 17:00pm.

・Customers who win the Presale Lottery have to come to our booth within the above mentioned timeframe. After that time, the win will be voided and all orders will be considered to have been cancelled.

・Customers can only apply for one piece of each item.

・Customers who receive the announcement mail must send us a reply stating the time that they will come to make their transaction. Customers who receive the announcement mail must send a response before 23:59 on 5th Nov (Japan time) . After that, all orders without valid responses will be rejected.

We only accept cash payment at our booth. Credit cards will not be accepted.

・We will not accept any cancellations or changes to the order.

・Please check your personal info and your order before sending it. We will not accept any change to your info or your order after submission.

Customers can send an application form only once. We will not accept more than one application from the same person.

Only winners will receive an announcement mail.

・Please understand that without any prior notification, if you do not come to make the transaction, we will no longer accept your orders in future.

・We will not accept any applications for the purpose of resale.※We would appreciate if customers could show us their FB or Instagram account on their application forms as a reference.

・We seek your understanding in the event of delays affecting product delivery (such as transportation accidents or customs delays) which prevent the goods from reaching the exhibition in time, we will be unable to sell the products onsite. We will also be forced to declare the lottery results void as we would not be able to fulfil the delivery terms in the event of such delays. We apologise deeply for such a possibility, and are working hard to avoid it.

Please understand the terms and conditions listed above before you enter the lottery. Entering the lottery means you have agreed to the 【Lottery Terms & Conditions】.

【1】KING KORPSE(Snarling ver. with Skeleton Lady attached model)
"Classic Black-And-White Movie Ver."
Price:USD 600


"Ultimate Purple"
Price:USD 550

kk-ul-pp-01.jpg kk-ul-pp-02.jpg

"Ultimate Red"
Price:USD 550

kk-ul-rd-01.jpg kk-ul-rd-02.jpg

Price:USD 350

21149895_1376477692469192_6816776380259465275_n.jpg 21151518_1376477755802519_6845936999499942796_n.jpg 21151659_1376477855802509_2023089985990313205_n.jpg

Price:USD 160




【6】mini Vincent "Metallic Green"
Price:USD 95


【7】inc "inc 23rd color "Colorful Panda"
Price:USD 90


【8】GYAWO "Pastel"
Price:USD 120


gyawo-pastel-topimage.jpg gyawo-pastel-gid-image-01.jpg gyawo-pastel-gid-image-02.jpg

mini Muckey "【9】PINK & 【10】BLUE & 【11】Yellow"
Price: USD 60/each




【12】Erosion Molly "Christmas 2017 Edition"
Price:USD 180


【13】Erosion Molly Pink Blank
Price:USD 80


【14】Erosion Molly Blue G.I.D. blank
Price:USD 90


【15】&【16】&【17】mini Erosion Molly
"【15】Pink Cherry & 【16】Fantasia & 【17】Green Fairy"
Price: USD 50/each


Gigantic Crab Kaiju INSTINCTOY exclusive "DARK THUNDER"
Price:USD 150


INSTINCTOY's exclusive collaboration with Taiwanese artist JUBI×UNBOX “Gigantic Crab Kaiju” is now released. The idea for this design comes from an “Alien Kaiju” in space. Its name is ”DARK THUNDER"

The 18 items listed above, 【1】〜【18】, are for the presale Lottery.
Customers who are able to come to D-CON and want to join the lottery should send us an email with information in the format shown below:

【D-CON 2017 early Mail-Lottery Form】

<5>*OPTIONAL FACE BOOK or Instagram account:(※Please enter the URL of your account page. Just filling out your name or ID is not allowed)
<6>PRODUCTS:※You can choose up to 18 items but can win only one piece of each type.
※Preference list

Please make a preference list of all the items you want.
<ITEM LIST>(※Please use the list for COPY and PASTE)
【1】KING KORPSE(Snarling ver. with Skeleton Lady attached model)
"Classic Black-And-White Movie Ver."
【2】KING KORPSE "Ultimate Purple"
【3】KING KORPSE "Ultimate Red"
【6】mini Vincent "Metallic Green"
【7】inc "inc 23rd color "Colorful Panda"
【8】GYAWO "Pastel"
【9】mini Muckey "PINK"
【10】mini Muckey "BLUE"
【11】mini Muckey "Yellow"
【12】Erosion Molly "Christmas 2017 Edition"
【13】Erosion Molly Pink Blank
【14】Erosion Molly Blue G.I.D. blank
【15】mini Erosion Molly "Pink Cherry"
【16】mini Erosion Molly "Fantasia"
【17】mini Erosion Molly "Green Fairy"
Gigantic Crab Kaiju INSTINCTOY exclusive "DARK THUNDER"

Please send your email to this address.
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


Please check your personal info and your order before sending it. We will not accept any changes to your info or your order after submission.

The Entry Period closes at 2359h on 1st November (Wednesday). ※Japan Time

Prize announcement will be made by 1900h on 3rd November (Friday) .※Japan Time (※ Only winners will receive an announcement mail. )

Customers who receive the announcement mail must send a response before 23:59 on 5th November (Japan time). After that, all orders without valid responses will be rejected.

Thank you very much!

We look forward to your joining in our experience.

【The notice regarding the sales method on the second day】

We will sell the remaining stocks on the second day. The order in which purchases take place will be taken from a lottery draw to avoid confusion.

<The sales method and the lottery draw via numbered wrist-band >

Firstly, please come to our booth at 11:00am on the second day if you would like to purchase the rest of our items on the second day of the show. We will give away a numbered wrist-band. You will not know a number until you pick it up.
Secondly, please come back to our booth to line up by 1150h.

<The rules of our sales method>

・Taking more than one wrist band is not allowed. Each person can pick up a wrist band only once.

・Our staff will put a stamp on a wrist band. Wrist bands without a stamp will be rejected.

・Please do not break off your wrist band after you put it on your wrist. (We will use a waterproof wrist band which is hard to tear off.)

・The customers will be asked to queue in sequence, and take turns to select the items they wish to buy from what is available. Please note that there is another restriction that will apply, which is the maximum expenditure limit of the items that one customer can buy.
The maximum expenditure limit for each winning customer is<<<<USD 300>>>>>.

・The customers can only get one piece of each of the different types of figures. ※Customers cannot buy multiples of one figure. Also, the cost of some products are already over the maximum expenditure limit. In this case, the customers can only choose one figure to purchase.

・Every customer who is over 15 years old can join the lottery sale on the second day.
(The Presale Lottery is only available for US customers)

・We will need customers to show their identification to check their age in some case. Please bring your identification with you.

・Please refrain from joining our lottery with the purpose of reselling.

We are looking forward to your visit at the show.
>>once more (Ranking)
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