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【Lottery Sale for March】The online lottery sale for the 4 new BIG Kaiju series is open now【Closing on 11th March】
2018/ 03/ 08 (Thu) | 編集

We have 3 types of KING KORPSE and a Scorpion kaiju for our new March releases, and the international online lottery for these 4 new figures is now open.

KING KORPSE has been received favorably by our fans as the first collaboration work between JAMES GROMAN × INSTINCTOY. We have already sold these new editions at our international show booths, and now we are having their final sale through our online lottery.

Furthermore, we will also have an online lottery sale for the Scorpion kaiju “PROTO BLACK” which is the 2018 collaboration work of JUBI and INSTINCTOY. We designed this edition so that customers can enjoy the shape, details and the range of the movement before we release the colored version.

For further details about these items, please read through the blog.

King Korpse "Ultimate Red"
Price: 54,000 JPY

kk-utred-lottery-01.jpg kk-utred-lottery-02.jpg kk-utred-lottery-03.jpg

instinctoy-rottenrexx-22.jpgThis is the 4th edition of the KING KORPSE full-colored models.

In 2015, we designed the ROTTEN REXX ”Ultimate Red" as an INSTINCTOY exclusive colorway. The new edition of KING KORPSE is designed to match this.

Because of this work, we got to know Mr. Groman and became a partner of his. As a result, that ROTTEN REXX is really special to me.

We tried our best to make this new edition of KING KORPSE "Ultimate Red" as powerful as the last ROTTEN REXX.

King Korpse "Ultimate Purple"
Price: 54,000 JPY

kk-utpurple-lottery-00.jpg kk-utpurple-lottery-01.jpg kk-utpurple-lottery-03.jpg

instinctoy-rottenrexx-18.jpgThis is also designed to match the ROTTEN REXX "Ultimate Purple". At our previous shows, both the Red and Purple were well received by our customers.

This edition has a more artistic color pattern rather than a basic gorilla look. We paid great attention to the smallest details to give it a strong presence.

These 2 new editions are limited to 77 pcs (with a serial number) each.

Please check the details about the INSTINCTOY exclusive ROTTEN REXX here.→http://instinctoy.blog73.fc2.com/blog-entry-1244.html

King Korpse "Classic Black-And-White Movie Ver.”
Price: 60,000 JPY

kk-whiteblack-poster.jpgThe origin of the KING KORPSE was to have a rival Kaiju to ROTTEN REXX. Back then, we immediately knew we wanted to make a gorilla figure for this purpose. As for the rest of the story of making KING KORPSE, please read our previous blog entry

The initial design is based on the first KING KORPSE, which was released in 1993. After 50 years, the copyright expired and the illustration, which James originally drew for us, is this one.
KING KORPSE has already become a product, but the design from that time always remained on my mind.

Thanks to your support, KING KORPSE has been well-received by the public since its launch in 2016. It also won the TOY OF THE YEAR award during the Designer Toy Award show last year.

As a reaction to the positive feedback of our customers, we will not only improve KING KORPSE even more, but also produce new parts for it.


We used 3D modeling techniques to open the mouth of the original model so as not to destroy the image of the original version.


Under James’ supervision, INSTINCTOY proceeded with the production process. Especially for the expression on the right half of the face, we studied the facial details of gorillas and analyzed their muscle movement, bone structure, and the way their skin sags in order to make the realistic snarling expression.


The left half is stripped of its fur and skin. The muscles that are pulled when you open the jaw, as well as the blood vessels, are carefully designed.

James loves this new head design too. After we had completed work on the King Korpse, we started to make the “skeleton lady” based on illustrations.

In order to show the work’s conceptual worldview, the “skeleton lady” also got an important role. That is why we carefully designed this new accessory also.

This is all based on an illustration from James, and under James’ supervision, all the modelling was done by INSTINCTOY.


Beginning with a skeleton model of an adult woman, we made her hair and her clothes.

kk-beautifull-skull-g-3d-parts.jpgThe skeleton lady is composed of four parts. The body and the legs are bonded to each other and cannot be moved, but both arms can be turned.
When standing on her own as well as when in KING KORPSE’s hands, the angle of her arms can be adjusted as the owner desires.

We also attached an artificial diamond to the necklace on her chest. This small detail is one part of our careful design and attention to detail.


For the paw grabbing the skeleton lady, we adjusted KING KORPSE’s left hand, using 3D mapping adjustment.


The way the palm of the hand is modeled makes it appear to have a gentle grip, so that it does not look like force is being used. It does not look like the skeleton lady is being handled roughly. To make the gripping gesture more realistic, the thumbs are pointed slightly downwards, with a slight upward angle to the wrist.

kk-beautifull-skull-g-02.jpgThe finished sofubi figure is the same as its 3D draft, and the left hand can hold the skeleton lady. The skeleton lady can also stand alone. Either way, it does not look unnatural.


There have been three new features added to the original KING KORPSE products: “New head”, “Palm grip” and “Skeleton Lady”.
This composition looks very natural and with a new adaptation like that, it is hard to imagine that this is one and the same product.


This version works just as well with the initial head.

Of course, the LIQUID heart under the sternum (black and white version) is also built in.


Although seemingly simple, the displayed details are completely painted in black and white, evoking the classic black and white movies of old.

This special version has two interchangeable heads as well as an extra palm and a skeleton lady. You can change between the expression of the first version and the the new version.

This product was sold at last year’s exhibition, so there is very little remaining stock. This will be the final sale of this edition, so please do not miss it.

the Poisonous Scorpion Kaiju “PROTO BLACK”
Price: 24,800 JPY


The latest collaboration work between Taiwanese artist JUBI and INSTINCTOY. Based on an original figure designed by JUBI, we completed the whole model of the Poisonous Scorpion Kaiju.

Though we started working on the complete model for a scheduled 2018 release, we had a presale for the PROTOBLACK edition at Tokyo Comic Con 2017 and Wonder Festival 2018. We will now have the final lottery sale of this edition online.


This figure is composed of 33 parts (8 eyes not included). We put in a lot of time, effort and expense to complete this extremely unique Sofubi-Kaiju.

jubi-sc-kj-pt-image-03.jpg jubi-sc-kj-pt-image-04.jpg

We enjoy the challenge of working through various different and complex structures in creating our figures. The concept behind this Poisonous Scorpion Kaiju is to achieve the both “Kaiju style” and “Scorpion style” in one figure. It is not a simple case of just a change in posture. We pursued a harmonious balance between the two designs and have put in many attempts to make the model and adjust them to what we wanted to achieve.


Some customers told us that they thought it was different from the figures at our previous shows, and that made me feel we could definitely complete it.

Please check the smooth transformation in the video. ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

We are currently working on a fully painted model for the formal release to make it even better. The PROTO BLACK edition is a figure that allows customers to enjoy its shape and structure to the fullest. Please check it out.

<Terms & Conditions>

This product is available in limited numbers, so only one lottery entry will be accepted for each individual postal address.

・Customers can send an application form only once. We will not accept more than one application from the same person.

・If you have a Facebook account or Instagram, please paste your account link in the remarks column when you make your application. (*OPTIONAL)

・Please place your application only for those items that you really want. If you win more than one item, you are not allowed to choose any of the prizes.

Please note that applications cannot be cancelled after the entry period is closed.

Customers who have previously cancelled their order or did not make their payment are not allowed to join our lottery.

・After you receive the invoice from us, the payment has to be completed within 1 weeks.

・Customers will need to pay for the shipping fee besides the product prices.

Please understand the【Terms & Conditions】before you enter the lottery.

Entry Period: 8th Mar (Thursday) till 11th Mar (Sunday) 2018 2359h. Japan Time

Prize announcement: Emails will be posted on 15th Mar (Thursday) until 1900h. Japan Time

We will contact the lottery winners on 15th by 1900h.Japan Time (※ Only winners will receive an announcement mail.)

We will start shipping from 16th Mar Japan Time and when the payment has been received.

Please understand the【Terms & Conditions】before you enter the lottery. The sale page for each item is shown below.

・Sale page for King Korpse "Ultimate Red"↓

・Sale page for King Korpse "Ultimate Purple"↓

・Sale page forKing Korpse "Classic Black-And-White Movie Ver.”↓

・Sale page for JUBI×INSTINCTOY Scorpion Kaiju “PROTO BLACK”↓

※Customers have to use computer to make their applications, the pages only show Japanese on the phone.
※While you are filling details in your lottery application, there is only numbers available in the Phone field. It does not accept symbols.
※We have been selling these 4-lottery-item in the toy shows from last year. Here comes the official released and this is the final sale for these editions.

We look forward to your joining in our experience.

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