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【TTE 2018】A notice regarding our customized EROSION MOOLY auction【3rd-6th May】
2018/ 04/ 27 (Fri) | 編集

< Special project at the TTE 2108 INSTINCTOY booth >

From 3rd until 6th May, we will be holding an auction for the results of a special project. We invited international artists to customize EROSION MOLLY and will be auctioning off the 16 completed works.
Among the guest artists, there is, of course, Kenny Wong who is the artist of original Molly. In total, we have 16 artists including our own custom work by INSTINCTOY.


※ alphabetical order

AH-B (Malaysia)
Candie Bolton (U.S.A)
fufufanny (Taiwan)
Kaori Hinata (Japan)
Kenneth Tang (Hong Kong)
Kenny Wong (Hong Kong)
Kenth Toy Works (Japan)
Mai Nagamoto (Japan)
MP Gautheron (France)
Noah Eaton (U.S.A)
Pucky (Hong Kong)
Remjie Malham (Norway)
Shoko Nakazawa (Japan)
Tadayuki Iwa (Japan)
Toshihiko Ito (Japan)

《Description of their works》
※ alphabetical order

※We will keep updating the highest bid in real time from the showon this page.
*This page will be uploaded on the first day of the show (3rd May).

Artist: AH-B
Title : Endless Love
The prize opening time 11:00 (6th May)


Artist: Candie Bolton
Title: Lotus Molly
The prize opening time 11:20 (6th May)


Artist: fufufanny
Title: Magical Crayon Molly
The prize opening time 11:40 (6th May)


Title: Fantasy Metaliction
The prize opening time 12:00 (6th May)


Artist: Kaori Hinata
Title: Erosion Molly Morris color ver.
The prize opening time 12:20 (6th May)


Artist: Kenneth Tang
Title: Amphetamine Molly
The prize opening time 12:40 (6th May)


Artist: Kenny Wong
Title: The little white dragon
The prize opening time 13:00 (6th May)


Artist: Kenth Toy Works
Title: JOTUN
The prize opening time 13:20 (6th May)


Artist: Mai Nagamoto
Title: Dear Molly’s friend
The prize opening time 13:40 (6th May)


Artist: MP Gautheron
Title: Rainbow Molly
The prize opening time 14:00 (6th May)


Artist: Noah Eaton
Title: Moody Molly
The prize opening time 14:20 (6th May)


Artist: Pucky
Title: Night Sky
The prize opening time 14:40 (6th May)


Artist: Remjie Malham
Title: Deluxe Molly

The prize opening time 15:00 (6th May)


Artist: Shoko Nakazawa
Title: Molly & Byron” going on a Journey
The prize opening time 15:20 (6th May)


Artist: Tadayuki Iwa
Title: Erosion Molly -carbon-
The prize opening time 15:40 (6th May)


Artist: Toshihiko Ito
Title: Medusa
The prize opening time 16:00 (6th May)


【Auction System / Terms and Conditions】

<How to place a bid>

At TTE 2018, we will accept customers’ bids both at the booth, and also from outside the show via email (PayPal). For a bid at the show, customers can place their bids in increasing amounts at our TTE 2018 booth from the first day (3rd May) till 10 minutes before the auction closing time on the last day (6th May). However, we will accept bids placed via email only from the first day (3rd May) till the 3rd day (5th May) to pre-empt system troubles. *For all bids submitted from outside the show, there are additional rules and processes to follow. Please check the details below.

<How the auction works>

From the first day (3rd May) till the 3rd day of the show, we will always display the highest bid price in front of each work, and update this number every time we receive a higher bid.
However, on the last day of the show (6th May), we will switch to a “silent action“ mode, to prevent congestion at our booth. At the opening time on the last day, we will announce the last known highest bid price of each work from the 3rd day (5th May) as a starting reference. Then, we will accept bids from customers until 10 min before each artwork’s prize opening time. There is a 20-minute prize opening time interval for each work and the order in which they are opened is shown above.

*As described above, bids from outside the show will not be accepted on the last day.

<Regarding the Bid Deposit>

When placing their first bid, customers will be asked to pay a refundable deposit, which is 10% of their bid price. Customers can increase their bids as many times as they want. However, we will adjust the deposit amount proportionally to the new bid price. (The person raising the bid should be the same one who first placed the bid.)
We will refund the deposit when customers stop bidding, or after the prize opening time. Please come back to our booth to get a refund by 1800h on 6th May. After that, we will not be able to make refunds.
For prize winners, the deposit will be deducted from the final bidding price when they make payment.

<Additional rules for bidding from outside the show>

Customers from outside the show can place their bids only from the first day (3rd May) till the third day (5th May). These external bids are limited to only once a day per person for each work. (Maximum 3 times over 3 days).*Due to possible situations arising from congestion at the show, there is a possibility that we will not be able to accept remote bids instantly or cancel the bids. Please understand this before making any remote bids.

Please email the following address (instinctoy.auction@gmail.com) with the required title and the text. The email title should be "TTE 2018 auction(the number of the works you bid)" * Please write (1) if you place a bid for one work, write (2) if you place bids for 2 works.
And please write the required information below in the text.

1. Name
3.Title of the works you wish to bid (or the artist name)
4.Bidding Price
5. PayPal account (The deposit will be charged to this account)

If customers send an email without all the required information, we will not accept their bids. Customers’ bids will only be confirmed after they have completed payment for the deposit. *The deposit will be 10% of your bid price. Please note that just sending an email with the required information does not count as final confirmation of the validity of your bid.
*Refunds of the deposit to customers who placed their bids from outside the show will be done after our auction event is closed.

<How we send a figure to customers who are not at the show>

Customers who do not attend the show will be charged a shipping cost, apart from the bidding price.

We will bring the figure back to Japan and will get it properly packed before shipping it out to the prize winner via EMS.

<PayPal payment >

We will accept the payment via PayPal for the auction works, however, an additional 5% commission fee will be charged.

<Terms and Conditions for our auction sale>

The price for each artwork will start from 20,000THB.
The minimum increment for raising the bid is 500THB each time.
・Once you have placed your bid, you cannot cancel it
・As per our age restriction, only customers who are over 18 years old can join the auction.
We only accept cash payment or PayPal payment at our booth.*PayPal payment=An additional 5% commission fee will be charged. Credit cards and bank transfers will not be accepted.

These customized figures are all unique pieces, painted by different artists. We look forward to your visit, so please enjoy the designs they made.

【Notice regarding the TTE charity auction】

ct-auc-em-rbw-01.jpg ct-auc-em-rbw-02.jpg

Besides our own auction event, we will join a charity auction that will be hosted by the TTE organizer . We designed the EROSION MOLLY “SPECIAL CLEAR RAINBOW” for this.

This is a special colorway.We used a clear rainbow blank base, beautifully splashed with glitter for the body. For more details regarding the TTE charity auction, please contact the TTE head office directly.

We look forward to your joining in our experience.
>>once more (Ranking)
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