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【March Lottery Sale for the latest works】Introducing the lottery sale for 2 new products. 【7th ~ 13th March】
2019/ 03/ 07 (Thu) | 編集

This blog entry introduces the final 2 works of EROSION MOLLY that will be released in a lottery sale at the INSTINCTOY on-line store this month.
Before we start introducing the products, there is a very important notice regarding the "EROSION MOLLY" series.

【Announcement regarding the final edition of ”EROSION MOLLY”&”mini Erosion Molly”】

In 2017, a collaboration work by KENNYSWORK x INSTINCTOY『EROSION MOLLY』was designed by Hiroto Ohkubo, the designer of INSTINCTOY, and also produced by INSTINCTOY. We co-invested in bringing this work to fruition with the original planner of this project, MONSTER TAIPEI. This work received strong support from many customers as soon as it was launched and every edition was sold out quickly.

We have been continuously releasing various editions for the last 2 years. However, the 9th edition "Premium Silver” & 10th edition “VIP Gold” , which will be officially released soon, will be the final edition of “EROSION MOLLY”. We will no longer be releasing new versions after them. This is similar to how ”mini EROSION MOLLY”, ”Christmas ver 2018” was the final edition of ”mini EROSION MOLLY”. We would like to sincerely thank all of you for your continued support.

As for the other series from EROSION MOLLY, we will keep releasing new editions on a regular basis in the near future. Please look forward to it.

【Notice regarding the sales expansion of EROSION MOLLY in Chinese market】

Due to the increase in the popularity of Molly in Chinese market over the last few years, the demand of『EROSION MOLLY』has also rapidly grown. We received a request from POPMART, who is the license owner of ©Molly in China, and have decided to leave the sales of all the『EROSION MOLLY』related products in China to POPMART. For the sales of 『EROSION MOLLY』in China(Mainland), please contact them directly.

For the sales outside China Mainland, INSTINCTOY and MONSTER TAIPEI will continue to be in charge, as before. We would appreciate your continued support. Thank you.

【Products Description】

1. Erosion Molly 9th color "Premium Silver"

molly-9th-1.jpgThis colorway is not made using the usual silver glitter. We used silver glitter with an aurora effect on the figure base.

There are fake products of EROSION MOLLY in the market, and から、as a maker, we are using our production technology to resist them. We have upgraded the series in later models, to feature moveable eyeballs. In fact, we also remade the metal model for the Molly’s crown. The top of the four balls and the four LIQUIDs are separated, so now a single Molly crown is made of 10 parts! Because we use glitter to make the figure base, if you look closely you will distinguish these parts easily.


2. Erosion Molly 10th color "V.I.P GOLD"

This golden colorway does not simply use regular golden glitter either. We used golden glitter which has an aurora-type reflection as well. Both colorways use clear material of high purity mixed with the glitter, and painted with several layers of clear coating to make the glitter colors show up very brilliantly.

Other than the ONE-OFF works, there will be 10 colorways of the EROSION MOLLY series. To make the last 2 colorways, we designed very gorgeous editions, so please look forward to them!!

The 2 new products presented above are the lottery items for March.

We will be selling these works at our online store. Please read the following Terms & Conditions before you send in your applications. Sending an application will indicate an agreement to abide by these rules.

<Terms & Conditions>

These products are available in limited numbers, so only one lottery entry will be accepted for each individual postal address.

・Customers can send an application form only once. We will not accept more than one application from the same person.

・If you have a Facebook account or Instagram, please paste your account link in the remarks column when you make your application. (*OPTIONAL)

・Please place your application only for those items that you really want. If you win more than one item, you are not allowed to choose any of the prizes.

Please note that applications cannot be cancelled after the entry period is closed.

Customers who have previously cancelled their order or did not make their payment are not allowed to join our lottery.

・After you receive the invoice from us, the payment has to be completed within 1 weeks.

・Customers will need to pay for the shipping fee besides the product prices.

Please understand the【Terms & Conditions】before you enter the lottery.

Entry Period: 7th March (Thursday) till 13th March (Wednesday) 2019 2359h. Japan Time

Prize announcement: Emails will be posted on 16th Feb (Saturday) until 1900h. Japan Time

We will contact the lottery winners on 16th by 1900h.Japan Time (※ Only winners will receive an announcement mail. After getting the mail, if you have any questions regarding the lottery results, please contact us.)

We will start shipping from 19th March Japan Time and when the payment has been received.

Please understand the【Terms & Conditions】before you enter the lottery. The sale page for each item is shown below.

For English, please use a PC or laptop to make your applications. (It only shows up in Japanese on the cellphone.)
1. Erosion Molly 9th color "Premium Silver" Lottery page↓

2. Erosion Molly 10th color "V.I.P GOLD" Lottery page↓

We look forward to your joining in our experience.

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